People Barely Like Sports Betting But Hate Internet Betting

The American public has spoken and the majority of them are OK with sports gaming. However they want you to get off your butt to be on sports.

The nationwide telephone poll found 51 percent in favor of sports betting and 27 percent backing Internet gambling.

The article goes deeper into the demographics of the poll. The article seems to be angled towards putting a positive spin on legalizing sports betting in New Jersey.

The one really interesting nugget that really should be the headline is that 20% of American men have bet on sports.

The article also states that the 51% approval is up from 39% in March. It seems as if the general public is coming around on sports betting.

Between ESPN’s Colin Cowherd talking about sports betting every week on his radio show and CBS Sports including spreads in their matchups online there has been a building awareness of sports betting in mainstream America.

New Jersey may know as soon as next week if they’ll get legal sports gaming (check out the Chad Millman podcast to hear lawyers discuss) and while that won’t change things across the country right away you can bet the other states that have legal gambling will get in line for sports gaming.