Not All Casinos Have The Same Customer

Misfit Right In Says Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Ad
Misfit Right In Says The Cosmopolitan

People that visit casinos know that they all cater to different audiences but never has this been more apparent than the current TV commercials for  Cosmopolitan and Boyd Gaming (Gold Coast, Suncoast, The Orleans & Sams Town).

Cosmopolitan “Misfit Right In”

Boyd Gaming “Cheers”

Both ads have a very specific target and, for the most part, those two customers won’t be the same person as evidenced by the look and sound of both ads. Both ads are appropriate for their desired customer.

The Cosmo has always positioned itself as bright, new and cutting edge hotel for a young customer. This ad successfully conveys that message while giving the customer the idea that they, the customer, are a little different. If you walk through the Cosmo you’ll see that their customers are much more alike then they think. Ironically, you’ll find a more diverse customers at a Boyd Casino.

The Boyd ad targets on an older local casino customer. “Cheers” was a popular TV show because it was the local bar where “everyone knows your name“. Not only is the song nostalgic but it represents a comfortable place to grab dinner, drinks and gamble. That comforting feeling of the casino being your local watering hole hits home as I’ve claimed the sportsbook bar at Red Rock Resort to be my local bar.

Even though both ads are drastically different, so are their customers. Both ads represent their brand well. One thing that should be noted is that Cosmo ad is a national ad while the Boyd Gaming ad is used mostly in Las Vegas.

Coincidentally I’m a potential customer for both casinos as there are some days that I want to hang with the cool kids and pretty people while there are other days I just want to hang at a bar playing video poker talking with the bartender who really does remember my name. Both ads work for me and that’s pretty amazing considering how different they are.

Don’t Sell Your Hair to a Wig Shop

DirecTV has had some incredibly funny commercials over the past few years. My favorite commercial in a long time is their recent campaign where they encourage not waking up in a roadside ditch. The campaign has fizzled trying to replicate that awesome commercial, but this weekend I saw one about going to Las Vegas that made me chuckle.

While this one is funny it will never replace mini giraffe on a treadmill or waking up in a roadside ditch as my favorite DirecTV commercials. Having said that, this commercial has one thing no other commercial in the series has…Vegas!

New Cosmopolitan Commercial Fun but Not Good

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas debuted a new commercial this weekend and while it’s fun and I understand the “just the right amount of wrong” message, this is not an advertisement that would make me remember the company that made it. It keeps continuity in the marketing of the property, but that doesn’t make me remember who made the ad.

My favorite TV commercial this year, the Darth Vader kid, at least had the product it was trying to sell in the ad. If they couldn’t remember the ad was for Volkswagon, at least they’d remember it was for a car. My friends will all say “Hey, let’s go to that place with the weird ad with the fun music.” But, most won’t remember who made it. What good is that?

I get it that I may not the demographic they are targeting, but I am still swayed by advertising and marketing and this is just another marketing piece that doesn’t move the needle (AKA wallet) for me and won’t move it for most people I know.

In the end this will be another piece of advertising I’ll skip over. For what it’s worth, I love the Cosmo for it’s restaurants and bars. Maybe they’ll try to sell those places in the future.

Cosmopolitan Opens This Week

Thank goodness the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas opens this week. I’m sure all the marketing and PR has been great for them, but it’s hit a crescendo and I can’t handle it any more.  It’s like hearing the Black Eyed Peas on the radio…again.  It’s time for me to change the channel.  It seems as if all Vegas blogs, news, tweeters write about it every third item.

I’ll check the joint out later this week and share thoughts next week here or on Vegas Chatter or both, but I have friends in town and for the rest of this week ECG will be a Cosmopolitan free zone. Keep an eye on Vegas Chatter, Vegas Tripping and Rate Vegas for up to the second news.

For the record, I’m stoked to see the Cosmopolitan, but as someone who’s worked in marketing for over 10 years I usually hit a point of enough.  That point began late last week.

Enjoy the commercial…again.

Caesars Palace – Routinely Possible

@CaesarsPalace tweeted out a new promo video that they made yesterday so I decided to give it a look.  Surprisingly it was a cute and fun look at the (embellished) “average” day in Las Vegas.

This promo plays off of the “What happens in Vegas..” campaign a little without being an exact copycat of the campaign.

I’m easily bothered and can find the negative in commercials and marketing campaigns, but this was non-offensive and easy enough to enjoy and more pleasant than Camp Vegas, which seems to have worked as visitors to Las Vegas were up for July and Neon Trees had a #1 song.