SLS Las Vegas On CBS This Morning

SLS Las Vegas Rendering
SLS Las Vegas Rendering

SLS Las Vegas was featured on a segment about owner Sam Nazarian on yesterday’s CBS This Morning. There isn’t much new information here besides the fact that SLS will own all retail outlets on the property. I’m not sure that’s really new but it hasn’t been talked about much.

SLS Las Vegas isn’t being built for the gambler. As I wrote on Vegas Chatter earlier this year there won’t be a poker room or a traditional sit down sportsbook (the sportsbook will be more of a sports bar where you can bet on games). SLS Las Vegas is looking at gaming to be less than 1/3 of their revenue so we can expect poor gaming odds and payouts.

It’s nice to see progress for this hotel which will sit where Sahara once did. By the time I happened upon Sahara it was a sad dilapidated hotel ready to die. It didn’t encourage me to learn about its history. That’s slowly changing to the point of where I can appreciate it a little more.

I hope SLS Las Vegas keeps some of that history alive when the hotel is done. I was skeptical that this would ever open but SLS Las Vegas may be the beginning of a resurgence on the north end of the Vegas Strip.


Football! Football!! Football!!!

Red Rock Resort Las Vegas Sportsbook
Red Rock Sportsbook

Replace baseball with football in the TV screens above. RIP baseball.

Football season kicks off tonight with a host of college football games throughout the various ESPN, Fox and CBS TV networks. It’s an amazing time of year in Las Vegas and the excitement for the first games of the season rivals the excitement for the big games. More money is bet on football than any other sport and the crowds in the sportsbooks prove that.

Yesterday I was at the Red Rock Casino sportsbook and it was already more crowded than a normal Wednesday for baseball season. There were lines at 3pm with people placing bets and there were football sheets left around all over. The Red Rock sportsbook looked as if they’re expecting a large crowd tonight as they set up cocktail tables which are reserved only for the busiest times of the year.

While baseball is my favorite sport football is catching up the longer I live in Las Vegas and I can’t wait for football! It begins in just a few hours!




I’ll be watching the games somewhere tonight… 

Fox Sports 1 Bringing Point Spreads To The Masses

Fox Sports 1 Point Spreads
Fox Sports 1 Showing Point Spreads

Fox Sports 1 launched as a 24 hour all sports network last week. While CBS and NBC have launched 24 hour sports networks in the past year it looks as if Fox Sports 1 will be the greatest challenger to ESPN. ESPN is the largest all sports network with the most history so each network has to carve their own niche with sports fans. NBC Sports Network has focused its programming around the NHL, NFL, Premier League and fringe sports like cycling while CBS Sports Network seems to be a minor league sports network filling much of its programming with lesser tier college football and college basketball.

Fox Sports 1 will be a home for NFL, UFC, college football and soccer spillover from regular Fox programming. I’m assuming that they’ll integrate MLB into next year’s shows. Fox Sports 1 seems to have the most upper tier programming to take some market share from big brother, ESPN. In addition to strong major league sports they have a strong roster of former professional athletes and professional broadcasters for their regular TV shows (hello Charissa and Erin).

Mainstream sports media has tiptoed around gambling in the past even though it plays a large role in popularity of certain sports – especially football. One way that Fox Sports 1 is differentiating itself from ESPN is not hiding from gambling – at least not hiding from the fact that gambling exists. Fox Sports 1 has point spreads displayed when they run upcoming matchups on their bottom line or side bar (above). This isn’t just for football as they had betting odds for the UFC fights last weekend.

Fox Sports 1 Bottom Line UFC Odds

I haven’t noticed any of the talking heads on Fox Sports 1 speaking about gambling directly but this is the first time that I can remember seeing a TV network using point spreads all day long, not just for pick segments.

I’m curious to see how they incorporate point spreads into football wrap ups. Discussing ATS (Against The Spread) records along side of straight up records would really open the door to sports betting discussion. As a sports bettor and fan I would love this.

