Checking Out The Hotel Rooms At SLS Las Vegas

SLS Las Vegas Desk
SLS Las Vegas Desk

I’m finally getting to go in depth on the hotel rooms at SLS Las Vegas. I’ve covered just about every angle on the casino floor (click here to see) but it was brought to my attention last week that I’ve never shared my thoughts on the rooms. I’ve stayed in the World Tower twice and had two different sized rooms with similar, but different, experiences and I think I have enough info for a detailed review.

The rooms are highly designed by Philippe Starck (I’m told that he’s famous) to make them feel bigger than they are. The rooms in the World Tower are 360 square fee and are a mix of comfort and discomfort with a lot of really cool touches.

Let’s first look at the King room in the World Tower. This was my favorite of the two rooms. The single bed made the room feel spacious.

SLS Las Vegas King Bed
SLS Las Vegas King Bed

Not shown here are the two lighted (is that the right word) mirrors that also add the appearance of a room that feels larger than 360 square feet. The entire room is white with black highlights. This helps to create the appearance of more depth. The bed itself was very comfortable and the 4 pillows were great. It can be a little uncomfortable sitting upright with the window right behind the bed if you don’t use those pillows wisely.

The couch was crazy slippery any time I tried to get comfortable. Good thing the cushion is strapped in because I would have busted my butt. Twice. The couch and similar chair were fine to sit on to get dressed but they felt as though they were made for appearance, not comfort.

The end table to the right had multiple USB and normal outlets while the end table to the left had none. That was strange but fine as I was on a solo trip.

Last week I stayed in the Double bed room in the World Tower which felt much less spacious than the King room.

SLS Las Vegas Double Beds
SLS Las Vegas Queen Beds

The room with the double beds felt much smaller than the King room even though it’s the same size. The rooms are laid out almost exactly the same with more beds, less end tables and that strange awning above the window.

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The Average Hotel Room In Vegas Costs $134, Highest Since 2008

Las Vegas Hotel ADR & Occupancy Rate
Las Vegas ADR & Occupancy Rate

The average daily hotel room rate (ADR) in Las Vegas was $134 in March. 93.4% of hotel rooms available were occupied by people who paid or got the room for free from a players club offer. If you look at the chart there has been a huge spike in both occupancy and ADR this year.

Expect room rates to continue to soar in the short-term. Delano Las Vegas, SLS Las Vegas and The Cromwell can’t open their hotel rooms soon enough. Hopefully the flood of hotel rooms will keep room prices stable.

Photo: @MyResearcher

My Favorite Part Of Downtown Grand

Downtown Grand Las Vegas Hotel Lobby
Downtown Grand Lobby

I spent much of the day Monday exploring Downtown Grand. I have mixed feelings on the HOTEL casino. Overall I love the vibe and decor. Downtown Grand, like Cosmopolitan before and SLS Las Vegas next year is a hotel that has a casino.

There are 16 restaurants and 650 hotel rooms that are a part of Downtown Grand complex. There are about 10-15 gaming tables and a very small sportsbook with just 12 chairs. Gaming is an amenity. It’s not the focus for Downtown Grand.

That’s just the way the Las Vegas casino market is today. The casino resort I grew up loving is changing into a hotel casino. I might as well get used to it and enjoy it for what it is.

The photo above ia a couple of huge leather chairs and a piece of art constructed of hundreds of dice in the lobby. The chairs are so comfortable that I could have sat there waiting for other people to take pictures for hours.

Downtown Grand is a beautiful hotel that I can enjoy. I’m not sure I’ll gamble much at Downtown Grand but I’ll certainly enjoy some drinks and wifi in one of those chairs.

I have pictures on the ECG Tumblr but you should check out the awesome coverage on Vital Vegas and Vegas Chatter. 

Rumor: Cosmopolitan Sold To Scientologist

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas At Night
Cosmopolitan At Night

Just before kickoff of the Ravens at Broncos game last night I read a handful of tweets asking if the rumor that the Cosmopolitan was sold were true. I couldn’t find out any information about this rumored sale from my regular sources for until I read this tweet from Howard Stutz from the Las Vegas Review Journal where the Cosmopolitan was denying that they were sold.

Okay, so Cosmo is speaking up about this rumor but I still had no idea where it started. The rumor wasn’t started by Robin Leach so maybe it came from somewhere credible. I’m not sure that the rumor is credible but I did find out where the rumor about Cosmopolitan being sold was started. is first to report that the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas has been sold according to our sources. Rumor has it that deal is signed and their official announcement will come soon.

