Tips On How To Get Free Wi-Fi In Your Hotel

I like standup comedy and I watch pretty much every special on Comedy Central. Todd Barry isn’t a comedian I particularly love but he’s funny, intelligent and dry enough for me to enjoy enough to spend time watching. I watch a lot worse TV, that’s for sure.

On his last special, “Super Crazy”, Todd Barry discusses how a friend gets free wifi in hotels and I figured I should share. I am always on the lookout for free wifi since I work in various places. Thankfully, Vegas Chatter has a pretty good list of where I can get free wifi in Vegas.

Enjoy the money saving trave tips below from Todd Barry.

**Note: There is sarcasm here.

Tosh.0 Goes To Vegas

I don’t watch what many people consider to be good TV. When he’s not airing videos of people vomiting, one of my favorite shows is Tosh.0. Last night he went off on a rant about Vegas before showing a short video of himself playing on hand of blackjack at Mirage. This kind of reminded me of paying off my lost Tim Tebow bet with Denver Gambler, but this is at least kind of funny.

The entire segment from Tosh.0 is below. Enjoy.