These Are American’s Favorite Casino Games

I love a good survey. Today’s question from the American Gaming Association is a simple one.

What’s your favorite casino game?

  • slots 48%
  • blackjack 16%
  • none 14%
  • poker 6%
  • roulette 5%
  • video poker 4%
  • craps 4%
  • sports book 2%
  • baccarat 1%

These results are from casino customers across the country. Since slot machines and video poker are combined in revenue reports this almost makes perfect sense.

The only minor surprise is that poker sneaks in with 6%. If it wasn’t such a popular home game I might be more surprised.

What do you think of these results?

New Bet Rock N Roll Game For MyVegas With Dice Bonus

BetRock N Roll MyVegas Slot Machine Game
Bet Rock N Roll

This is a new version of the Bet Rock N Roll game for MyVegas mobile. There is an added bonus round only available on the mobile game.  When they launched the original game last year players were upset it did not include an extra bonus round so they added one just for the mobile game.

MyVegas can get monotonous because of the repetition in some of the games but this dice bonus is great. They should incorporate more interactivity like this into the game to keep it interesting. See the bonus round below. It plays similar to one of my favorite slot machines in the past year – the Hot Roll bonus round.

Download MyVegas for free

50 Cent Blackjack!

I still remember the first time I heard a song by 50 cent. I was driving down the mean streets of Springfield, MA in a Cadillac when a friend popped on the song “Heat“. He told me it was the hardest beat he’d heard in a while. It may not have been the hardest beat, but it was awesome. “Get Rich or Die Tryin” instantly became one of my favorite rap albums of the moment. Today, it’s one of my favorite rap albums of all time.

I can talk about that album forever. I saw that 50 cent has a new Blackjack game on Facebook and figured that it was a good excuse to talk about my love for that album. The game is free to play and made by the people at GSN (Game Show Network).

Use your winnings to deck out your avatar in nicer fashions and upgraded bling — you can also buy chips for the casino and tokens for customizing your look. Tokens can also be spent on in-game boosts such as the “I’m Killin’ It” boost, which tells you whether you will bust on your next card, and “Ace Rich” that lets players immediately gain an ace in their hand. If the players at your table win enough hands, the co-op boost “Table Heat” turns all twos in the deck into aces for a limited period of time.

Yeah, just like 50 Cent’s music, this game sounds like something that’s about 5 years past it’s prime. I’d still like to play blackjack with 50 Cent. There’s an app in development for iPhone and Androids, but it’s not available yet.

If given the choice, I’d listen to “Get Rich or Die Tryin” and do something else. If you don’t have one of the best rap albums ever grab the MP3’s or CD.

Get Rich or Die Tryin
Get Rich or Die Tryin

Escape to (No) Total Rewards

If you are into to casinos and gambling like me, then I’m sure you have heard of the Caesars Escape to Total Rewards Promotion Game that they are running to celebrate the new branding and features of Total Rewards. If you haven’t, then I will give you a brief synopsis.

Basically you are given a slot-machine type spin and get a gaming piece. You can win three ways, you can be entered into the long-term sweepstakes, you can get an instant win, or you can get a game board piece. If you get a game board piece, it’s in one of six categories. Fill up 8 pieces from any given category and you win a prize.

Something happened with the game a few weeks ago, however, and it appeared that no one was winning any instant-wins or game board categories. No matter how many spins you tried a day (your max is 11, using codes), everyone was getting 11 entries into the long term sweepstakes. A click on the Recent Winners link showed that there were no recent winners.

This changed again last week as it appears that some people are now winning Instant Wins and are allowed to complete the Dining category, but no other prizes are showing in the Recent Wins area of the site. So what’s the point of me telling you all this?

I got into the game early enough that I was able to complete three categories before the well went dry: Dining, Entertainment, and Hotels. For Dining I was given $25 in food and beverage to use at any Caesars property. Since I was already planning on going to the Horseshoe in Hammond, Indiana, I decided I would use some of my credit on a drink while I was there.

There was one major flaw in my logic. In the Midwest, most states don’t allow the casinos to comp alcohol for play. This includes the Total Rewards points. I didn’t think of that wrinkle, so when I went to the bar they could put the money towards non-alcoholic drinks or food, but not a beer. It’s not the casino’s fault, but it’s something that people should be aware of.

At any rate, I keep playing the Escape to Total Rewards game every day, hoping to finish my last few lines. We will see if they release any more prizes in the near future. For now I’ll pile up Sweepstakes entries and hope to hit it big. After all, if I’ll gamble to win big, why not try for free?