Allegedly James Packer, son of the Late Kerry Packer, An Australian media mogul, also owns Crown LTD, with casinos in Australia and Macau, just purchased The Cosmopolitan. The purchase of The Cosmopolitan comes with an approximate $3 billion dollar price tag.

Although NOT yet announced, sources confirmed that as soon as this deal became official, the first thing to go was the old casino reservation and computer system. A new system has already been installed and they have already moved the casino host desk to the front of the high roller gaming lounge to keep the casino hosts on the floor and out of the back of the gaming lounge.

Also, the VP of casino marketing in charge of all the hosts did NOT renew his contract which expired in August. More info to come.

This is not a news site but Joe Vargas is well-connected in Las Vegas so there’s potential that the rumor about Cosmopolitan being sold is true. The rumored buyer, James Packer, is an Australian businessman who was born into wealth. According to his wikipedia entry he’s a scientologist who knows Tom Cruise and has dabbled in the casino business before (Read the complete wiki for more info).

I don’t frequent the Cosmo as much as I used but I really like it and like what they bring to the Vegas Strip. The way the Vegas Strip works today it doesn’t seem like an independent owner is the right move for the existence of the hotel in the future.

If this rumor about James Packer buying Cosmopolitan is true expect I fully expect him to sell it off to a more viable casino operator in the future.

This is all just rumor and speculation but it’s fun.

PS: I don’t care that James Packer is a scientologist, it just makes for a fun headline.

Filthy Flamingo Fab Hotel Room

Rusted Faucet In Flamingo Las Vegas Fab Room
Rusted Faucet In Flamingo Fab Room

I’ve stayed at Flamingo a lot over the past few years. I’ve said that I will never return if I have a FAB room. I need to follow through on these kind of statements.

The Flamingo casino isn’t anything special but it’s not too smoky and the gaming usually treats me well. The addition of the Margaritaville casino adds a little brightness to this old casino. The rooms at the Flamingo are hit and miss. The GO rooms are bright and appear to be clean while the FAB rooms are superficially renovated but really just filthy pigs with a quarter of their lips covered with lipstick. You can see a comparison of the two rooms I did on Vegas Chatter.

The FAB sleeping area looks like a cheap hotel room that’s still 10 years behind modern but the awful housekeeping just makes the rooms only appear clean. The rooms are actually never really clean. More on that later. The bathroom in the FAB rooms were never renovated and are falling apart. The sink in the room had a faucet that was rusting (as you can see above) but still working and paint that was peeling on the walls and cabinets. I’ve paid for hotel rooms with worse bathrooms than this comp room but I’ve definitely had cleaner and bathrooms that aren’t falling apart. Here’s half of a room tour video (I deleted the full tour by accident).

Flamingo Las Vegas Fab Executive Queen Room from East Coast Gambler on Vimeo.

Housekeeping didn’t show up for the first day of my stay at Flamingo. My friend and I were gambling and not sober by the time we returned to the room so it didn’t really matter to us. The next day we left early to make sure that the room was cleaned. It wasn’t. Upon return I verbally spoke with a housekeeper who ensured me that the room was to be cleaned next. It wasn’t. I called the front desk but never got through so I hung up after 5 minutes. I finally called VIP services to ask for help getting our room cleaned and housekeeping showed up in 10 minutes. I’m no longer Total Rewards Diamond so it was very nice of them to help.

Housekeeping at Flamingo was horrible. They basically made the beds and switched out towels. They left half-finished day old drinks and various crumbled up papers in the living quarters and hair trimmings in the bathroom.

Purple Drank

My friend and I were hoping that our combined play would get us an upgrade to a GO room which, for some reason, seem to have housekeepers that do their job. At least they show up with new towels and make the beds without being asked. The upgrade we received was to an executive floor and executive FAB room which has extra room for a couch. Not quite what we were hoping for.

The main reason we stayed at Flamingo was because of the pools but this is the last time I’ll stay at the here. Caesars Entertainment and Total Rewards offer so many free rooms that it’s easy to say yes instead of paying for a quality hotel room. There’s a reason Caesars rooms are free.

I tell others that when it comes to hotel rooms in Vegas you get what you pay for. I need to practice what I preach. 

