Local Eats: 595 Craft and Kitchen

595 Craft and Kitchen
595 Craft and Kitchen

595 Craft and Kitchen opened in Spring Valley in the summer of 2017. I specifically remember that I was watching one of the Star Wars movies when I was asked to join a friend to check it out. You can usually count me in to explore a bar/restaurant with burgers and craft beer.

The first visit was very good. The wings were tasty but a bit pricey for the burbs ($9 for a small order). The Pork Belly Burger ($13) with hoisin sambal glaze, cabbage slaw, seared pork belly, and Gochujang Aioli was fantastic.


595 Craft and Kitchen Pork Belly Burger
595 Craft and Kitchen Pork Belly Burger

The burger was delicious. The pork belly was delicious. Together there was a bit too much flavor. It was kind of overwhelming my mouth. I added a beer from Deftones singer, Chino Moreno, and left overstuffed with a wallet a bit lighter than expected.

The downside to the visit was that service was below average. The waiter was a bit slow and didn’t seem to know the beer or food menus very well. I guess I just expected more from a local bar/restaurant. I’m happy to say that the service was much better on a return visit.

595 Craft And Kitchen Pork Belly Bahn Mi
595 Craft And Kitchen Pork Belly Bahn Mi

I visited 595 Craft and Kitchen again for lunch just before heading east for Zorkfest. This time I opted for the Pork Belly Banh Mi. I figured the pork belly without the burger would be delicious and filling enough for lunch. I was right.

The sandwich is served on a baguette and is topped with hoisin sambal glaze, cucumber, pickled daikon, carrot, cilantro, and mayo. I opted out of Jalapeños assuming (correctly) that there would be enough flavor.

I love bahn mi but I don’t come across them often at a bar. While the burger is very good, the bahn mi in combination with a local Able Baker beer was unique and perfect for the day.

The waiter on this visit was extremely helpful and offered a beer that’s hoppy but not too hoppy. I understand that this request can make bartenders and waiters crazy. It’s nice when the server doesn’t look at me like I have three heads when I say this. 🙂

I later learned that the bar orders small batches of beer and rotates their taps often so there is almost something new every month or so. I dig that!

595 Craft And Kitchen Beer Cheese
595 Craft And Kitchen Beer Cheese

The beer cheese is good. Seriously, bacon makes everything better. The star of this dish is the pretzel bites that didn’t even need the cheesy love.

In addition to the great service from the waiter, we talked with one of the owners Van-Alan Nguyen for a while. He’s a nice and smart guy from California with burger experience from In N Out Burger.

He’s an accelerated beer nerd and knows about as much as any beer guy I’ve met. He can also go into head-spinning details about how the food is sourced and prepared. It was nice to have a few minutes to learn about what goes into choosing the food and drinks available in a restaurant.

Good food and good beer are usually a recipe for success in my book. I can see myself returning a few times this year even though it’s a little out of the range from my hood.

595 Craft and Kitchen is located at 4950 South Rainbow Blvd.

Visit 595craftandkitchen.com for more information.

Local Eats: Happy Hour At Hawthorn Grill

Happy Hour At Hawthorn Grill
Happy Hour At Hawthorn Grill

Hawthorn Grill is located inside the J.W. Marriott in Summerlin. The hotel is attached to Rampart Casino through a hallway but technically the buildings are separate. This is a relatively new high-end steakhouse that opened earlier this year.

The restaurant prices are appropriate for fine dining in the area. It’s expensive but not out of line. However, the food and drinks on the bar menu (select bar & lounge) are 50% off for Happy Hour.

The burger was a perfectly cooked medium. It was juicy and flavorful. The fries were surprisingly good although I wouldn’t add the mojito sauce next time. Overall, this meal is probably worth $15.

Forget that, the burger and fries were only $7.50. That wasn’t even the best part of Happy Hour at Hawthorn Grill.

