Uber and Lyft Discount Tip

This is a great tip to save money during March Madness in Las Vegas, but can really be used for any group visit.

  1. Download both the Uber and Lyft apps before reaching Las Vegas. Download Uber here and Lyft here for iPhone.
  2. First-time users should use a free ride code before paying. Here’s a $5-$20 off Uber code and $20 off 10 Lyft rides ($2 off 10 rides).
  3. The first person in the group pays for a ride using one of the codes above.
  4. After the first ride, that person should share their code with the group so that the next ride will be free or discounted.
  5. The discount codes reciprocate so each time a friend uses a code, the person sending the code gets a discount code. It’s a circle of discounts that you can use all weekend long.
  6. Repeat as desired.
  7. Enjoy VEGAS BABY!

This should negate most travel costs if a group of four is in Las Vegas for a weekend.

Uber and Lyft are not only less expensive than taxis in Las Vegas but they’re more convenient. Lines for taxis can reach up to an hour-long during a busy weekend.

You typically won’t wait for a rideshare on the Vegas Strip. Picking up a rideshare is different from taxis. Here’s a list of where you can find the Uber and Lyft pickup locations at Vegas Strip casinos.

I use both services depending on which icon I see first. Uber is slightly less expensive. It will probably save a few dollars if you’re heading to downtown Las Vegas or off the Vegas Strip.

Meatloaf Residency At Planet Hollywood 20% Off

Meat Loaf Las Vegas Show Tickets On Sale
Meat Loaf Tickets On Sale

Last night Planet Hollywood sent out a 20% off code for Meatloaf performing as part of Rocktellz and Cocktails. Rocktellz and Cocktails with Meatloaf was officially announced just a couple of weeks ago and the show doesn’t begin until September 26.

If Caesars is already discounting tickets by 20% you have to imagine that initial response to this residency at Planet Hollywood is as good as Meatloaf’s music. 

I love the concept of a VH1 Storyteller’s type show like Rocktellz and Cocktails but I cannot stand Meatloaf. I just hope he does enough ticket sales so that the idea isn’t discontinued before a good musician performs as part of the show.

Unrelated to good musicians: Can we just get to the Britney Spears residency at Planet Hollywood already!?

If you feel differently about Meatloaf and didn’t receive the email the promo code is TOTAL and you can get tickets from ticketmaster. Below is a video of Alton Brown the kind of meatloaf I prefer.


Rare 120 at Hard Rock Discount

I love when unexpected discounts pop up.  I was tweeting about an upcoming trip to the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas to see Alice in Chains when the tweeter from Rare 120 (steakhouse) caught my attention and made me aware of a pretty excellent discount offer they have.

Click here to view full sizeRare 120 seems as if it’s Hard Rock’s take on an expensive steakhouse.  I’m all for a good steak and I’m all for a little savings.  They offer 30% discounts to all show goers at The Joint with a ticket stub.  This is a pretty substantial discount and enough for me consider changing my plans.

I usually spend about $100/person for a good steak dinner with drinks.  A $30 savings is great and better than most offers I see.  I have $100 dinner plans each night I’m in Vegas, so I’m not sure I’ll partake this time.  I’ll let my friend chose this time.  Who am I to say no?

Follow @rare120 if you’re curious to learn more.  They’re part of Dolce Group which has more restaurants and possibly more to offer.

Harrah’s Tries To Best Buffet of Buffets

First Harrah’s introduced the “Buffet of Buffets” where you could gorge yourself on any Harrah’s Las Vegas buffet.  Clearly, this is popular as demand has forced multiple price increases to where this isn’t much of a deal.  I’m not sure the All Stage Pass, where upi can see unlimited shows in 48 hours, will have the same success.

Click here to view full size

For $100 you can see all the shows you want in two days.  Show tickets are about $50-60 each, so this could be a really good deal if you are a dedicated show goer.  You could see a matinee and night show for two straight days and save a few bucks.  I’m usually not a show person, so this isn’t for me.

I don’t see this being as successful as the buffet deal because this country likes to eat as much as they like a bargain.  I’m pretty sure they like to eat more than they like to see shows.

Bottom line you can catch Penn & Teller, Peepshow and The Price is Right with this plan and save a few bucks.  Find me at the craps table.

Discounts at Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile Shops

One of my favorite, if not favorite, place to watch football in Las Vegas is Blondie’s sports bar at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood.  Harrah’s has extended some excellent discounts to the Miracle Mile Shops for Total Rewards members that are worth noting; including 20% off at Blondie’s!

Click the screen shot below for all of the discounts.

Click here to view full size

There are quite a few excellent offers with this promotion.  I’ll be staying at Planet Hollywood, again, on my next trip to Vegas and will likely take up this offer while I watch football.  The great thing about Blondie’s is that their prices are low to begin with, so this is an flat-out great deal!

Get 25% Discounts At Legasse Stadium

Legasse Stadium announced on their twitter feed that you can get 25% off your bill after you “check in” three times on Foursquare.

Many visitors can do this on one trip to get discounts of your own.  You can check in from just about anywhere in the Palazzo, so it should be easy to grab this discount.

It’s cool to see casinos use technology as a marketing tool.  It’s also nice to see the offer of a large discount like this.  I’ve easily spent a couple hundred dollars at Legasse Stadium with friends – and that’s with each of us getting drink tickets for our bets.  Hopefully this will bring more business to Legasse Stadium so more places do this.

Foursquare and Gowalla are apps available on smartphones that, in short, let people know where you are.  Foursquare is offers different kinds of rewards and “mayorships” while Gowalla offers badges that you keep on your phone.

Both are competitors and I’ve tested each of them for a while, but will be making the switch to Foursquare on my next trip to Atlantic City.  It seems as if more major corporations are using FourSquare.  I figure if I’m going to use my time on *another* social network I might as well receive something for it.

Connect with me on twitter and foursquare if you’re mobile and inclined.