BABYMETAL Is Coming To Las Vegas!

BABYMETAL Performing At MGM Grand Las Vegas

A couple of months ago a friend shared a BABYMETAL video on Facebook. I was fascinated by 3 little Japanese girls singing over extreme heavy metal music. I don’t know if I like BABYMETAL but I’m intrigued.

If you haven’t heard them before BABYMETAL is a strangely interesting combination of over produced pop and metal. If nothing else, it’s unique. I’ve fallen into the BABYMETAL YouTube hole where I’d watch their videos for way too long.

Lady Gaga has tapped BABY METAL to open 5 west coast shows, including Las Vegas. The list of Lady Gaga shows with BABYMETAL is below:

7/30 – Phoenix, Ariz. @ US Airways Arena
8/01 – Las Vegas, Nev. @ MGM Grand Garden Arena
8/02 – Stateline, Nev. @ Harveys Lake Tahoe
8/04 – Salt Lake City, Utah @ Energy Solutions Arena
8/06 – Denver, Colo. @ Pepsi Center

I think I need to see BABYMETAL on August 1st. I don’t want to see Lady Gaga so it will be an early night for me.

Watch the BABY METAL video below and I’ll see you at MGM Grand. First round of drinks is on Sigma Derby!

Photo: No Clean Singing

You’ll Never Believe How Much Money Hard Rock Made On 3 Guns N Roses Shows

Axl Rose and Guns N Roses at the Hard Rock Casino Hotel Las Vegas
Axl Rose and Guns N Roses at the Hard Rock

The second Guns N Roses residency at the Hard Rock has done amazing business. Check this out from Billboard.

Venue: Las Vegas, NV – The Joint
Date: Jun. 04th, 06th & 07th, 2014
Gross Sales: $853,785
Attendance: 9,221
Capacity: 10,130
Ticket Prices: $195, $129.50, $85, $69.50

I don’t think it’s a surprise that a lot of people went to the GnR shows at the Hard Rock but selling more than 92% of the tickets for the 3 shows is great.

Def Leppard and Motley Crue have done well at the Hard Rock before and Bruno Mars is selling out his limited “residency” shows at the Cosmopolitan. These short blast residency events are working for casinos.

Expect to see more short-term residencies than long-term residencies in the future. This includes KISS who are rumored to be coming to the Hard Rock later this year (see details at Vegas Chatter).

If you’re curious about how other heavy metal bands are selling show tickets check out the full post at Metal Sucks.


How Much For Scott Ian’s Vegas Adventure During World Series Of Poker?

Scott Ian
Scott Ian

If you don’t know who Scott Ian is you can move along, you probably won’t care about this. If you know who Scott Ian is let’s go.

Scott Ian from Anthrax has a new DVD coming out and to promote it he’s offering a ton of special experiences. See details on a Vegas vacation with Scott Ian during the World Series of Poker.

Disclaimer: This adventure will make “The Hangover” look like an episode of “Full House.”

Join Scott on a night of melee that begins at an undisclosed bar in Vegas, where you’ll experience a Black Tooth Grin (Dimebag’s favorite drink) in the form of an ice luge.

Then an amazing meal at Scott’s favorite Vegas restaurant.

From there, it’s off to the World Series of Poker where there’s a good chance you’ll get to be up close and personal with a few of the poker champs and throw back some cocktails. Count on a signed deck of cards from one of these card wizards.

A late night trip to Joshua Tree is not out of the question.

And then it’s mimosas and watching the sunrise over the desert and calling up some other rock legends from Scott’s cell….

You can have this Vegas adventure with Scott Ian for only $25,000. There’s only one available, so only you can be the man.

Photo: Wikipedia

Gwar Coming To Vegas

I don’t write too much about touring bands coming to Las Vegas very often, but I saw a press release last week that Gwar was coming to Vegas on April 9th and I was a little surprised since there aren’t many venues where i could imagine Gwar playing. There aren’t many venues in Vegas that have heavy music, let alone a band like Gwar. Gwar will draw about 500-1,000 people at most shows they play and they’ll destroy most of the clubs they play with fake blood splatter. Beyond the blood flying everywhere there is a ton of production that’s part of the show that may or may not involve mutilating someone or something.

Gwar is a mix of heavy metal and punk rock and may not be everyone’s cup of tea musically, but they are definitely a fun band to see live. They’re not the kind of band that I’ve needed to listen to on my on CD or iPod, but they’ve been a band I’ve seen a few times without regret. Unlike real diehard fans you won’t catch me wearing a white t-shirt and standing near the stage so I leave splattered in blood.

I can’t imagine that the Hard Rock Cafe on the strip will have Gwar back again and I’m not sure there will be a place for them to play ever again. This may be your last chance to see Gwar in Vegas.

If you’re not familiar with Gwar, educate yourself with the video below..feel free to skip around so you can see what happens to the “Maggots.”

Check out the Gwar store on Amazon if you need some music.

Tickets can be purchased online at Ticket Web.