Las Vegas Blackjack Research

I have been on the hunt for the past few weeks to find infomation on Las Vegas blackjack payouts by casino.  While that information has showed me some new resources that search has also led me to many dead ends.

It seems as if the Las Vegas blackjack community is loud, but not as organized as the video poker players I’ve met.  So what have I learned from my search?

17’s:  Almost every table in Las Vegas seems to be where the dealer hits on soft 17.  This is to the advantage of the casino.  All tables in Atlantic City have dealers hiting on soft 17, so I’m used to this.

Payouts:   Blackjack pays both 6:5 and 3:2 in most casinos.  It seems as if 6:5 is taking over and the game most easily available.  3:2 blackjack games are supposedly hidden.

Shoe vs. Single Deck:  6:5 blackjack increases the house advantage by 1.39% when playing with a shoe.  House advantage with single deck goes from .2% to 1.6%.

Best reference found:  This was the best reference I was able to find.  For more details on 6:5 odds take a look at this post.

Best community:  The Las Vegas Trip Advisor forum had many willing voices.  While the Atlantic City forum has more video poker advice, Las Vegas’ forum had more people that played a wider variety of games.

What did I learn?  Not too much.  I really learned the difference between 6:5 payouts vs. 3:2 payouts.  I knew a little, but I feel much more well versed.  As long as I keep my wits about me I should be able to find a 3:2 blackjack game.  I’m not sure that will happen, but at least I know.

If you have any more references, please email me or comment below to share with everyone.

Card Counting Goes High Tech

An Australian company, webtopia, has created an application for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch to help people to count cards in blackjack.


I usually play blackjack socially so I’m not much into card counting.  I’d rather focus on drinking beer or vodka while hanging with good friends.  I’m not afraid of finding a tool like this to make me a better gambler, but I’m not sure I could never get away using this at a table.  I already get yelled at…a lot…by dealers and pit bosses for using my blackberry.

There is video on the webtopia site.  My flash player isn’t being nice so I’m not going to post it here.  If you’re into this, please comment with feedback.