I seriously might use Uber or Lyft the next time I visit Hawthorn Grill. Many of their signature cocktails and beer are 50% off. Paying $3-$4 for a Fat Tire or Stone Pale Ale is good but 50% off a $13 Chimay is a great deal. I love beer from Belgium and this Trappist Ale was perfect on a hot day.

$10 for a Happy Hour dinner of a beer, burger, and fries is an excellent deal. Being able to upgrade the experience with a Chimay for a few more bucks is great. I’ll definitely be back and odds are good that I’ll be drinking a few beers this time.


7th Annual Beerfest Weekend At Golden Nugget Sept. 17-18

Stella Artois Video Poker Bar At Red Rock Las Vegas

The Golden Nugget has a history of hosting some of the most affordable beer, whiskey and wine festivals. This year is no different as they host the 7th annual beerfest weekend on September 17 and 18.

Tickets are relatively affordable at $54 or $59 (depending on when you buy). The best part of the fest is that there will be 125 types of beer. You can find more information here and in the press release below.

LAS VEGAS (August 25, 2016) – For the seventh year in a row, beer lovers are invited to the Golden Nugget Las Vegas’ annual Beerfest weekend event Sept. 17-18. Guests will be able to gather for the premier beer festival of the season in Downtown Las Vegas, and sample award-winning breweries paired with beer-inspired bites and live entertainment throughout the weekend. A portion of the proceeds will benefit The Animal Foundation.

This two-day beer weekend will feature the following events:

All American Craft Beer Tasting

Grand Event Center | Saturday, Sept. 17, 7pm

Enjoy a selection of tasty brews and soak up the sudsy venue at this special Grand Tasting affair. Guests are invited to tap into the season with a beer sampling extravaganza featuring over 125 selections of craft beers and breweries, paired with live music and culinary bites. $5 from every full priced ticket will be donated to The Animal Foundation. This event is priced at $54 pre-sale and $59 at the door per person.

Oktoberfest Pool Party

The Tank | Sunday, Sept. 18, 1 p.m.

Enjoy an Oktoberfest-style pool party at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas’ award-winning pool and shark aquarium, The Tank. Beer enthusiasts are invited to enjoy 125 different international and domestic beers while listening to DJ Paradice. Entry is complimentary and the event is open to the public. Beer will be available for purchase.

 Participating breweries for the weekend-long event include:

  • 21st Amendment Brewery
  • AleSmith
  • Alpine Beer Company
  • Anchor Brewing
  • Bad Beat
  • Ballast Point
  • Belching Beaver
  • Big Dogs
  • Big Sky
  • Boston Brewing
  • Brooklyn
  • College Street
  • Dogfish Head
  • Epic
  • Firestone Walker
  • Great Basin
  • Green Flash
  • Lagunitas
  • Left Hand Brewing
  • Magic Hat / Pyramid
  • Moody Tongue
  • Mother Earth
  • New Belgium
  • Ommegang
  • Oskar Blues
  • Pizza Port
  • Rogue Farms
  • Sierra Nevada
  • Speakeasy
  • Stone Brewing Co.
  • Tenaya Creek
  • Victory 

Tickets can be purchased by calling (866) 946-5336. For more information, visit www.goldennugget.com.

Sam Adams Menu Gives Reason To Visit Tilted Kilt At The Linq

View of Tilted Kilt from my cocktail table
View of Tilted Kilt from my cocktail table

I was skeptical about returning to Tilted Kilt at The Linq. However, the Sam Adams menu gave reason to visit again. First, let me give a little back story on my experience with Tilted Kilt. This will help you understand why I questioned ever returning.

I went to the media preview shortly after Tilted Kilt first opened at The Linq. My expectations for chain restaurants are rarely high. However, on that first visit to Tilted Kilt the food, drink and service were worse than the mediocre expectations.

I decided not to review the experience since it was only a media preview. Full service might be better but I wasn’t willing to find out.

