February 2016 16
2016 MLB Season Win Total PECOTA Projections
Posted By : Marc

Baseball Prospectus just released 2016 MLB Season Win Total PECOTA Projections. If you wager on baseball or play fantasy baseball you are probably familiar with the wealth of information available on Baseball Prospectus (BP). If you’re not familiar with BP

May 2014 09
Best Craps Odds In Downtown Vegas
Posted By : Marc

Craps is my favorite game in the casino. Besides being fun to play, craps gives the casino one of the smallest house edge’s of most casino games. Fun game and small house edge?! Sounds good to me!

June 2013 13
Golden Nugget Raises Room Rates $5
Posted By : Marc

Earlier this week the Golden Nugget added a $5 “Fremont Street Experience” charge to their room rates and people aren’t happy. The Golden Nugget will not be charging a Resort Fee. Our Strip competitors are