The Cosmopolitan Offering Gamblers $1 Million!

Identity Players Club Booth At Cosmopolitan
Identity Players Club Booth At Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan has been trying a lot of tactics to draw both local and tourist gamblers into their casino. On the surface it doesn’t look like it’s working but their casino revenue has been increasing just about each quarter for the past year.

This $1 million tournament for Identity players club members is their latest tactic to draw playing into the casino a couple of times in the next year. I guess you should consider yourself lucky if you’re invited. Here are the details.

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Cosmopolitan Video Poker: There’s Nothing To See Here

I stopped off at Cosmopolitan for the first time since the summer to upgrade my Identity status and to see if my Identity Play was still there from a promotion I did in July. It was. The money was there – it stays on the account for 1 year. Since I had money on my card to use on a machine I went right to the vpFREE2 mobile site on my phone to see what video poker games were available to me.

I knew that the games were downgraded, but I found only one game under $5 to play.

BP (Bonus Poker) 1-2-3-4-5-7-25-40-80-50-800
25¢ – 1 Slant-top – 50 Play – just to the left of the high limit room
$1, $2 – 1 Play – scattered throughout casino

I know the Las Vegas strip doesn’t have the best video poker pay tables in town and this is what I expected after reading that the video poker machines were recently downgraded. Playing $1 machines that pay out 98% isn’t great. The quarter machines paid back at a 6/5 rate, which (I think) is about 96%.  Thankfully, I was lucky enough to win my Identity play back in cash then I left to play some quarter and penny slots that eventually took most of my winnings.

I normally play Jacks of Better (8/5 @ Cosmo) which pays back about 99+% (at full pay) so the 1 percent difference isn’t much on $100, but in time it adds up and most people prefer to play games that have better payouts. The way it looks is that slot machine payouts (~92%) aren’t much worse that video poker so I took my money and decided to have a little fun playing Top Dollar slots, which I’m a sucker for and will play again.

I believe that the quarter Bonus Poker paid out 8/6 when Cosmo opened, so this isn’t much of a change but this isn’t a reason to visit the Cosmo. If you’re a video poker player you can find some better games on the strip at lower denominations on the strip. Cosmo remains a place to go to eat, drink and be merry, but not necessarily a place to visit if you want to gamble. That said, I can get Kettle One when gambling, so that’s a plus on that side.


Palazzo and Venetian Video Poker

A couple years ago I put where I would stay on my trip to Vegas up to vote and the you chose Palazzo. Since then I’ve returned to Palazzo for a couple of trips. My friends and I really enjoy having suites and newness of the rooms and casino. This year our choices came down to Cosmopolitan and Palazzo which were available for the same price. Since I live in Vegas now, I let the other guys choose and they decided on a return to Palazzo instead of exploring a new place.

I was going to be stoked with either selection so this is cool and now that I’m upgraded to a platinum Identity member, I get a free terrace suite upgrade at Cosmo, so I can buy a cheap room and get a sweet suite in the future.

As I did before I lived in Vegas, I checked the video poker offerings on vpFree at the casino I was staying. In the past year, I don’t think there is anything new at Palazzo or Venetian. I found no surprises. Take a look:


98.91% Deuces Wild
$5, $10, $25 – 1 Play – high limit room – Slant-tops

98.45% Jacks or Better
$1, $2, $5 – 1 Play – inside & outside high limit room – Slant-tops
$5, $10, $25 – 1 Play – high limit room – Slant-tops

98.44% 1 Pair (Kings or Better) Joker Wild
25¢, 50¢, $1 – 1 Play – near slot club – 8 Slant-tops

98.01% Bonus Poker
25¢ – 3/5/10 Play – STP – between slot club and Grand Lux Cafe – 4 Slant-tops
25¢, 50¢, $1 – 1 Play – SP – several banks
25¢, 50¢, $1 1/3/5/10 Play – several banks

97.87% Double Double Bonus
5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, $1 – 3/5/10 Play – QQ – near Grand Lux Cafe – 4 Slant-tops
25¢ – 1 Play – Prog – between slot club and Grand Lux Cafe – 10 Uprights