I can hold a grudge for a long time. That was the case here but two years is long enough for a grudge. I didn’t even think of visiting Tilted Kilt again until last month when I was invited to try the new Sam Adams menu…

Sam Adams Menu at Tilted Kilt
Sam Adams Menu at Tilted Kilt

…Besides, I was staying at The Linq hotel (see review and pics at Top 10 Vegas) so it was convenient to give Tilted Kilt another chance.

The service on this visit to Tilted Kilt was much better than the first visit. The service and staff were what you would normally expect at a bar/restaurant/breastaurant. We talked to a few different people working during the visit and everyone was nicer and seemed more experienced than the first visit.

Tilted Kilt Bar
Tilted Kilt Bar

The setup at Tilted Kilt makes it a good option for watching football on the Vegas Strip. There are plenty of seats and TV’s to watch the action. I only snapped pictures of two viewing areas. There’s also a pull-down screen for a feature game that was behind the table where we ate.

The Linq has a lot of foot traffic but many of those people are just walking around The Linq and not actually going into bars, restaurants and stores. That could make finding seats to eat and drink on football weekend somewhat easy to come by. It’s located next to The Linq sports book (photo on Vegas Photo Blog) in case you need to wager on some games.

Wicked Boston Chicken Sandwich at Tilted Kilt
Wicked Boston Chicken Sandwich at Tilted Kilt

The Sam Adams menu offered a few different beer and sandwich pairing options to choose from. I planned on getting the Big Arse Burger but chose the massive chicken sandwich at the recommendation of the waitress.

The Wicked Boston Chicken Sandwich has a massive fried (or grilled) chicken breast, maple pepper bacon, cheese and Sam Adams Lager caramelized onions, which I got on the side to taste separate.

I may have chosen the chicken sandwich because Sam Adams Summer Ale was the recommended pairing. I love summer brews. The beer was a perfect complement to the chicken sandwich on a hot summer day in Vegas.

I think my friend and I only made it through about 3/4 of the sandwich before tapping out. Lunch was very good, but we had a full day of Vegas ahead and didn’t want to be sluggish from eating too much. Las Vegas is best in the summer when you don’t eat too much.

Lunch on the Vegas Strip will often run about $20 for food and a beer. The Sam Adams sandwiches and beer pairing is no different. I really enjoyed the chicken sandwich and thought that the price was right. This kind of meal is a great way to start the day. Looking back, I’m glad that I returned to Tilted Kilt.

I’m always looking for a new place to grab a casual bite on the Vegas Strip. It’s even better when that lunch spot has TV’s where I can watch the games. I’ll keep Tilted Kilt on my mind the next time (because there’s always a next time) I’m in the middle of the Vegas Strip on a Sunday looking for a place to watch football.

I’m 90% sure I’ll be ordering the exact same meal from the Sam Adams menu.

A Glorious Lunch At Pub 365 Inside Tuscany Suites

I just visited Pub 365 inside the Tuscany Suites. I’ll dive into specifics with some articles in the coming weeks but it surpassed my expectations. It was so good that I’ll be returning next week. Here’s the excellent beer menu. I discovered a secret beer menu that I’ll discuss another time. You can find pics of that menu in the slideshow below.


The Beer Menu At Pub 365 At Tuscany Looks Great

I was curious about Pub 365 at the Tuscany before it opened. However, the beer menu was slow to appear online. It’s difficult to take a beer bar seriously without seeing the beer.

Now that I’ve seen the beer menu, I’m more than excited than I expected for a bar a little away from my usual hangs. Looking back at my vacation, I’m kinda cranky Pub 365 wasn’t open.

Pub 365 will offer 365 beers and pub fare. Unlike some recent beer bars that have recently opened in Vegas this bar has a pretty extensive menu. The menu includes local brews, imports, macro craft (I hate that this is a thing) and microbrews. The best thing about the menu is that it will rotate selections every so often.

I missed the grand opening last night but I legitimately can’t wait to visit Tuscany. I never thought I’d say those words. Expect a review sooner than later.

If you’ve never been to the Tuscany it’s about a 10-minute walk from Bally’s east on Flamingo.

You can find the current beer menu here. Since it will change you can find more info at the Pub 365 page on the Tuscany website.

