Station Casinos Offers Veterans Free Buffet on Their Day

Stations Casinos is offering Veterans a free buffet, today, for Veterans Day.

Station Casinos are mostly for the Las Vegas locals so this should fit nicely with their overall marketing scheme. In the event that some Veterans are traveling this weekend they increase their reach a little with a promotion like this.

This is a nice piece of outreach to the people that spent part of their lives protecting and serving this country. Kudo’s to Station!

NHL is Not a Major Sport

I didn’t realize that today was a holiday until I saw that the Rangers and Islanders were playing a matinee.  That made me ask a question: why are they playing Monday afternoon?  Answer: Hockey is not a major sport and it really doesn’t matter.  It wasn’t that way when I was growing up.  There were four major professional sports; baseball, football, hockey and basketball.

Today is Columbus day, a holiday that’s not really a holiday.  The stock market is open, UPS is delivering, everyone I know is working and so forth.  It’s fitting that the NHL would choose to have a special event on a day that isn’t really special.

There are only 3 major professional sports and most people are fine with that.  Hockey holds a special place in my heart as I grew up enjoying the game.  Like most people, I’ve moved on from it.  That’s too bad, but these things happen.

On the flip side, the lack of hockey passion makes “Slap Shots” only $5 on DVD.  That’s awesome!