Westgate SuperBook Should Have Mobile Wagering Soon

LVH SuperBook - Las Vegas Hotel
LVH SuperBook

On the latest episode of the “Behind The Betspodcast (download at itunes) Jeff Sherman from the Westgate SuperBook mentioned that the sportsbook is working on mobile wagering and hopes to have it ready by end of the year.

I listen to podcasts on 2x speed so I had to rewind the podcast to make sure that I heard it correctly. I tweeted looking for confirmation and I received it from Jeff (@golfodds) shortly thereafter.

@MeltzVegas @LVSuperBook correct

It’s only a matter of time before every sportsbook operator in Nevada offers wagering via mobile device. Last year I hinted that MGM would offer mobile wagering soon and that was confirmed earlier this year in an article I wrote for Vegas Chatter.

Westgate having mobile wagering will certainly help their bottom line and will offer the best odds to more bettors (like me) but it won’t be a game changer. They’re still only a single casino and as @John_Mehaffey states it will take a lot more coverage to reach as many people as the larger sportsbook operators.

That being said this is still an exciting moment for sports bettors. I rarely visit the Westgate so this gives me a chance to wager with their lines without driving out to the other side of the Vegas Strip. This gives everyone an opportunity to wager with the best odds without visiting the Westgate.

The Westgate is undergoing a lot of renovations (see 5 at Vegas.buzz) and the sportsbook renovation should be finished by football season. I actually look forward to my next visit to the Westgate – that’s something I’ve never said before (even when it was LVH or the Hilton).

Behind The Bets Podcast

I’ve been enjoying Chad Millman’s ESPN Insider column, “Behind The Bets”, for just about a year now.  This column and the magazine offer make the ESPN Insider fee worth it for me.

About a month ago Millman started the “Behind The Bets” podcast.  This is free and a great look into the world of sports betting.  For example, the podcast I’m listening to now has Pete Korner speaking about how he puts together lines for NFL games.

I haven’t found discussion like this available before so I’m enjoying the podcast.  Much like other podcasts and sports betting resources I don’t look to get picks from them, but I do like to get ideas and information that I’m not going to find from regular news outlets.

As we head into football season I imagine this is going to be an excellent resource and it’s only about 30 minutes a week.

Check the podcast section if you’re in need of some ways to get information or just pass the time.

Click here to download the “Behind The Bets” podcast from iTunes.