Pub 365
Pub 365 Beer Menu

Goose Island Pub Opens This June At Hard Rock


File under: Almost exciting news

There was a day when a beer snob could get excited about seeing Goose Island beer outside of Chicago. A cou years ago the news that Goose Island Pub was opening at the Hard Rock would have been seen as cutting edge. Not so much anymore.

Since Anheuser-Busch owns 42% of Goose Island and distributes the beer they’re no longer considered a craft beer and not seen as being special. Regardless of the taste, the beer is easy to find and that’s not very exciting. Goose Island still tastes the same (to me) but it’s lost some luster because it’s available just about everywhere in Las Vegas.

Having said all of this, I would still gladly visit Goose Island Pub if I happen to be at the Hard Rock. Here are details about Goose Island Pub from the press release.

LAS VEGAS – Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas is set to open Nevada’s first Goose Island Pub this June. Goose Island Beer Company is an innovator and leader in the craft of brewing, and the resort will offer eight of its signature beers on tap, bottles of Bourbon County and a wide selection of wines, liquor and pub-style food.

Each Goose Island beer strives to define style and captivate the hearts, imaginations and palates of beer drinkers. Hard Rock Hotel’s eight Goose Island beers on tap include:

· Goose 312 Wheat Ale – an urban wheat ale with a hazy straw color, light orange hop aroma, fruity ale flavor and creamy body.
· Goose Four Star Pils – a pilsner with a saffron color, bright floral aroma, crisp flavor and light body
· Goose Green Line Pale Ale – an American pale ale with a goldenrod color, bright American hop aroma, citrus flavor and light crisp body.
· Goose Honker’s Ale – an English-style bitter with a golden sunset color, fruity hop aroma, biscuit malt flavor and soft body.
· Goose IPA – an English India pale ale with a bourbon color, grapefruit aroma, fruity hop flavor and dry body.
· Matilda – inspired by great Trappist ales, this Belgian-style pale ale is fermented with the wild yeast Brettanomyces. Matilda pours a golden sunrise color with dried fruit and clove aromas, a spicy yeast flavor and a satisfying dry finish.
· Sofie – a Belgian-style farmhouse ale with spicy white pepper, citrus tartness, a creamy vanilla finish and light body.
· Summertime Kölsch – a Kölsch with a sunshine color, floral esters, fruity flavors and crisp finish – the perfect summer session ale.

“We’ve been pouring Goose Island beers at our venues for quite some time now,” said Jon Newton, vice president of food and beverage at Hard Rock Hotel. “We are honored to welcome the pub to the Hard Rock Hotel family and are excited to serve the best beers in town.”

In addition to beverages, guests can also indulge in pub-style food at the venue. Items include:

· Cast Iron Chicago Pizza Dip – marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, basil and giardiniera; served with garlic crust on the side.
· South Side Deli – generous amount of corned beef, cole slaw, tomato and mustard made with Goose Honker’s Ale; served on rye bread with house potato chips on the side.
· Shrimp Po Boy – fried shrimp, iceberg lettuce, tomato and creole mayo made with Goose 312 Wheat Ale; served on a hoagie roll with house potato chips on the side.

The Still Brings You Beer In Time For March Madness At The Mirage

Late last year the Revolution Lounge at The Mirage closed. The Still Crafts, Drafts & Eats will take over the space and open in time for the first weekend of March Madness. Here’s a first look at The Still’s beer menu.

Beer Menu at The Still at The Mirage

The Still will open at 8 am for the first round of the NCAA Tournament and as needed for other rounds of the tournament. The bar and restaurant features 27 TVs in an 8,000 square foot space. For reference, that’s about the same size as the sports book at the Cosmopolitan.

The center bar features over 50 craft beers. The centerpiece of The Still is Bud Bud’s, a refurbished Airstream trailer that was found abandoned in the back hills of Tennessee by the Still crew. You can find more information about The Still on their website, thestillvegas.com.

