“Money Talks” On CNBC Previews

Steve Stevens From "Money Talks" Is A Sports Tout
Steve Stevens Is A Sports Tout

CNBC has a page on their website for Money Talks a sports betting docu-drama. By including drama in the description CNBC is intimating that the show isn’t real so take it for what it is.

“Money Talks” is being aired to entertain and not to show real life. I have a preview of the first episode and it makes being a sports betting tout look like a stock broker similar to the stock brokers in the movie “Trading Places“. The show begins on Tuesday September 10 at 9pm. (Note: Videos may not work on iPhone or iPad)

“Money Talks” Preview

“I’m A Bookie Killer”

“The excitement of gambling”

“Steve’s girlfriend visits”

‘Make a ton, spend a ton!’

MGM Resorts Jim Murren on CNBC

MGM Resorts International CEO was on CNBC today discussing Las Vegas and their company.

Some highlights include:

  1. 2012 will break visitor records in Las Vegas.
  2. Online poker will become legal in 2012. Either state by state or nationally.
  3. Will spend $2 mm – $2.5 mm in Macau.
  4. Aria convention space sold out.
  5. Social gaming discussion – Farmville on the strip.

Walk of Shame? Run of Shame?

Over the weekend CNBC sports news reporter, Darren Rovell, posted a picture of Puma sneaker display promoting “Run Your Walk of Shame.” The “Walk of Shame” is nothing new, but this reminded me about a story on Vegas Chatter a couple of days ago on how the walk could be worse at a casino in Las Vegas than other places.

I think it’s would be a lot worse walking across a college campus where you will see the same people again daily but I’m a dude, what do I know?

Either way, this is a fun promotion that clubs in Vegas can certainly get in on. While not The Walk of Shame the clubs and Puma could surely sell some sneakers to Heel Rats around town as their appearance is weekly and there are many.

Caesars Entertainment Gary Loveman on CNBC

Gary Loveman from Caesars Entertainment was on CNBC yesterday morning. Listening to him speak I kinda feel like he’s one of the rats that got the online poker sites busted for the betterment of his company.  That’s business, but he’s not the best speaker and comes off a little swarmy. He talks about the improvements of the Vegas gambling market and, of course, online poker.

A cynic may say Loveman felt a little left out after CNBC had Jim Murren and John Unwin on last week. The video is six minutes long and worth a view.

John Unwin From Cosmopolitan on CNBC

John Unwin from the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas was on CNBC today and offered nothing new.  In fact, the most interesting thing to me were the lack of people walking around the casino.  I know the interview was at 9am, but there are so many better options for a location.  Compare this to Jim Murren from MGM Resorts interview on CNBC yesterday at the Bellagio conservatory and the Cosmo looks kind of sad.  I’ll post that video later or tomorrow.

Gary Loveman Talks Legalizing Online Gambling on CNBC

Gary Loveman from Caesars Entertainment was on CNBC‘s Kudlow Report on Friday night.  Loveman, wants gambling legalized and Caesars would start with poker since it’s just providing a service for people to gamble their own money against each other.  There’s nothing here that comes across as surprising or sensational.  The interview is quick.  Enjoy.