Body Photo: 30 FPS 

“Vegas” On CBS Got It’s Shot. Now We’re Done

Vegas” was what I expected – It was a typical cop drama from CBS and it’s not really about Las Vegas. After 3 minutes, I was pretty sure I didn’t like the show. I’m not sure if the show is good or bad, but it’s definitely not for me and it probably is bad. It feels as if this show was made for my parents.

Here’s my takeaway:

  • There’s a good guy. That’s the the tough guy cowboy played by Dennis Quaid.
  • There’s the mob guys. Played by Michael Chicklis and James Russo (who was better in his one episode of Las Vegas).
  • There’s othermpeople to fill time and create a plot around the guys mobsters and cowboy.
  • There’s the awful green screen looking scenes of Las Vegas that were filmed on a soundstage.

There was very little “Vegas” in the first episode of “Vegas”. Las Vegas scenery that seemed somewhat genuine might have kept me interested in the show, but the scenery they did have looked cartoony and bad.

Much like CBS’ last show set in Las Vegas, The Defenders, I’m only giving this one viewing and it’s off my DVR. Thankfully Las Vegas reruns are still on TNT.

“Vegas” Begins Tonight on CBS

Vegas” begins airing every Tuesday on CBS beginning tonight. The Las Vegas media is stoked about this show (they’re stoked on everything), but judging from this trailer it seems more focused on a cowboy vs. a mobster then about the great city of Las Vegas.

The show is set in the early days of Las Vegas so I won’t be able to enjoy the inconsistencies of this show as I do in the NBC show “Las Vegas“.

I’m not expecting much from this show but I’ll go into the show open minded hoping for the best.

No Feel Policy at Caesars Properties?

Caesars Entertainment Showgirls

According to CBS News, Caesars Entertainment is promoting a “no feel” policy.  I hope this isn’t the case, but here’s the scoop.

Marie Osmond is protesting in Las Vegas with dozens of showgirls, calling for an end to resort fees charged to guests at many of the city’s hotels.

Osmond and the roughly 50 performers from the Jubilee! show at Bally’s Las Vegas hotel-casino marched on the Las Vegas Strip Thursday morning to promote Caesars Entertainment’s no-feel policy.

Maybe Caesars started this no-feel policy after someone got punched and killed at their O’Sheas property a few weeks ago.  I’m going to be staying at a Caesars property shortly and I don’t want a) die b) get punched in the face or c) get kicked out of the casino if someone feels me or vice versa. 🙂

The showgirl protest was actually promoting Caesars No Resort Fees campaign.  CBS just made a typo.  No Resort Fees is actually one of the competitive advantages that the Caesars properties have in Las Vegas and while this may have been a cheesy marketing ploy it obviously got the attention of the mainstream media, which was probably the goal.

Shout out to Vegas Solo for pointing this out.

Undercover Boss goes to Las Vegas

Last night the CBS show “Undercover Boss” took a trip to MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  I’ve never seen the show before, but it seems as if it’s about the bosses trying to blend with their employees to see what’s good and bad about the operation of the business.  Here’s how CBS described Scott Sibella (President & COO of MGM Grand) stint on the show:

Scott Sibella, President and COO of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, goes undercover within the walls of the second-largest hotel in the world and faces a group of rowdy gamblers who are quick to point out his shortcomings as a dealer.

I watch a lot of bad TV and this was pretty high on the list of what’s bad about TV.  Not only did nobody look fooled the entire show looked fake and this ended up looking like an hour long commercial for MGM Grand, which also came with additional plugs throughout the week.  All of that in exchange for Sibella gifting a few employees with some gifts that the company can use as tax write offs.

I’m not sure what the dollar value on all of this is, but it has to be very high.  That should prove to be nice for MGM Resorts Internationals quarterly earnings report, but what effect will it have on bookings at MGM Grand and their actual business?  I’m curious to learn this.

I can’t embed the show, so if you’d like to watch it head over to  Also, I’ll never watch this show again.