The Park Beer Garden Has A Name And Some Beer

Beerhaus, The Park Beer Garden

The Park Beer Garden is the last restaurant or bar to receive a name at the new complex opening later this year (You can see more info on The Park at Front Desk Tip).

The “Beer Garden” will be called Beerhaus and serve artisanal food and craft beer. Let’s be real, all that matters about this place is the beer.

At first look, Beerhaus’ initial beer listing is diverse but not entirely unique. While there are good options you can find many of these beers elsewhere in Las Vegas (See Top 10 places to drink beer on VegasTop10).

  • Draft: The selection includes lagers such as The Bruery Humulus Lager from Placentia, CA, and Joseph James’ American Light Lager. IPAs including Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin from San Diego and the rich Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout from Longmont, CO will make the draft menu an instant favorite on The Strip.
  • Bottles & Cans: Off draft, choices range from the gluten-free Green’s Dry Hopped imported from the UK and the Ayinger Celebrator from Germany, to ales such as Hitachino Nest White Ale from Japan and Belgium’s Saison DuPont.

There’s nothing wrong with this selection and the location should make Beerhaus another good option for beer drinkers on the Vegas Strip.

You can read the press release below for more information:

This spring, Las Vegas visitors and locals will be introduced to Beerhaus, a remix of the American beer hall, tapping an eclectic beer program for hop heads and casual drinkers alike. Located in The Park – MGM Resorts’ new dining and entertainment district opening April 4 – the beer garden will celebrate an indie vibe and boast pours from Vegas-local breweries such as Joseph James alongside beloved domestic crafts and international all stars.

Beerhaus will be ideally situated near the 20,000 seat world-class T-Mobile Arena, playing the role of both pre- and post-event headquarters. Its location, steps from New York-New York and Monte Carlo, sets the stage for a killer outdoor patio scene at the center of all the action. Exposed brick and a roller-coaster-shed façade put revelers in the proper mindset as they transition inside to the industrial-chic setting.

No beer hall is complete without a menu of mouthwatering bites to soak up the suds. Libations will be complemented by artisanal eats that are hormone-free and regionally sourced with the bonus of hand-held ease for maximum efficiency. Bar food will include savory roasted sausages and rotisserie sandwiches with premium meats such as porchetta, beef brisket and free-range chicken. Overhead, a soundtrack reminiscent of indie records and throwback hip-hop will serve as the ideal playlist for complete beer nirvana.

Beauty in the Eye of the Beer-Holder

Whether a seasoned enthusiast or just beer-curious, there will be a rotating selection of refreshing offerings to delight the palate. Renowned Trappist ales brewed by monks stand alongside the familiar Pabst Blue Ribbon, giving all taste buds an equal opportunity at satisfaction at this new sudsy spot.

· Draft: The selection includes lagers such as The Bruery Humulus Lager from Placentia, CA, and Joseph James’ American Light Lager. IPAs including Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin from San Diego and the rich Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout from Longmont, CO will make the draft menu an instant favorite on The Strip.

· Bottles & Cans: Off draft, choices range from the gluten-free Green’s Dry Hopped imported from the UK and the Ayinger Celebrator from Germany, to ales such as Hitachino Nest White Ale from Japan and Belgium’s Saison DuPont.

· Other Taps: For the vinos, Beerhaus offers tap-drawn alternatives to good ol’ grog, including a selection of unique keg wines. The spirit savvy also can get in on the draft goodness through a revolving list of refreshing selections such as small-batched Moscow Mules and Cosmopolitans on tap.

It’s All Fun and Games

Beerhaus will be in the business of brewing good times. Guests are invited to grab a cold one and make new friends over bar games such as Connect Four, which are stationed at every table. Visitors also can engage in friendly competition with beer hall classics such as foosball, shuffle board and ping pong. There’s also corn hole on the outdoor patio to showcase beer-enhanced skills day and night.

Beer Park With Sweet Views Coming To Paris Las Vegas

Beer Park Las Vegas
Beer Park Las Vegas

A Beer Park with a view of the Vegas Strip! What a great idea! 

