Blue Chip Blues

$1 Chip At The Quad Las Vegas
$1 Chip At The Quad

I saw the Pulse of Vegas Blog post the new chips for The Quad yesterday and I got slightly upset. Upset probably isn’t the right word, bothered may be a better word.

Their $1 chips will be blue. I don’t like that. In my time gaming I’ve been using the color of the chips instead of the denomination when requesting chips. With there now being silver, whites and blues it makes that a bit more cumbersome and, seriously, who wants to ask for the blues when they’re at the casino. Nobody!

  • “Just green please” – playing $25 blackjack
  • “Just red please” – playing $15 blackjack
  • “Can I get some whites please?” or “Can I get silver please?” – tip time.

I use $1 chips to tip cocktail waitresses until I’ve had too much to drink, then it goes to up to reds ($5 chips). I think I’m going to have to go old school with my chip requests in the future:

“Can I get bullets please” – future tip time.

Even though it’s not PC to say bullets anymore it may be time to go that route when I ask for $1 chips since I don’t like asking for 1’s or blues.

PS: Imperial Palace officially becomes The Quad today. (Link goes to 30% off rooms at The Quad)

Photo – POV Blog