Lunch at Therapy On Fremont East Was Fantastic

I’m just back from Lunch at Therapy on Fremont East and feel the need to share how good it was. This is one of the best lunches I’ve had in a while. This isn’t an in-depth review, rather just how the food hit me as I as eating it.

Appetizer – Fried Mac & Cheese Croquettes (served with red pepper aioli on a bacon tomato jam)

Mac & Cheese Croquettes will make you forget it's 108 in the share.
Mac & Cheese Croquettes will make you forget it’s 108 in the share.

Thought 1 yesterday – I need this and I need this now.

Thought 1 today – I’ll share this if you want but I’ll eat the whole order myself. You’ll share? Great. I can try more food.

Thought 2 today – After food arrives, these look pretty. YO! That red pepper aioli is what’s up!

Thought 3 today – I can eat a hundred more of these or I can eat no more because they were so good.

In conclusion, the Fried Mac & Cheese Croquettes were everything I imagined and more. DELICIOUS!

Main Course – Chicken Fried Chicken Sub (Scallion mayo slaw with truffle fries)

Chicken Fried Chicken is More Like Lunch & Dinner
Chicken Fried Chicken is More Like Lunch & Dinner

Thought 1 today – Waitress said it’s her favorite item on the menu. I was stoked.

Thought 2 today – First taste was okay. Not overwhelming, not underwhelming, just fine.

Final thought – Every bite tasted better than the bite before.

In conclusion, this was a legit fried chicken sandwich. The chicken breast was big yet juicy, crispy and delicious. I can’t wait to finish it for dinner.

The service at Therapy was very good, the food was excellent (friend said the burger was very good) and the prices were reasonable.

Therapy will become one of my regular places to get lunch when I’m in downtown Vegas.

Visit for menus, hours and more information.

Since choosing this place for lunch, I can’t get this old Therapy? song out of my head. You’ve probably never heard it before. Enjoy.

Therapy? – Screamager

The promotional video for Therapy?’s Screamager, found on their home DVD, Scopophobia. Buy it from their website,, or It’s in PAL, but isn’t region-encoded so it plays fine on a PC.

Vegas Vacation Notes

Cigar And Cognac At Andre's At Monte Carlo
Cigar And Cognac At Andre’s

When I lived on the east coast I used to take notes of interesting things that happened or I noticed during trips to Atlantic City and Las Vegas. I figured that is do that I would do that again during my recent Vegas vacation. These are just straight notes, so there will be grammar mistakes.

I’ll elaborate on most of these subjects in future writing here and elsewhere. Tweet me or leave a comment if you have any specific questions.

– The D sold out Friday and Saturday.
– Cash or bomb in briefcase?
– The D queen room as big as king room just 2 beds. Not bad. Size.
– AC great
– Andiamo’s best restaurant downtown Vegas.
– When in doubt. The song is Train or Pitbull.
– cornhole.
– Flair bar tending.
– El Cortez vodka selection awful. Drink beer.
– Fremont East between El Cortez and FSE full of awful.
– flamingo always crowded.
– Families suck.
– don’t like kids, eat at nice restaurants.
– Mandalay Bay 3:2 BJ. Good vodka.
– Margaritaville casino fun. 6:5 bj.
– Margaritaville restaurant ok.
– Fab room bathroom disgusting. Rotting. Chipping. Peeling.
– Monte Carlo casino = eh. No even money bj. 6:5.
– Andre’s fun.
– I like cognac.
– Bally’s moved poker room.
– Flamingo casino air not consistent. Nasty.
– Mississippi Stud go boom.
– cash travel?
– Blackjack bad.
– video poker eh.
– craps!
– Traffic everywhere.
– LIFE slot kinda fun.
– new, giant Wizard of Oz slots at V & the D.
– Flamingo sportsbook comfy. Drink tix.
– Carlos n Charlie’s as bad as people say. Loud. Never again.
– Strip traffic sucks. Expect long hauls.
– Gamers v. Gamblers.
– T3 great.
– Flamingo housekeeping awful.
– No more Steve Wynn in cabs.
– VIP better than not. Duh.
– flamingo air a mess.

The D Hotel Review

Bed At The D Hotel Las Vegas
Queen Bed at The D

I say often how much I enjoy gambling at The D but, until last week, I hadn’t stayed at the hotel or experienced more than the bars and gaming. My King room at The D is possibly the best $40 hotel room I’ve ever had. In fact, I’ve already made another reservation. You may have sensed my excitement for the room with my sharing of a 6 second tour right after my stay.