Now for the potentially bad news for beer snobs. The name of this beer park is officially “Beer Park by Budweiser.”

They promise 100 different beers, which sounds great until you realize that these will be all be Budweiser beers which you can get anywhere. You can see the list on wikipedia. While not all of the beers are garbage they’re nothing special.

The naming idea sounds like someone at Caesars Entertainment said “we need some quick cash” and this was the easiest venue with available for naming rights that they could sell.

Regardless, I love the idea and the location and will probably check it out at least once. Here are full details from the press release.

Starting in early January, visitors to Las Vegas can enjoy a bird’s eye view and an ice cold brew at the new Beer Park by Budweiser at Paris Las Vegas, the city’s first rooftop bar and grill. 

Located on a 10,000-square-foot deck overlooking the world famous Las Vegas Strip, Beer Park will feature an outdoor grill, picnic tables, and more than 100 draft, can and bottle beer selections, including 36 beers on tap. The bar menu will also include craft beer cocktails, signature cocktails and wines on tap, as well as other wines and specialty drinks, including an array of Bloody Marys. The atmosphere will be ideal for watching football games and other sporting events, with towers on each side of the bar housing dozens of high-definition televisions, which offer premium views of the game from any seat.

“Beer Park is inspired by some of the great American pastimes that bring people together; things like going to the ball park for a baseball game, a tailgate party or a picnic at a neighborhood park,” says Matthew Silverman, corporate executive chef of Beer Park. “It’s a treat for the senses, being outdoors and smelling food cooking on the grill, drinking a cold beer, and watching the game while enjoying the view of the Strip from all around you.”

“Anheuser-Busch and Budweiser are excited to launch Beer Park as a first-of-its-kind destination on the Vegas Strip,” said Josh Halpern, Vice President, On-Premise Sales at Anheuser-Busch. “Details like the Budweiser Beechwood Grill and the beer-food pairings make this place a dream for beer drinkers and food lovers alike, and we’ve made sure that the personalities of our brands will enhance the consumer experience in different ways.”

All-American cuisine will be served from the menu as well as from roaming carts serving concession-style offerings. Grill selections are the specialty, with meats and other foods prepared on a custom-made Budweiser Beechwood Grill, which imparts the flavor of the beer into anything from burgers, brisket, ribs or sausages.

All food selections will lead back to Beer Park’s namesake offering, with a recommended pairing for every item, as well as items that will be prepared using different types of beer such as bratwurst bathed in Goose Island IPA and pickles prepared using Stella Artois Cidre. Beer Park will take stadium sweets over the top with items like gourmet funnel cakes and a signature ice cream cart.

Chicago-based design firm, Gensler, has created an atmosphere that combines the feel of a classic baseball stadium and the communal charm of a city park with the spirit of Budweiser; a nostalgic combination that evokes Americana charm. The arrival begins on the lower level, where takeaway offerings such as souvenir cups filled with takeaway daiquiris and beer will be available for purchase. A spiral staircase leads to the upper level, revealing an open-air “park,” designed to bring people together through various seating experiences, including communal picnic tables that encourage socializing and a grassy lawn to play classic bar games like pool, bean bag toss and darts.

High top tables line the rail overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, and a private VIP area is ideal for corporate outings, bachelor parties and other large parties. A rectangular bar is the centerpiece of the room, seating 80 guests. The dining room seats approximately 200 guests, and in total, the space accommodates up to 500 guests.

Modern touches infiltrate the classic design of wood with metal accents, with high-tech features such as taps that pour beers at 31 degrees, the optimal temperature for Budweiser, as well as cold “plates” at each seat of the bar to keep beers cool. Customizable audio is available in various parts of the venue, including the VIP room. A DJ booth is located near the gaming and VIP area, where a DJ will spin weekends and other nights, as well as for special events. A retractable awning offers shade in the daytime, and a view of the stars at night. Misters and heaters ensure a climate-controlled atmosphere any time of year.