Sweet $1 Sahara Chip

$1 Chip Sahara Casino Las Vegas
$1 Sahara Chip

I found this sweet $1 chip from Sahara while cleaning yesterday. I’m giving the Vegas Photo Blog a break for a couple of weeks so I thought I’d share here.

I’m not a chip collector but I saved this from a stash I snagged for some collectors before Sahara closed. Now Sahara is gone and SLS Las Vegas will open soon in its place. The only way I’ll end up with an SLS chip at home is if my pockets runneth over from winnings. HOLLA!

The Cromwell Has Total Rewards Logo On Its Chips

Total Rewards Chip At The Cromwell
$5 Chip At The Cromwell

I’ve never seen a casino players club logo on a chip at a casino before but there’s a first for everything. The chips at The Cromwell are sporting a Total Rewards logo on one side of the chip.

I don’t compliment Caesars often on their marketing efforts but this is great branding for their players club. I think we can expect other casinos to float this concept out the next time they introduce new chips.

Shout out to @AndyHughes128 for collecting chips and sharing this photo on twitter.

UPDATE: Evidently chips at The Quad have the TR logo.

Forget Chips, Dice Collecting Is Where It’s At

Dice Collection
Sweet Dice Collection

I was looking for an image to use for today’s article on Vegas Chatter which hasn’t been posted when I came upon this sweet collection of casino dice on Boardgamegeek.com. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Looks a lot cooler than chip collections.