“Sin City Rules” Is Almost Here

You may remember this summer I mentioned that I would be guest starring in a show that was essentially Real Housewives of Las Vegas. The show seems to have undergone a handful of working titles (like “High Rollers”)  but they’ve settled on Sin City Rules. The show looks like formulaic Bravo or TLC reality fodder but it’s in Las Vegas so it has to be awesome. Right?

Here’s how TLC describes Sin City Rules.

Get ready for a wild ride — the women of Sin City Rules are about to take over your TV sets! TLC’s new show features five of the most powerful women in Las Vegas, as they take on high stakes world of gambling, sex and excess. The cast includes one of the world’s top poker players; a fashion designer with a taste for guns; the business-minded daughter of an infamous mob boss, a powerful cosmetics mogul and an entertainment reporter with a pageant-queen past.


How do I know I’ll be appearing in Sin City Rules? Because I’m in the trailer above! I haven’t seen this trailer since I was made aware that I’m in it a couple weeks ago. I was stoked for the show because I’m a sucker a) for shows in Vegas and b) shows like this but now I’m super stoked! This show must be awesome since they fast tracked it from beginning in 2013!

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The premiere of Sin City Rules is Sunday, December 9 @ 10|9c.

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