The D Hotel Review

Bed At The D Hotel Las Vegas
Queen Bed at The D

I say often how much I enjoy gambling at The D but, until last week, I hadn’t stayed at the hotel or experienced more than the bars and gaming. My King room at The D is possibly the best $40 hotel room I’ve ever had. In fact, I’ve already made another reservation. You may have sensed my excitement for the room with my sharing of a 6 second tour right after my stay.

The photo tour will culminate with a 60 second video tour.

The D Hotel - King Room Entry

When I entered the room I could see that this was a large and clean room. Most of the rooms in Downtown Vegas are fairly small because the buildings are old. That wasn’t the case with this room in any way. The space in the sleeping area of this king room felt like as if it was converted from a room with two beds. The corner rooms are $10-$15 more per night and are supposedly larger if you like having extra room. I may have gotten lucky with a larger room but if they’re all this size I don’t see the need for an upgrade.

The D Hotel - King Room Bathroom

The bathroom is immediately to the left of the entry. There’s nothing fancy about the bathroom but it seems as if the renovations included new granite and glazing of the sink, toilet and tub. That’s a small touch that many inexpensive hotel room renovations (like the Fab room at Flamingo) should do because it makes the room look clean. Side note, I love the smell of the lotion that they use.

The D Hotel - King Room Seating Area

Looking past the bed all the way to the other end of the room is the seating area. The chairs are low profile and easy to move if you want to put your feet up or charge a device while using it. Wifi is $10 and if I wasn’t hungover the morning after I would have stayed in the room to do a little work. The room has a number of simple amenities to make The D stand out from the pack.

The D Hotel - King Room Lamp

The lamps at The D have outlets. With this being an older room there aren’t many outlets with easy access to charge phones, tablets or laptops. I had my laptop and phone with me and was able to charge both while using them whenever I wanted. This is another amenity that every hotel room should have. The only other room I’ve stayed in lately that has a similar feature was my suite at Encore.

One of the downsides of staying at The D is that there isn’t a quick serve coffee joint, like Starbucks. The D has that kinda covered.

The D Hotel - King Room Coffee

Few hotel rooms offer free coffee anymore but multiple cups of coffee for $2.50 isn’t bad. If you bring your own K-Cups you can make coffee for free. I have to remember that for next trip. Later I learned that you can get coffee to go from the coffee shop on the 2nd floor but it’s not very good.

The D Hotel - King Room Air Conditioning

One of the only problems I had with the room was with the air conditioning unit. It was an older style unit which actually cooled the air just fine. My issue with is was how loud it was. I could barely sleep with it on but I couldn’t sleep with it off. Next time I’ll have more vodka. Speaking of sleeping…

The D Hotel - King Room Bed

The bed was clean, firm and comfortable. The pillow situation was a little strange because they were all tiny. The pillows are somewhere between throw pillow sized (the red one) and normal pillows. Now that I think about it maybe the pillows are the reason I couldn’t sleep and not the air conditioning.

The D Las Vegas Hotel Room King View

Besides the super loud air conditioning unit the only real negative of the room at The D was the view. The view of the El Cortez and Fremont East area was obscured by the building wrap. This would be a big deal if I cared about a view but I don’t often sit by the window just looking out at a nice view.

Overall, I was impressed with the king room at The D. The renovations were nice and there was plenty of room with a lot of places to charge my mobile devices. Comparing apples to apples this is easily one of the nicest rooms I’ve had in downtown Vegas or anywhere for $40.

That said, it’s not a $200+ room at The Palazzo or Encore who’s rooms suites cost 5 times as much per night not including resort fee.

I forgot to take a picture of the TV but it had one of the best HD signals I’ve seen on a TV. The tour will culminate with a video of the entire room. Leave a comment if you have any specific questions.

The D King Room from East Coast Gambler on Vimeo.

Best Luxury Hotel Bargain In Vegas

The Venetian Las Vegas
The Venetian

Hotel rooms at The Venetian and The Palazzo offer the best prices among luxury hotels in Las Vegas according to the most recent Average Daily Room (ADR) information.

The property’s (Cosmopolitan) average daily room rate of $273 topped other high-end properties. For example, Wynn Las Vegas and Encore reported ADR of $258, while The Venetian and the Palazzo reported a combined ADR of $211.

Hotel room prices in Vegas are very flexible because they fluctuate between prices being advertised to the public and what’s offered to existing customers through players clubs. So you’ll see a wide range of prices for any hotel room in Vegas.

