2 Fun New Projects And More


I just want to drop a quick post about two new projects that I just started.

World Casino Index (Update: The project was cancelled)

The newest of the new is that I’ll be contributing slot machine reviews to a website called World Casino Index. If you follow me on twitter or snapchat you’ve probably seen me playing new slot machines and looking around to see what’s actually available. Now you know why.

The goal of World Casino Index is that it will become a resource for anyone visiting a casino anywhere in the world. I’m simply updating the slot machines section while other people work on other sections of the website.

My first two reviews are for Buffalo and Dynamic 7’s. You can expect another 50-100 more reviews in the next few months. I’ll continue to share the reviews on twitter and facebook.

Sunday News

Yesterday was the first installment of a new “Sunday News” column for TravelZork.com. You may know Travel Zork from previous work as I’ve already contributed a slew of casino players club overviews and a few blog posts.

“Sunday News” will be a synopsis and analysis of recent news, rumors, openings and closings in Las Vegas. It’s not going to be a news rundown of everything happening in Las Vegas. Rather, it will touch on what we deem to be the important developments in Las Vegas over the past week. If there’s something that’s particularly interesting I’ll expand on that topic later in the week.

Both WCI and TZ are exciting in different ways. It’s fun to dive deeper into casino gambling beyond sports betting. It’s also going to be fun to share my opinion on things that I deem important in Las Vegas. Here are a couple more things while I’m thinking about updates.

Guest Blogs

You’ll also see a few guest blog posts for other websites popping up every now and again. Las Vegas is a lot of things to a lot of people. I’m happy to be able to share my knowledge with people who may not normally follow my way of enjoying Vegas.

EDGe Vegas

Lastly, let’s touch on this blog for a minute.It’s come to my attention that some people don’t realize that EDG in EDGe Vegas is capitalized for a specific reason. Here’s a breakdown. Tell your wives, tell your friends, tell whoever you want.

E – Eat
D – Drink
G – Gamble

e – filler letter

Vegas – Las Vegas

I’ll continue to update EDGe Vegas as time permits. Updates will probably be quick cheat sheets like “Best And Worst Craps Odds On The Vegas Strip” and new bar and restaurants that I’m curious about like “The Still Brings You Beer In Time For March Madness At The Mirage.”

You can find a list of where to find my regular work on the sidebar under the header “Find My Work.” I like to move the sidebar around so it may not be on the left much longer. Simple things like this amuse me. 🙂

Still Kickin, Just Not Here

SLS Las Vegas Carpet
SLS Las Vegas Carpet


I used to update this blog daily or semi-daily but that hasn’t happened lately. You’ve probably noticed that updates have been few and far between. EDGe Vegas isn’t going anywhere but I’ve been given the chance to contribute more to other websites lately so I’ve been focused on them.

Here’s when and where you can find me on the various websites:

Vegas Chatter – Daily
Travel Vegas – Twice A Week
Covers.com – Once or Twice A Week
Vegas.Buzz – Two or Three Times A Week
Vegas.Ninja – Every now and again

Outside of Vegas I’m contributing sports content to Orlando.Buzz and LosAngeles.Buzz as needed.

Most of what I’m writing elsewhere is fact based information and less commentary since I represent other people. That said, there’s always a piece of me in everything I write.

I have a huge folder with pictures ready for the Vegas Photo Blog and I’ll get to updating that sooner than later. EDGe Vegas will continue shortly as I have some fun things to share but updates will be sporadic.

In the meantime I’ll keep you updated on Vegas happenings, my travels and my work on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Welcome To EDGe Vegas

Edge Vegas

For years I’ve told people who there are only 3 things to do in Vegas. Eat > Drink > Gamble – Repeat as desired.

That’s the idea behind EDGe Vegas. It also explains where the name came from and why those three letters are capitalized. As you can see on the toolbar, there are 4 focuses on this website. Here’s what to expect.

Eat – Places and things to eat in Vegas. I like eating cow so you’ll see a lot about steakhouses and burger joints. That’s not all I eat so you’ll see other casino restaurants reviewed. As always I’ll share the good the bad and ugly. I’ll also pass on news releases of new restaurants opening just so you know what’s new in Vegas.

Drink – I drink beer, vodka, scotch and wine. There are times and places for each type of drink. I’ll let you know some of my favorite bars and what I’m drinking. I’ll also pass on news releases of new bars opening and special events just so you know what’s new in Vegas.

