Angel Porrino Heads To Absinthe at Caesars Palace

Angel Porrino may be better known as Holly Madison‘s former assistant on Holly’s World has segued from Peepshow understudy to actress and tap dancer at the new show at Caesars Palace, Absinthe.

I’m not much of a show guy, but Absinthe sounds interesting. Check this review on Vegas Chatter.  It sounds like a Las Vegas show similar to the band Gogol Bordello, which is also interesting.

Buy Tickets to Absinthe

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New Britney Spears!

My taste in almost everything (besides steak) is questionable.  Since day one I’ve been a fan of Britney Spears. Not all of her music has been awesome and fun, but she will always have some JAMS.  This past weekend she was in Vegas, with some last minute hype for her new CD Femme Fatale.  She did 2 announcedsurprise” shows at Rain at Palms this weekend.  She did this 8 years ago, also at Rain, for In The Zone.  It really was unannounced back then and I was there.  It was awesome.

Surprisingly the people of Las Vegas (both media and humans) didn’t seem to know she’s been lip syncing this whole time.  It’s Britney Spears, if you don’t know that you’re either dumb or ignorant or both.  It doesn’t matter because she has JAMS!

Anyway, Britney may not be the highest quality musician or artist but there is a place for her in this world and in my life.  She will always have a special place in my heart because of the amazing night she and I spent together 8 years ago at Rain in Las Vegas and that will always be one of my favorite memories of my trips to Vegas.  Click the album cover below if you want to buy Femme Fatale on CD or download on iTunes.

The Showgirl Next Door: Holly Madison’s Las Vegas

Holly Madison wrote a book!  Sure this could be the moment in time that marks when books “jump the shark“, but I’d rather look at this moment much more lightly and just enjoy it for what it is.  It’s “Holly Madison’s Las Vegas” and should be taken for what it is.  It’s about Vegas after all! Take a look at the specs.

Holly Madison takes readers on a tour through the glitz and glitter of Las Vegas from the unique perspective of a Strip headliner.

Madison has unprecedented access to high-roller areas and mansion-in-the-sky suites that are closed to all but a privileged few. In a chapter illustrated by dozens of photos, she leads a virtual tour through the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at the Palms, the Verona Suite (former home of Elvis Presley) at the Las Vegas Hilton and many more.

I’ll wait for the DVD.  If you need you some more Holly Madison, click the picture below.

She also takes a look at the wacky attractions on the road from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, the peripatetic history of this former desert outpost, the evolution of the Vegas showgirl, the restaurants and clubs that pack the city and all of the activities and attractions that make the city so much fun. Holly provides behind-the-scenes looks at Peepshow and her TV reality show, Holly’s World, and provides tips on looking fabulous in the desert, from what to pack to how to keep makeup from melting away in the extreme summer heat.

Holly’s World Good Bad TV

Holly’s World debuted last night.  I was stoked because I love bad TV with good looking girls.  While watching the first episode, I found myself getting slightly upset about how staged and fake the reality show looked.  Then I remembered that’s, in part, what I like about it.
So there’s made up drama about Holly’s weight and a villain (Jayde Nicole) was brought in add more fake boobs and faux drama to the show.  Big deal.  I’ll watch.  How’s 20 more brainless minutes on a TV show set in Las Vegas a week going to kill me?

On a side note, whenever I write about a movie or TV show I usually look for a link to buy it on Amazon, but I was surprised to find that season one of Holly’s World isn’t available on DVD…yet.  Since every season of The Girls Next Door and Kendra are all available, it can’t be too long before you can buy Holly’s World.

pic: fancast

Holly Madison Stays on with Peepshow for 2011

Robin Leach reports, “exclusively” that Holly Madison signed a contract extension to do Peepshow at Planet Hollywood for another year.

Producers of Holly Madison’s adult revue Peepshow at Planet Hollywood have just renewed her contract for all of next year, and additionally were so pleased with her Holly’s World co-star Angel Porrino’s one-week guest-starring run that they’ve signed her for nine weeks of appearances next year to fill in again when Holly takes her vacations.

