Lion’s Share Slot Machine Off To New Hampshire

Lion's Share Jackpot At MGM Grand Gets A Winner!
Lion’s Share Jackpot Winner!

Say goodbye to Lion’s Share.

MGM Grand has shipped the fabled slot machine off to New Hampshire to be with the couple that won the 20-year-old progressive jackpot a couple of weeks ago.

It was expected that winners of the jackpot would receive the machine as a gift so this isn’t much of a surprise. This takes all Lion’s Share slot machines off the casino floor in all Vegas casinos. None of the other 49 Lion’s Share slot machines that were made are even on eBay.

While we say goodbye to a Las Vegas legend we can look on the bright side. There’s no more standing in line for hours with dreams of a mega jackpot just to blow $100. There are plenty of better ways to kill time and money in Vegas.

Photo: Vegas Message Board

Best Time To Get On Lions Share Without Waiting

Line for Lions Share Slot Machine at MGM Grand
Line for Lions Share

This morning at 9:30 am there was a line of 6 people waiting to play the Lions Share slot machine at MGM Grand. There’s no time limit to play the game so you could stand around for hours waiting. The $2 million jackpot on this slot machine has made this game popular for years with Vegas dorks like me. Since a massive PR campaign landed the tale of Lions Share on a ton of websites, the masses have turned out and lines are now out the wazoooooooo.

I don’t do lines – especially for a slot machine!

Slot machines are generally played people 55 and over, most of whom are women. The best time to play Lions Share (or any slot machine) is when the elders are sleeping. Head over to the game during the overnight hours to snag your turn at the game.

Your best bet to get on Lions Share without waiting is probably around 3 am but you should find the game available with little to no wait from 12 am to 5 am. Any time after that you’ll be waiting with the masses. Good luck!

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