Cosmopolitan’s Marketing Should Plan Read: Same Amount Of Same

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Casino Floor
Cosmopolitan Casino

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has been open for open for less than 5 years yet but it feels as if the Cosmo has been a part of the Vegas Strip forever. In fact, the hotel has already been sold. There haven’t been many casinos sold since they’ve opened so this is kind of a big deal.

Time sure flies unless you’re working for the advertising team (fallon) originally hired by Cosmopolitan. Their newest TV commercial continues the “Right Amount Of Wrong” campaign and is a whole lot of the same thing that used to shock people.

The ad is fine but the campaign that was so effective for the Cosmo is growing tiresome. It feels like it’s time to dip into the idea pool and come up with something new. It will be interesting to see how advertising and marketing changes when Blackstone takes control of the Cosmo. “The Right Amount Of Wrong” campaign was strong and set the tone for the building of the Cosmopolitan brand.

BREAKING: Cosmopolitan Sold!

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas was sold by Deutsche Bank to Blackstone Real Estate Partners for $1.73 Billion. Since this is still developing I’ll pass on information as it’s decimated disseminated.

I’ll keep updating this list as news comes in. I’m off to get coffee.