I don’t know if Holly Madison is talented or if Peepshow is any good, but another year of Holly Madison on TV and in the news can only be a good thing.

All I know about Angel Porrino is that she was Holly’s assistant on Holly’s World and then got fake boobs.  I just learned that she was part of Peepshow for a week.

Photo: Style Bistro

Jay-Z and Coldplay New Years Eve at Cosmopolitan and You’re Not Invited

Jay Z and Coldplay will be playing an invite only show New Years Eve at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.

Guests will be treated to separate sets from Coldplay and Jay-Z before the two acts take to the stage together…

Jay-Z and Coldplay have collaborated before on the track ‘Lost +’ which featured on the band’s EP ‘Prospekt’s March’.

Staff from the Cosmopolitan spent the summer visiting various music festivals and this seems to be a result of those travels.  Jay-Z has long praised his appreciation for Coldplay and this should be a pretty awesome show for many reasons beyond the talent: small venue, invite only and New Years Eve in Vegas.

I love Jay-Z, but his best music is about 10 years old.  At the same time I think this is a brilliant show and just adds another level of to how awesome the marketing roll out for Cosmopolitan is.  This is a super expensive, yet ultra cool concert.  Kudos to the Cosmo.  I’m tingling a little about this.

I guarantee this goes unmatched.

“Airplanes” by B.o.B Featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore

Before I left for Las Vegas last week I heard “Airplanes” by B.o.B. Feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore on the radio 3 times in a 5 minute drive.  It was at that point I figured this would be the song I heard most on my trip and set a 16.5 as the number of times I heard this in the casinos.

I heard this song a lot when I was last in Atlantic City, so I figured the over was a no-brainer.  That was wrong and I don’t think I heard the song once at a casino!  I heard it once it the car, but that doesn’t count.  I was mostly at Planet Hollywood, where I mostly remember hearing bad dance music, and Venetian where I only remember hearing some kind of trip hop in the morning.

Usually there is a specific song that I can relate to each trip I take to Vegas because I hear it everywhere, but this trip didn’t have that.  I’m not the only one who noticed this, check the 3:30 section of Bill Simmons trip to Las Vegas last year.

3:30: You know, every Vegas weekend has one song that every casino beats into the ground to the point that people groan when it comes on. The song is always peppy, but in a nonthreatening way. It’s designed to appeal to people of all ages. It has some sort of signature hook. And by the 10th time you hear it in 20 hours, you are ready to break a beer bottle against the blackjack table and start stabbing people with it.

This year’s song? “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon. Heading into this weekend, I wasn’t for or against these guys. I had no opinion. Within 25 hours in Vegas? I hate them with every fiber in my body. We get it, Kings of Leon: You could use sum-BAH-dayyyyyy. Heard you loud and clear. And I understand you’re hoping it’s someone like you, someone like you, someone like you … believe me, I hope you find this person. Because if you don’t, I’m going to kill everyone in a 25-foot vicinity. Now go away.

Maybe I’ll hear a song that I can relate to this trip, but odds are I’ll just use “Airplanes.”

B.o.B. ft. Hayley Williams “Airplanes” from ISAAC HAGY on Vimeo.

Wanna Be In PeepShow?

Of course you want to be on stage during “Peepshow.”  E! & Planet Hollywood are giving away a pretty cool prize in conjunction with “Peepshow” and “Holly’s World.”

  • 3 Day/2 night stay at Planet Hollywood
  • Meet Holly Madison
  • Appear on stage for part of “Peepshow” in a walk on role

For full details and to enter, click on the image below.  If you win, do be weird.  Good luck.

Look Out Vegas…Dita’s In Town

Dita Von Teese is in the midst of a short run as a guest at MGM Grand’s “Crazy Horse Paris.”  In fact, I missed the beginning of the run and she’s done April 7.

As a burlesque artist Dita Von Teese is known for her raunchy performances…The Crazy Horse is an iconic Paris burlesque show, which Dita says inspired her current career.

I find Dita Von Teese interesting as she always seems to have a different, retro look.  Get tickets on the MGM Grand website if you’re in town.  If not, you’ll have to enjoy a nice PG picture.