Rumor: Las Vegas May Soon Be Hootersless

Hooters Hotel And Casino Las Vegas

Hooters Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has been available for sale in off and on for the past couple years but it looks like they’re serious about selling this time, whether anyone is interested or not.

That sounds like a patchwork solution…shepherding Hooters along until maybe, someday, someone will actually want to buy the place.

Hooters is bringing in Navegante Gaming Inc. as consultants who somehow never help turn around a casino but always manage a casino til it’s inevitable end. They’ve most recently managed Gold Spike and LVH to their death and inevitable death, respectively.

Navegante Gaming Inc., the father-and-son company of industry veterans Larry Jean Woolf and Larry David Woolf, has won approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission to manage Hooters Hotel & Casino.

Regardless of a sale it looks as if they’re going to de-brand Hooters.

The property is is in the process of undergoing a remodel that has already seen $3 million spent to replace carpeting and affect some hotel renovations. A name-change for the off-Strip hotel-casino is also expected shortly, although attempts to find a buyer have, to date, been unsuccessful.

I have an idea for an awesome name – HLV. This in no way would be confused with LVH another awesome name for a casino that can’t be sold.

Seriously, the Hooters brand name has taken a hit in the past couple years with the introduction of new “breastaurant” franchises. The name simply doesn’t hold the same recognition it did 5+ years ago when San Remo was sold and renamed.

It seems as if Hooters is being cleaned up and prepared for sale but who would want to buy an off strip casino? I’ve never been to Hooters and have no plans to ever go. 1 of the 4 people I know that have been there left with pinkeye. I don’t want pinkeye.

Photo: Wikimedia