Bacon Wrapped Dates In Vegas With No Salmonella

Jaleo Las Vegas Menu
Jaleo Menu

The Firefly location closest to the Vegas Strip was shut down this week because of a large problem with salmonella. 90 people got sick and may file a lawsuit. That’s not good.

Every person I know who loved Firefly went for its bacon wrapped dates which are a classic dish with actual spanish tapas (not to be confused with small plate dishes that are just called tapas). Good news for bacon lovers – this dish should be available at any  traditional tapas restaurant you visit.

When I think tapas in Las Vegas besides Firefly, I think of Jaleo at the Cosmopolitan because of their great selection of restaurants. Jaleo has bacon wrapped dates on the menu for $10.

Jaleo Las Vegas Bacon Menu

An order of Bacon wrapped dates at Firefly are under $5. The Jaleo price look insane since it’s more than twice as much ($10) as Firefly but at least there’s an option when the craving for bacon hits. I make no promise that there isn’t salmonella but Jaleo hasn’t been cited for salmonella poisoning.

There are more options for tapas in Las Vegas but Jaleo is a nice option in the center of the Vegas strip.

Photo: Las Vegas Daze

Plaza Re-Grand-Soft-Opening August 24

The Plaza Hotel in downtown Las Vegas has scheduled their grand soft re-opening for August 24, which is just under a year from when they closed.  Their grand-grand opening is a week later.

The Plaza Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas will reopen to guests Sept. 1 after an extensive overhaul of the 40-year-old property.

The Plaza’s rooms have been refurbished with new wall coverings, furnishings, floors and fixtures, all purchased at a discounted price from the halted Fontainebleau project on the Strip.

The Plaza website is taking reservations for the reopening, with rates starting at $44 for a standard room, but as high as $119 for some weekends in September.

Prior to its grand reopening, the Plaza will host a soft opening on Aug. 24 for its casino.

I understand needed to maximize public relations, but I’m so tired of two tiered openings I didn’t even want to pass this info on.  OK, I’m done venting.

The rooms will be with new furniture and the hotel will be with a new restaurant as the kinda famous Firefly won’t be re-opening for a very sensible reason.

Firefly owner John Simmons said last week the restaurant wasn’t “making any money.”

Bottom line for a business is to make money.  I’ll just have to visit the Firefly around the block from me next time I have a hankering for Sangria.