The photo tour will culminate with a 60 second video tour.

The D Hotel - King Room Entry

When I entered the room I could see that this was a large and clean room. Most of the rooms in Downtown Vegas are fairly small because the buildings are old. That wasn’t the case with this room in any way. The space in the sleeping area of this king room felt like as if it was converted from a room with two beds. The corner rooms are $10-$15 more per night and are supposedly larger if you like having extra room. I may have gotten lucky with a larger room but if they’re all this size I don’t see the need for an upgrade.

The D Hotel - King Room Bathroom

The bathroom is immediately to the left of the entry. There’s nothing fancy about the bathroom but it seems as if the renovations included new granite and glazing of the sink, toilet and tub. That’s a small touch that many inexpensive hotel room renovations (like the Fab room at Flamingo) should do because it makes the room look clean. Side note, I love the smell of the lotion that they use.

The D Hotel - King Room Seating Area

Looking past the bed all the way to the other end of the room is the seating area. The chairs are low profile and easy to move if you want to put your feet up or charge a device while using it. Wifi is $10 and if I wasn’t hungover the morning after I would have stayed in the room to do a little work. The room has a number of simple amenities to make The D stand out from the pack.

The D Hotel - King Room Lamp

The lamps at The D have outlets. With this being an older room there aren’t many outlets with easy access to charge phones, tablets or laptops. I had my laptop and phone with me and was able to charge both while using them whenever I wanted. This is another amenity that every hotel room should have. The only other room I’ve stayed in lately that has a similar feature was my suite at Encore.

One of the downsides of staying at The D is that there isn’t a quick serve coffee joint, like Starbucks. The D has that kinda covered.

The D Hotel - King Room Coffee

Few hotel rooms offer free coffee anymore but multiple cups of coffee for $2.50 isn’t bad. If you bring your own K-Cups you can make coffee for free. I have to remember that for next trip. Later I learned that you can get coffee to go from the coffee shop on the 2nd floor but it’s not very good.

The D Hotel - King Room Air Conditioning

One of the only problems I had with the room was with the air conditioning unit. It was an older style unit which actually cooled the air just fine. My issue with is was how loud it was. I could barely sleep with it on but I couldn’t sleep with it off. Next time I’ll have more vodka. Speaking of sleeping…

The D Hotel - King Room Bed

The bed was clean, firm and comfortable. The pillow situation was a little strange because they were all tiny. The pillows are somewhere between throw pillow sized (the red one) and normal pillows. Now that I think about it maybe the pillows are the reason I couldn’t sleep and not the air conditioning.

The D Las Vegas Hotel Room King View

Besides the super loud air conditioning unit the only real negative of the room at The D was the view. The view of the El Cortez and Fremont East area was obscured by the building wrap. This would be a big deal if I cared about a view but I don’t often sit by the window just looking out at a nice view.

Overall, I was impressed with the king room at The D. The renovations were nice and there was plenty of room with a lot of places to charge my mobile devices. Comparing apples to apples this is easily one of the nicest rooms I’ve had in downtown Vegas or anywhere for $40.

That said, it’s not a $200+ room at The Palazzo or Encore who’s rooms suites cost 5 times as much per night not including resort fee.

I forgot to take a picture of the TV but it had one of the best HD signals I’ve seen on a TV. The tour will culminate with a video of the entire room. Leave a comment if you have any specific questions.

The D King Room from East Coast Gambler on Vimeo.

Free Wifi Slowly Coming To Downtown Vegas

Downtown Vegas will be getting free wifi this year. You know I’m stoked. If there’s one thing you probably know about me is that I’m a wifi hog and always want access to wherever I go.

Jace Radke, city spokesman, said free Wi-Fi would be activated in two phases: The first phase will include an area bound by Charleston Boulevard on the south, U.S. 95 to the north, Interstate 15 to the west and Eighth Street to the east. Phase two will add an area bound by Charleston to the north, Wyoming Avenue to the south, Las Vegas Boulevard to the east and Main Street to the west.

Most of the combined area is populated by businesses and law offices but also included are four high-rise residential buildings.

Well, this first phase seems pretty useless for most people. The only major public space in that area is the World Market Center where people aren’t hanging out to use wifi. There are some small restaurants in the area but this isn’t really the part of Vegas I, or anyone I know, is hanging out. Now that I think of it the doctor’s office at the Lou Ruvo Clinic (above) has an atrium with a coffee shop where you can get some work done.

I’m hoping the second phase opens up free wifi to the Fremont East area. There are bars and restaurants where you can set up a laptop and do a little work.