Sahara Closing?

Where there’s smoke there’s usually fire. I’m not much about rumors, but the rumor of Sahara closing seems too close to being true to not be true.  Here’s a tour on how this rumor developed.  SBE Entertainment, owners of Sahara, are bringing their Hyde Lounge to Bellagio.  The official announcement was made today.

“The move to bring the Hyde Lounge brand to Bellagio underscores the dynamic partnership forged between SBE and MGM Resorts International,” Nazarian said in a statement. “Together we’ve secured one of Vegas’ most prestigious locations, and will usher in a new and definitive chapter in nightlife on The Strip.”

I started reading that this might happen right after the Fontana Bar was said to be closing.  Next I saw another detailed nugget of info on Vegas Tripping further developing the rumor.  Their bottom line is this:

Right now, only The Naz knows if Sahara goes fishing or SBE cuts bait.

Toward the end of the VT article a link pointed to a post on Vegas Message Board that was very detailed, yet anonymous.

The internal buzz on the property for the past few months has the Sahara Hotel and Çasino shutting its doors no later than the fall of this year

None of this is from the horses mouth so there’s nothing to concrete to confirm, but putting 1 and 1 and 1 together I think it’s pretty close to being a truth.  I’m pretty sure Sahara won’t just be shutting it’s doors, but a sale makes a lot more sense.

Once again, I can see our old pal Carl Icahn stepping in and buying the old property on the cheap.  It could be a low cost complement to a possible high end Fontainebleau if that ever opens as a middle to high end property.  Another option is defaulting on loan on letting the bank deal with the mess.

I recently had my first trip to Sahara and the casino seems as if it could use a major cleaning.  It was filthy and I was happy when I left.  I’m curious to see how this all unfolds.

Need Some Furniture?

The Fontainebleau in Las Vegas isn’t getting finished anytime soon. In fact, they are selling off the furniture of their 70% completed hotel.

While the project, which is 70 percent complete, sits idle on the Las Vegas Strip, Icahn has started selling off beds, dressers, TVs and other furnishings, according to a source.

I could use all of that.  Does anyone want to go shopping for me?  Seriously.

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Fontainebleau To Icahn

Carl Icahn is the winner for the bankrupt Fontainbleau in Las Vegas.

Carl Icahn is expected to take over ownership of the bankrupt Fontainebleau Las Vegas resort after two potential competitors vying to buy the property failed to submit qualifying bids as of a 5 p.m. deadline Friday.

First things first.  I hope Carl Icahn unbrands the Fontainebleau name.  Second, I’ve mused about Icahn moving the Tropicana name over to the Fontainebleau project.  With the Tropicana going with a south beach theme it may make sense to switch brands with hotels as Fontainbleau was originally a Miami hotel icon.

Photo: Las Vegas Sun