Johnny Football Turns 21, Goes Low Rollin At Hard Rock In Vegas

Johnny Manziel Playing Blackjack At Hard Rock Las Vegas
Johnny Manziel Playing Blackjack

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel turned 21 on Friday and like any famous person he went to Las Vegas to celebrate. Can’t argue with that! He hung out at the Hard Rock like many bro’s visiting Vegas. You may remember that Johnny Football is no stranger to casinos.

Now that he’s of age, Johnny Football bro’d down with a little blackjack. Even though he may be the son of a rich man he wasn’t showing it. He was playing $10 blackjack like a normal college bro. All blackjack at Hard Rock pays 6:5. Not the best choice. Johnny Football (and the honey badger) don’t care about payouts.

Johnny Football is already a spoiled rich kid and will become a his own rich man when he enters the NFL draft next year. Maybe he’ll step his game up to compete with Charles Barkley levels of gambling when he has his own money.

Photo – TMZ Sports

Update: A source says that John Football did not step into the sportsbook all weekend.

Ryan Seacrest Loves Craps

Ryan Seacrest Playing Craps In Monte Carlo
Ryan Seacrest Playing Craps

Ryan Seacrest loves craps and there are pictures to prove it on TMZ. Unfortunately, it seems as if the dice didn’t roll his way on a recent trip to Monte Carlo Casino (Monaco not Las Vegas).

Our eyewitness on scene says there was no limit posted on the table so its unclear how much the A.I. host dropped … but after 30 minutes of rollin’, we’re told he lost a majority of his stack and eventually decided to play some roulette instead. 

My love for craps is no secret and I write about it as often as I can. Craps isn’t the most mainstream game so whenever I see the mainstream media covering a celebrity playing the game I get a little giddy.

The closest I’ve been to gambling with a celebrity was playing blackjack next to Charles Barkley and Brad Garrett on separate occasions at The Venetian and The Palazzo, respectively. I also saw Flavor Flav playing $5 roulette years ago at Planet Hollywood. That’s all the celebrity gambling for me.

I’m holding out hope that some day I’ll end up rolling dice with one of the random sports stars that frequent the poker room at Red Rock Resort since I’m there fairly often. Many former athletes, like Orel Hershiser, have made the Red Rock poker room their Vegas home when they want to play the game and not be bothered.

If you’ve seen the documentary “Lemmy” you may have noticed that Lemmy from Motorhead plays slot machines at Red Rock. It’s more likely we’ll end up next to one another.

Photo: TMZ

Did Charles Barkley Lose $100K Gambling For A Few Hours?

Greenbrier Resort opened this past weekend in West Virginia and they threw a star-studded party where they paid some famous people up to $100,000 just to show up.

A mix of sports icons and entertainment stars — Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, Jessica Simpson, Brooke Shields, Lionel Richie, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, Jane Seymour, Debbie Reynolds, Raquel Welch, Tom Watson, Jack Nicklaus — showed up Friday night at the luxury resort in West Virginia.

Celebrities seems to matter to some people.  I’ve met enough to be not be phased by their stardom.  Anyway, one of the celebrities in attendance enjoyed the casino a little too much.

The only real player of the night was Barkley. “Blackjack, roulette, craps — I play it all.” We spotted the basketball great in the high-roller section a little after 11 p.m., sitting next to (Jim) Justice and Shields at a blackjack table with a rack of $50,000 in $500 chips in front of him.

Justice was casually tossing $100 chips in front of Shields. “I can’t play,” he said. “All I can do is help.” He left shortly after, but Barkley wagered until about 2 a.m., rumored to have lost all the money — if it was even his, or part of his appearance fee. Whatever.

Charles Barkley likes to gamble and has never hid that fact.  I actually saw him playing a few years ago at Venetian.  He’s probably the most famous person I’ve seen on the floor gambling with the “common folk.”

What he chooses to do with his money is his call.  I always like to think that the money someone else is playing is their equivalent to mine.  So if someone is gambling a $100 chip I like to think that it’s their equivalent to my $10/$25 chip.  Truthfully, I don’t care what how much other people gamble.  It’s not my business. Enjoy yourself, Chuck.