The order of these hotels makes sense if you look at their popularity by younger customers who are a little less discerning when it comes to price. If you’re dropping $1,000 for a bottle of Grey Goose at XS or Marquee why not spend the extra money to crash at those hotels too.

This is good news to me because The Palazzo is one of my favorite places to stay in Vegas for a lot of reasons.

  1. Suites – I love that all the rooms are suites. When I’m on vacation I love the extra room. I feel like I can actually sit in the room and relax as opposed to most hotel rooms which are about half the size. Also, 3 TV’s.
  2. Lagasse’s Stadium – Easily the best sportsbook in the world.
  3. Dining – The options for fine or casual dining are great and between The Venetian and The Palazzo there are almost 10 coffee places.
  4. Casino – The Palazzo isn’t the most popular casino so it’s usually not very crowded. Much like my hotel room, I like having space in the casino.
  5. Atmosphere – While The Venetian is overrun with families The Palazzo isn’t as crowded and there’s enough space where you never feel cramped. It’s one of the most relaxing hotel casino combinations.

You Can’t Stay At A Gas Station In Vegas

Terribles Las Vegas

A few years ago a couple of friends were talking to some girls and asked them where they were staying on their Vegas vacation. The girls answered “Terribles”.  Never hearing of Terribles Casino my friends asked the girls if they were staying in a gas station. Until that point the only Terribles my friends and I had ever seen or heard of were gas stations.

Well, those girls can no longer stay at Terribles Hotel and Casino. After undergoing a $7 million facelift the property is now called Silver Sevens.

Affinity’s decision to change the name comes after a $7 million, 18-month renovation that included an expanded bar, new sports book and upgraded rooms…

…“We went with Silver Sevens because it has that vintage feel,” said David Nolan, the property’s general manager. 

Not that names matter but I dig Silver Sevens. I’ve stayed at a hotel called The D last week. That name is pretty awful but who cares? The D hotel and casino are both great. Silver Sevens reminds me of slot machines. I like slot machines.

Terribles Silver Sevens is still an inexpensive hotel option just off the Vegas strip on Paradise. The renovations make Silver Sevens one of the better deals for a near strip hotel. Would you rather stay at The Orleans for $50 a night or a newly renovated Silver Sevens? I’d probably opt for the newer hotel rooms. For $10-$20 more you can get a recently renovated room at the Hard Rock. That’s probably the route I’d go.

Photo: Wikimedia

6 Second Room Tour At The D Las Vegas

Here’s a quick 6 second room tour of my hotel room at The D in Downtown Vegas from last week. I love these quick little vine videos that can highlight a hotel room so quickly. Moving forward I will be making these 6 second overviews for every hotel room I stay in. I’ll have a more detailed room tour with video, pictures and comentary from this stay at The D soon. This video hits almost all of the things I felt were important in the room.

There weren’t many negatives about this hotel room at The D. If I cared about having a view then I’d be upset that the wrap around the building completely knocked out any potential view. Here are my quick notes for one of the best $40 hotel rooms I’ve had in Las Vegas.

  • Nice Decor.
  • Nice TV signal but maybe a bit small.
  • Sweet picture of casino chips.
  • Size was big enough to have a seating area.
  • View of El Cortez negated with wrap.
  • Lamps with outlets (Most useful hotel technology in years).

If you follow me on twitter or tumblr you may have seen photographic highlights from my night away. I haven’t done a one night get away in a while and need to get back to taking these little trips.

The Average Vegas Hotel Room Will Cost You…

View From Foundation Room At Mandalay Bay Las Vegas
View From Foundation Room

The average daily hotel room rate in 2012 was $108. That may seem high but it includes all of southern Nevada including locals casinos and downtown Vegas casinos which are less expensive than the Vegas strip.

The company (Cosmopolitan) also reported an average daily room rate of $259, well above the $108 Southern Nevada average, and an occupancy rate of 85.6 percent for the year.

The $108 average represents room rates from weekends at the luxury properties, like Cosmopolitan, to mid-week rates at downtown Vegas casinos, like the D where I’ll be staying next week, which often run in the $30-$40 range.

The Vegas strip is split right down the middle with almost as many luxury resorts as mid-price hotel rooms. I have a couple of posts on which hotels have less expensive rooms in Vegas near the strip and on the strip.