Gamble – I gamble for entertainment. Instead of going to the movies, I’d rather drop $20 into a 9/6 Jacks or Better video poker game. I consider myself a Sharp Square. I like to know the best odds of the games and will often play the games with the smallest house advantage. I play the smart games but I’m beholden to the odds. I’m in a casino for a good time, not a long time. I’ll share odds, strategy, advice and news for all kinds of gambling from the tables to machines to the sportsbook. I’ll also share tips and players club news because I’m all about getting my hotel rooms and coffee comp’d.

Vegas – I’ll be keeping an eye on everything that happens in the Vegas casinos. I’ll analyze the casino business from the points of view as both a business person and the consumer. Every now and again I’ll touch on some news with a local edge.

If you’ve followed my blogs AC2LV and East Coast Gambler before that you’ll notice that there will be very little, if any, east coast casino news here. I’ve been living in Las Vegas for 3 years now and I’m just more focused on the market here. With the rise of online gaming in New Jersey there will still be excuses for me to talk about gambling on the east coast.

You’ll notice that this site is ad free. That might change down the line but I’m not planning on it. There may be some sponsored posts to pay for hosting and such and I’ll always let you know when that’s the case. If I write about a movie or book and you see a link to Amazon just know that I’ll collect a couple of pennies for the purchase.

This will also be a place where you can find out who I’m currently work with. There’s a freelance tab in the right corner which is also a way for you to contact me. Always feel free to tweet with me @MeltzVegas. I’m very active on twitter and you’ll see more EDGeVegas type news there.

Vegas Vacation Notes

Cigar And Cognac At Andre's At Monte Carlo
Cigar And Cognac At Andre’s

When I lived on the east coast I used to take notes of interesting things that happened or I noticed during trips to Atlantic City and Las Vegas. I figured that is do that I would do that again during my recent Vegas vacation. These are just straight notes, so there will be grammar mistakes.

I’ll elaborate on most of these subjects in future writing here and elsewhere. Tweet me or leave a comment if you have any specific questions.

– The D sold out Friday and Saturday.
– Cash or bomb in briefcase?
– The D queen room as big as king room just 2 beds. Not bad. Size.
– AC great
– Andiamo’s best restaurant downtown Vegas.
– When in doubt. The song is Train or Pitbull.
– cornhole.
– Flair bar tending.
– El Cortez vodka selection awful. Drink beer.
– Fremont East between El Cortez and FSE full of awful.
– flamingo always crowded.
– Families suck.
– don’t like kids, eat at nice restaurants.
– Mandalay Bay 3:2 BJ. Good vodka.
– Margaritaville casino fun. 6:5 bj.
– Margaritaville restaurant ok.
– Fab room bathroom disgusting. Rotting. Chipping. Peeling.
– Monte Carlo casino = eh. No even money bj. 6:5.
– Andre’s fun.
– I like cognac.
– Bally’s moved poker room.
– Flamingo casino air not consistent. Nasty.
– Mississippi Stud go boom.
– cash travel?
– Blackjack bad.
– video poker eh.
– craps!
– Traffic everywhere.
– LIFE slot kinda fun.
– new, giant Wizard of Oz slots at V & the D.
– Flamingo sportsbook comfy. Drink tix.
– Carlos n Charlie’s as bad as people say. Loud. Never again.
– Strip traffic sucks. Expect long hauls.
– Gamers v. Gamblers.
– T3 great.
– Flamingo housekeeping awful.
– No more Steve Wynn in cabs.
– VIP better than not. Duh.
– flamingo air a mess.

Does The Cosmo Promote Gambling? Nah.

I was catching up with my news this weekend and came across a quick and funny blog from Stiffs and Georges about Cosmopolitan promo videos on youtube not having any gambling. There are no surprises, but rather than re-wording the blog I’ll just share it here.

I’m Shocked, Shocked!

… to discover that there is gambling in this establishment. Of 38 video clips onCosmopolitan of Las Vegas‘ You Tube channel, not one is devoted to the casino floor. Geez, you think this “hide the gaming” marketing approach might have something to do with the Cosmo’s distinctly anemic (as in a dismal 22% of the gross) casino revenues?

P.S.: I’d suggest dropping the twee terminology “quirky mashup” from future PR materials. It makes the Cosmo sound like it’s trapped in a Wes Anderson film festival.

This should come as no surprise to anyone as the Cosmo hasn’t been branding itself as a destination with gambling since before it opened, but this is still fun to think about a casino that does not marketing gambling. Enjoy one of their lovely videos below.

Ever Get Short Sticked? Me Neither.

I love when I learn something new.  Yesterday, thanks to Jeff Simpson’s article on casino irritations and annoyances on two way hard three I learned about Short Sticking!

“…stick men should refrain from “short-sticking” attractive women, when they make female dice throwers reach farther than normal for the dice so that they’ll expose more of their cleavage.”

