Gamble With Asteroids, Centipede And Other Atari Games

Atari Casino
Hey, It’s The Atari Casino

It looks as if the Atari Casino will be launching online in just a few months.The casino will offer gambling for real and virtual currency.  Atari Casino will be considered a social gaming platform since gambling is a dirty word more than simply an online casino. The casino will available on the Web, as well as Facebook and mobile devices.

Even though I never owned an Atari video game system when I was growing up (I was a ColecoVision guy) I played their games way too often. Older brands like Atari are a link to my childhood and that’s what they’re is banking on to acquire players.

The idea of gambling online isn’t very attractive to me because I prefer gambling with some form of human interaction. Having said that I might consider playing craps, slot machines or blackjack at the Atari Casino if it’s branded with Centipede, Missile Command or Asteroids for a little while. This might not be Atari’s only gambling play. Last year at G2E I reported that IGT was re-introducing skill-based gaming with a Centipede branded slot machine for Vegas Chatter. We shouldn’t expect to see anything in casinos until next year. Photo: Engadget

SLS Las Vegas Will Have 3:2 Blackjack

SLS Las Vegas Blackjack Table
SLS Blackjack Table

SLS Las Vegas Will Have 3:2 Blackjack

A couple of hours ago SLS Las Vegas tweeted a picture of their blackjack table. Besides having monkeys (awesome) it also states that this blackjack table will pay 3:2. As I mentioned in an article last month on Vegas Chatter the casino will have both 6:5 and 3:2 blackjack.

The best news about the 3:2 blackjack game is that they say some will be low limits. This is rare for the Vegas Strip. I look forward to seeing what they offer when the casino opens.

Pat Riley Loves Blackjack!

That's Pat Riley Playing Blackjack
That’s Pat Riley Playing Blackjack

I enjoy keeping track of famous people gambling. Pat Riley was in Las Vegas this week to meet with LeBron James in an effort to keep LBJ playing for the Miami Heat.

What’s a fella to do while killing time in Las Vegas? Play a little blackjack!

Pat Riley was at Mandalay Bay playing blackjack out in the open with the common folk. From what I can tell it looks like he was playing a $15 or $25 table with cards dealt from a continuous shuffle machine (CSM). This feels like the ultimate “I gotta kill time” blackjack game.

Sources report that there’s no information is Pat Riley won money or if LeBron James is staying in Miami…yet.

Photo: Busted Coverage via the twitter

Here’s Why SLS Las Vegas Opening A Week Early Is A Good Sign For Gamblers

SLS Las Vegas Sportsbook Rendering
SLS Las Vegas Sportsbook Rendering

SLS Las Vegas announced that it will be opening a week early today and that’s a good sign for gamblers. Casino openings are usually filled with hype. I got sucked into that when Downtown Grand opened last year.

There was a lot of over promising from Downtown Grand before they opened. Expectations were high from everyone. They promised more great dining options than anywhere else in Downtown Vegas. Instead they offered a food court with mediocre food, a sub-par cafe and a shave ice stand that may never open.

Outdoor gaming was a great idea but 2 blackjack tables facing a wall with homeless people wandering the street behind is not ideal. Street dice is nothing like they described either. Besides outdoor gaming, Downtown Grand never talked about their gambling. Typically when a business avoids a subject there’s nothing good to say.

Downtown Grand ruined Mob Bar by removing video poker and a great beer selection. In fact, all of their bars have sub-par beer options (see more at Vegas Chatter). Now it’s just where I park when I want to get chicken parm sliders.

Downtown Grand under delivered on just about everything. I don’t hate them for it but Downtown Grand was poised to become my new Downtown Vegas home.

SLS Las Vegas hasn’t promised much that doesn’t seem attainable. Affordable luxury sounds achievable. Many of their restaurants have outlets in LA so researching them on Yelp should give you a general idea of what to expect. SLS Las Vegas has promised one thing that we know little about.

SLS Las Vegas has repeatedly said that the casino would offer gambling that locals would enjoy. This generally means good video poker, ample slot machines and good table game odds.

If SLS Las Vegas can over deliver on construction by finishing earlier than expected perhaps they will over deliver on their casino odds and returns. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking. Maybe I’m on to their strategy. I always bet on myself being right. 🙂

I’ve been cautiously optimistic about SLS Las Vegas’ casino but I’m throwing caution to the wind and now I’m straight up optimistic.  

Looks Like Blackjack Is Coming To MyVegas Mobile

MyVegas Mobile

A couple of days ago I found a survey from MyVegas that asks a lot of questions about playing blackjack on mobile devices.

MyVegas Survey
MyVegas Survey – Blackjack Mobile

If blackjack was an available on MyVegas mobile I would give it a whirl. Right now I play blackjack on my mobile devices with the ODDcase blackjack training app. It looks great, reminds me when I make a bad move and helps me keep count of the cards. If there was an aesthetically appealing option for MyVegas I’d give it a whirl.

It also looks like MyVegas is even contemplating adding more table games to the Facebook version of MyVegas.

MyVegas Table Game Options
MyVegas Table Game Options

When I play MyVegas on Facebook I usually just let the slot machine games run in the background on another tab and check in to see if I have a bonus round to activate. When I’m bored with my day I’ll fire up blackjack. If any of the other games in this survey were available, besides roulette, I’d give it a whirl.

