The Dream Is Over

Last week we found out that the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino was in foreclosure and that the property would be put up for public auction. This week we come to find that this was much ado about nothing and the lenders and Hard Rock have come to a settlement on the finances and that the auction was canceled.

The agreement removes the need for a last-minute hearing before Nevada gaming regulators to approve Navegante Group to run the property should the lenders have succeeded in foreclosing on the Hard Rock.

Oh well, the Hard Rock will not be changing owners or names or anything.  That’s too bad, I was hoping for a new Ed Hardy Presents: Hard Rock Hotel.  Maybe another time.

Hard Rock Opens All Suite Tower In Las Vegas

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas opens their the HRH all suite tower this week.  It’s the second tower the Hard Rock has opened this year.  Along with the new rooms comes a new spa and new club.

Hard Rock executives have said they will target a more high-end, luxury-seeking guest with the new suites. The HRH Tower will offer a separate entrance and guest check-in area. Rates for the suites will begin at $119 but are as high as $649 on New Year’s Eve.

Also opening this week at the resort are the 25,000-square-foot Reliquary Spa and the Vanity nightclub.

I used to love the Hard Rock back in the day, but the last time I was their I didn’t really enjoy myself and I’ve been told that the “douche bag level” is only increasing so I stayed away.

The increased room capacity along with the stagnant increased casino size for douche bags will likely keep me away for any time in the foreseeable future.

Vegas Report – Fight Night!

I headed over to Mirage just before 5pm to pick up tickets for the closed circuit viewing of the Manny Pacquiao & Ricky Hatton fight.  As I’ve stated numerous times before these are two of my favorite boxers.

There was a few hours before the fight so I played a little 3 card poker.  I had a great table with a few nice drinks.  3 of a kind, again, put me up $200 by the time I walked away.  I haven’t been to the Mirage in a few years and the basic layout hasn’t changed much, but the casino has been updated.  I decided to find out where the fight viewing was and found that it was as far away as humanly possible.  I walked through the mall and most of the ballrooms.  There was some kind of military ball as well as some kind of Miss Vietnam pageant.  I took a pit stop by the Terry Fator theater to get a drink and take a look at the pretty women with their ball gowns.

After finding the fight location I headed back to the casino to gamble for a little while longer.  I had a few more drinks and played 3 play video poker for a while.  I left $24 up, but is it really a win if I still have the ticket?

The ballroom was PACKED for the viewing.  I’d say that the room was filled with about 65% of the people favoring Ricky Hatton.  The fight was a landslide and Manny destroyed Ricky.  The Brits, who we so loud before the fight, whimpered out quietly.  I’m happy to have been in Vegas to see this.

Highlights: Pacquiao/HattonMore amazing videos are a click away

After the fight I headed to Samba the Brazilian steakhouse at the Mirage.


At Samba the Green side of the stump means go – bring me the meats!  I’ve been here before and got sick from over-eating so I selected my food accordingly.  Again, everything was good.  I did a good job selecting my meats and didn’t over-eat this time.

On the way out of the Mirage I noticed how crowded the casino was, but few people were gambling.  There were $5 tables  wide open with few takers.  I was surprised by this, but wasn’t slowed from heading to the Hard Rock Casino.  The cab line was huge and the strip was packed, but that only slowed down progress.

I haven’t been to the HRC in just over a year so a quick walk through was in order.   The casino and bar were both packed.  The casino itself, seemed to be pushed together to make room for slots and a go-go stage.  I hate the changes and hope this changes when the casino finishes expansion.  There were so many douchebags with Ed Hardy gear that I wanted to puke.  I sat down to play 3 card poker at a wide open  $5 table.  I was so indifferent that I barely paid attention to my $100 as it went away.  I was just happy to get out of there without the douchebaggery rubbing off on me.

This was a pretty early night as I headed back to Caesars at about 1:30…