I usually have an eye for stuff like this but I’ve never noticed before.  Thanks to Jeff Simpson, I’ll keep an eye out for the creepers, especially when I’m rolling dice with my lady friends.

Overall, the article and comments are great.  It’s a fun read if you can deal with the dark background.

Vegas Death Ray Goes National

The “Today” show covered the “Death Ray” at Vdara in Las Vegas this morning.

The first I read about this was on Vegas Tripping, I thought it was silly.  I started to laugh a little when hearing Five Hundy By Midnight talk about it on their podcast.  Now I’m bored with it although Steve from The Strip Podcast is featured in the video above and he’s usually very cheerful.

Continue reading “Vegas Death Ray Goes National”

Harrahs Has A Blog

Sometimes I’m not the smartest beer in the 6 pack.  I was (am) going to post info that Harrah’s Total Rewards Magazine is now available online.  While, I was looking through the page I noticed that all of the contact and privacy information pointed to Harrah’s.  I also read the site for the first time where it states the following:

Welcome to the official blog of the Pulse of Vegas casino-resort destinations: Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Bally’s, Flamingo, Harrah’s, Imperial Palace, Paris, Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall and O’Sheas. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the individual contributors, and not necessarily those of Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc.

It’s kind of tricky that the blog is run separate from harrahs.com, but the disclosure that this is all Harrah’s is nice to see.  I’m not a member of the internet police.  I just look for useful information.

Sure the blog will be promoting Harrah’s properties with only positive information, but since they are not hiding the source I know how to take the information.

Check The Pulse of Vegas Blog

If you frequent Harrah’s properties anywhere in the US the Total Rewards magazine is usually good for one trip to the bathroom or 5 minutes of your time.  Click the cover to read.

Quick Hits From Las Vegas

I know I’ll miss some things from my trip to Las Vegas last week so I’m compiling a list of quick hits so I don’t forget some of the minor details that may interest.

BNBLV – Awesome.  Beer and Blogs Las Vegas is a gathering over beer with bloggers, tech heads and nerds.  I met a bunch of people I follow on twitter and met some new faces.  I expected to be at the happy hour for 30-60 minutes and I was there for 4 hours.  Good times.  Nice to meet y’all!

Orleans – File under a place I no longer need to visit.  Very similar to Gold Coast, but slightly more depressing.  Low ceilings and smoke don’t help.  Unless I’m in the area (which I doubt) I don’t see myself visiting again.

Free Shuttles – Orleans has a shuttle to Bills on the strip.  This was a bus of drunks, but it saved another $20 (or so) cab ride.

Tourists – I don’t like them.  They move slowly and/or stop abruptly constantly being in the way.  The Las Vegas strip is full of these people and they ruin the experience.  I recommend walking on the CityCenter (west?) side of the strip if you need to get from one place to the other.  You can throw old people in here too.  Ludacris mirrors my thoughts here.

Strip walking – I haven’t walked the strip in a while, but I did twice last weekend.  The walks were great, but made worse by tourists and old people.  I did find one way to make the strip walk enjoyable.  Stop at each casino and either tweet or drink.  It breaks up the monotony.  Sure it took me about 30 minutes to get from Palazzo to Planet Hollywood, but at least I had fun.  That was better than my drunk strip walk the previous night from Bills to Palazzo.

Go-Go dancing in casinos – No longer cool or interesting.  This doesn’t work for all casinos.  Check Mandalay Bay and Excalibur for reference.

Lucky @ O’Sheas – Little man has great pipes.  He was outside of O’Sheas shouting out facebook and twitter offers with a deep booming voice.  He fit O’Sheas marketing image perfectly.

Flamingo – Low ceilings still give it an old feel, but it seemed as if there were a bunch of updates in the casino that gave the look a bit of a modern feel.  In my quick walk through it seemed as if the casino was caught between their history and being current.

Aria Tram – I don’t like heights.  The tram platform is bordered with glass which gives it an edgeless look.  It probably looks cool to many, but I don’t like this at all.  I don’t like heights and between the station shaking and the feeling like can fall off at any moment I won’t go up there again.  I’ll just walk.

Celebrity Sightings – One morning I saw Joan Rivers leaving the Palazzo.  That was awesome.  Later that night I was playing blackjack at Palazzo and saw Brad Garrett across the way.  He’s the brother in “Everybody Loves Raymond”

Palms, Hard Rock, Bellagio – All places I normally make it a priority to visit.  Since I was alone I decided to visit places that I don’t normally visit – for better and worse.

The rest of my trip will be delivered in separate posts with pictures.  These are items that are small and I didn’t want to leave out.