There are some open-ended table game questions and I recommended that they add craps. I’m guessing it’s difficult to create an exact replica of a craps game based on true odds and that’s why it was left off of the survey.

There’s nothing official about new games for MyVegas yet. This is just speculation for based on the MyVegas survey. Here are some quick links for you.

My Favorite Downtown Vegas Craps Games

Earlier today I went over the odds for craps at all of the Downtown Vegas casinos and mentioned that the best odds don’t always make the best games. Everyone has their preferences in casinos and games. The 3 casinos below are probably my favorite downtown casinos in part because they have my favorite craps games.

Golden Gate

Golden Gate Sexy Craps Dealers
Golden Gate Sexy Craps

Golden Gate has 10x odds which is appealing to me but I think I’d still love playing craps at Golden Gate even if they had lower odds. The casino is intimate. It’s small, tight and there’s not a lot of space to move around. The ceiling is low so that you can almost touch it. That confined feeling and dance music makes the energy in the casino intense. The energy at the Golden Gate craps games has nowhere to go and it is unmatched by any casino. The combination of energy and odds make this my favorite Downtown Vegas craps game.

El Cortez

El Cortez Downtown Las Vegas Casino Hotel
El Cortez

It’s out of character for me but I love everything about the El Cortez. In general El Cortez is the antithesis of everything I like in a casino. It’s old, dirty and I love it. Many of the craps players at El Cortez are crotchety old men. It feels as though they all play the Don’t Pass line. El Cortez doesn’t sound awesome does it?

El Cortez isn’t for everyone but is the first casino that I visited in Downtown Vegas and I have a huge soft spot for gambling here. The 10x odds in craps and great blackjack game (See Vegas Chatter article for details) keep me coming back. El Cortez was one of the first Downtown Vegas casinos to renovate but that was over 20 years ago now. This is vintage Vegas at its best.

The D

Fremont Street Concert Outside of The D Las Vegas
Fremont Street Concert Outside of The D

The party vibe, dancing-girls and loud dance music on the first floor of The D casino makes me want to craps. If I’m gambling on the first floor of The D then you’ll probably find me rolling dice. The 10x odds are nice but not necessary for a good time. FWIW, if I’m upstairs you can find me at the end of the View Bar near the sportsbook playing 8/5 Bonus (with multiple progressives) Video Poker while keeping an eye on a game.

Gambling Forums

Here’s a short lists of some gambling forums and websites to use as reference.

All Vegas Poker
Gambling Teachers
Jeff Lotspiech’s Video Poker Page
Poker News Daily
Two Plus Two Poker
VP Free 2
VP Free 2 – Mobile
Wizard of Odds
Video Poker Forum
vpFree (Yahoo Group)

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My Top 5 From AC2LV In 2013

Last week I looked at the 5 most viewed blogs on AC2LV this year. These may not be the most read (okay, one is) but they are my favorites in no particular order.

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Your Top 5 From AC2LV

It’s the end of the year so let’s look back at the most viewed posts of the year on AC2LV.

  1. Blackjack Myths – This is a timeless blog. I hear these at the table all the time.
  2. Best Video Poker On The Las Vegas Strip – I usually do a video poker check on vpFREE before a long stay at a casino. This was before last December’s vacation.
  3. Interview With A Casino Host – This is 4 years old. I’m amazed how many people want to know about life as a casino host.
  4. Revel To Be Sold In Next 6 Months – The New York Post was a little off with timing but it looks as if Revel will be sold soon.
  5. Best Downtown Las Vegas Video Poker – People love Downtown Vegas!

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Looks Like O’Sheas Blackjack Will Be Unplayable

O'Sheas Casino Las Vegas 6:5 Blackjack Installation
O’Sheas 6:5 Blackjack Installation

Judging from the photo above O’Sheas will pay 6:5 on blackjack.

I was never fond of O’Sheas. It was a dump by the time I found Vegas. When I visited Las Vegas I was usually looking to experience the finer things in life. I spent more money on just about everything. For a few days I wanted to experience a life better than I had at home. I wasn’t looking for a cheap place to gamble. O’Sheas was closed to make way for The Linq.

The Linq is for mainstream American’s who just want to do things they can do anywhere. Oh, shopping and mall restaurants. I can’t wait to travel 500 miles for some of that! Eeesh. People are lame. Just like the original O’Sheas – The Linq isn’t for me. I’ll check out The Linq but probably won’t frequent it.

Years ago an MGM Resorts rep said that most people on vacation don’t care about 6:5 blackjack. Most blackjack players were up in arms. How dare they taint the game anyone could afford to play and possibly find an advantage? Looking back, he was right. Just about every casino (not all) on the Vegas Strip pays 6:5 for blackjack under $25. Tourists may care but they’d rather play $15 per hand at 6:5 than $25 per hand to get paid 3:2 for blackjack.

If O’Sheas does pay 6:5 for blackjack (the photo only shows the “5”) it shouldn’t come as a surprise. This is how the Vegas Strip operates. This is just another reason to avoid the Caesars section of the Vegas Strip Mall.

H/T: @DenverGambler for noticing this.

Photo: @KMCannonPhoto