98.45% Jacks or Better
$1 – 3 Play – STP – high limit room – 1 Slant-top
$1, $2, $5 – 1 Play – SP – inside and outside the high limit room – Slant-tops

98.44% 1 Pair (Kings or Better) Joker Wild
25¢, 50¢, $1 – 1 Play – near La Scena Lounge – 8 Slant-tops

98.01% Bonus Poker
25¢, 50¢, $1 – 1/3/5 Play – several banks
$5 – 1 Play – Prog – high limit room – 4 Slant-tops

97.87% Double Double Bonus
5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, $1 – 3/5/10 Play – QQ – near center bar – 4 Slant-tops
25¢ – 1 Play – Prog – outside high limit room – 12 Slant-tops

97.81% Double Bonus
25¢ – 1 Play – near the escalator – Slant-tops

Cosmopolitan: Where $100 goes further than you think

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Are you in Las Vegas?
  • Do you want to kill a couple hours gambling with little risk?
  • Would you like free booze?
  • Do you still want the chance to win big?

If you answered yes to all four questions, then do I have the deal for you!  The Cosmopolitan is currently offering a promotion that if you lose $100 anywhere in the casino during the day, they will give you another $100 in Identity play (Identity is their players club).  At first this doesn’t sound spectacular until you understand how it works.

When you play with Identity play, you have to run through all the Identity play before it starts taking money away from your machine credits.  That’s a key piece.  So here’s how I played and what I recommend you do.  Drop $100 in a video poker machine (try to find 8/5 or better)(ED: Check vpFREE).  I was playing with people on a budget, so we played $.25 VP and max betting at $1.25.  I eventually lost my $100, but after about 90 minutes of steady play and plenty of comped drinks.  After I received my $100 in identity play, I went back to the video poker machines.  Since Identity play must run out before credits are used, every credit I won was money back from my $100 I lost.  After another 45 minutes or so, and several more comped drinks, I had run out of my identity play and was sitting with $85 in machine credit.

So that’s right.  I played video poker for over 2 hours, had plenty of free cocktails, and ended up only $15 down.  That’s not bad, especially when you consider that even with Identity play, you still have the chance to hit that one big hand… like my friend did.  He lost that first $100, but hit a straight flush on the Identity play.  Now that’s winning.  So what are you waiting for?  Head over to the Cosmo and take advantage of this while you can!

UPDATE: This is only available on machines – not table games. Just making sure we pass this on since it may not be obvious to all.

Sign Up For Total Rewards Online

Caesars set up an online sign up for Total Rewards last week and, at first glance, it looks nice and easy. However, if you’re familiar with the problems Cosmopolitan has had with their database management for Identity you may have to sign up twice.

Total Rewards is the most successful casino player loyalty program in the world, and for the first time ever, enrollment in the program can now be done online. Sign up now.

One of the biggest benefits of the new online Total Rewards sign-up is that players can now skip the longer, more involved sign-up process at their favorite casino. Once a membership number is issued online, it’s just a matter of presenting the number at a Total Rewards Center, and a new card is issued immediately.

I don’t imagine Caesars will have the same database management problems that Cosmopolitan had with Identity, so don’t expect any issues.  I’m all about online sign up for players clubs (and pretty much anything else) but this really only saves a few minutes.  That said, once I’m in the casino every minute in line is time not spent having fun.

Cosmopolitan Announces Players Club: Identity

The Cosmopolitan has been slowly ramping up operations as we head closer to its grand opening in December.  Today they announced their players club called “IDENTITY.”

I love a players club I can sign up for and view online and I’m happy to see all clubs moving this way.  I’ve signed up and I’ll be ready to roll in December! I’ll have a giggle every time I see this name because it makes me think of the Carrot Top and FANTASY commercials I used to hear in every cab ride in Vegas a few years ago.  Whisper with me…IDENTITY!  Additionally, it sounds like a men’s fragrance.  OK, I’m done giggling.  Thank you.