Chicken Parm Sliders Return To Triple George

Chicken Parm Sliders Triple George Grill Downtown Las Vegas
Chicken Parm Sliders

I was bored last week so I decided to spend a day and night in Downtown Vegas mostly on Fremont Street. Surprisingly, I didn’t gamble much but I had a great time anyway. I’ll be sharing highlights throughout the week.

Thanks to everyone’s good friend, Scott at Vital Vegas, Chicken Parm Sliders have returned to Downtown Vegas. Chicken parm sliders were a favorite on the original Mob Bar menu before Mob Bar moved to Downtown Grand and lost everything that made it my favorite bar in Vegas.

Mob Bar’s menu was prepared by the kitchen next door at Triple George Grill so it’s surprising that the popular menu item didn’t just go on their menu. Whatever the case, they didn’t and the tasty chicken parm sliders disappeared.

Thanks to Scott’s constant nagging requests the delicious tiny chicken parm nubs of a sandwich have returned! Even though they are available to order you will not find chicken parm sliders on the menu at Triple George. When they first returned to Triple George you could only them order at the bar if you want these tasty treats. As of last night you can order the chicken parm sliders at a dining room table.

Since the chicken parm sliders aren’t on the menu you might have to speak with the manager, Case, who’s always walking around and very approachable. The chef’s are happy to bring back such a popular fixture from Mob Bar as part of the secret “Parlor Menu”.

While these sliders are delicious they aren’t exactly cheap eats.

$9 For 3 Chicken Parm Sliders
$9 For 3 Chicken Parm Sliders

An order of 3 chicken parm sliders costs $9. My mom would not be cool with paying $9 for what’s essentially one fried chicken breast sliced in 3, a little sauce, cheese and 3 mini brioche rolls. If you’re looking for a better deal you can get a huge chicken parm dinner with pasta and veggies for just $5 more.

Chicken parm sliders aren’t about getting a good deal. They’re about getting a delicious meal, snack or appetizer that won’t slow you down. The three slider portion is just right to feel full and agile for the rest of the night. It’s also a nice way to start dinner if you’re ordering a steak (see Vegas Chatter review).

I’m stoked for the return of the chicken parm sliders and will enjoy them again sooner than later. If you want to drool over more pictures of the chicken parm sliders check this out.

Checking Out Trevi At Caesars Palace Forum Shops

You may remember the blogger meat up I wrote about last year from Ranch House. These meetups are always a good time with good people and sometimes include good food and good drinks. This time it was all of the above. We met up at Trevi which is inside the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. Trevi is one of the first restaurants you’ll see when you walk into the Forum Shops from the Caesars Palace casino.

Trevi at Caesars Palace

I’ve been to the Forum Shops over a hundred times and never noticed Trevi but I’ve walked by it every time I’ve been there. To my defense I’m usually in a rush heading somewhere in the netherworld deep inside the Forum Shops. I get lost almost every time I’m at the Forum Shops because I don’t pay close attention and I’m not directionally inclined. Back to Trevi.

Trevi has dining inside and “outside” of the restaurant. The “outside” dining is a fenced of part of the forum shops which seats you close to the pretty fountains. If you sit too close to the fountains you’ll realize how loud they can be. The airy feeling is nice but head inside if you don’t want to be seen or would prefer less noise.

Grey Goose Trevi at Caesars Palace

While everyone else was sampling the fancy cocktails or some wine I decided to fix a craving I had with a perfectly made Grey Goose Orange and Soda. This picture looks so good that I want two or three more like I had at Trevi. Right. Now. This was the perfect way to begin the night.

Meatballs at Trevi at Caesars Palace

We ate family style and the first course brought the excellent meatballs at the top of the page and this very cool chicken parmesan appetizer. What could make chicken parm cool? Look at the picture…the cheese is in the middle. There was little sauce which is just the way I like it and this made the dish very neat and easy to manage. That’s not always the case with chicken parm.

Dessert Trevi Caesars Palace

Between the meatballs and chicken parm I barely touched the main courses. I wanted to keep room for dessert and I dipped into something called gooey chocolate cake. The outside may look dry but when I dove inside and grabbed some of that hot fudge everything was all good. The fresh berries made for a perfect palate cleanser.

The small plates above shared with a friend would make for a perfect happy hour. Trevi’s happy hour is called Trevi Time and they offer similar plates for $6. Not bad.

Happy Hour At Trevi At Caesars Palace

This wasn’t an ordinary day on the Vegas strip. You may remember the tragic shootout last week where three people died and a car blew up. That closed part of the strip so I decided to cut my travel during the day in two. This is why traffic didn’t seem too bad.

I worked from The Venetian food court for a couple hours before heading to dinner. While drinking one of the best latte’s ever I noticed this incredibly animated dude sitting across from me. Unfortunately he took off shortly after I took this picture and we didn’t meet but I think I’d like to play craps with him some day.

This Guy At The Venetian Food Court

Note: The food and drink were complimentary but my thoughts are my own. If you want to see more pictures from dinner at Trevi, check out the tumblr.