Where Will The World Series Of Poker Go?

While I was writing up rumor of Penn National’s purchase of the Rio in Las Vegas, I saw a tweet wondering where the World Series of Poker (WSOP) will move.

Harrah’s owns the hosting rights to the location of the WSOP.  If this deal is put into motion quickly location will likely be moved from the Rio, unless that is part of the deal Penn National makes with Harrah’s.

Let’s assume that this deal happens quickly and rights remain with Harrah’s and the WSOP moves.  Where does the WSOP go?

Most people, and my initial thought, is that the WSOP is a natural to move to Caesars Palace.  Caesars Palace is the flagship casino for Harrah’s in Las Vegas.

However, there may be a thought to use the WSOP to raise the visibility of another property.  Here are some possibilities.

Planet Hollywood isn’t much of a poker oriented casino, but it’s a coo, hip spot and the bright and shiny star of the Harrah’s empire.  It’s also been set up to host special events such as movie premiers and TV events.  Going to Planet Hollywood would also allow for Caesars Palace to keep their Heads Up Poker/NBC alignment.

Paris (and Bally’s) is another option.  Paris is just down the list of Harrah’s property priority scale.  Barry Manilow and Pussy Cat Dolls are possibly going to add a little life to the property.  Adding the WSOP would add even more shine on Paris.  Because it’s connected with Bally’s you have a very large selection of rooms attached to one area.

I think Caesars Palace is top of the list to get the WSOP from Harrah’s, but I could see it going somewhere else as leverage to bring people to other properties.  I’m a little past my poker prime, but I’m a marketing guy and curious to see what happens here.

Ballys Sports Book to Open Soon

Bally’s sports book is set to open on August after being closed earlier this year.  The opening coincides with football season.

The Bally’s Race and Sports Book will reopen with an all-new roster of offerings just in time for football season. Beginning Aug. 26, the full-service sports book will celebrate the re-opening with an exclusive VIP viewing area, celebrity appearances by well-known sports figures, “text-to-win” promotions and drink specials galore.

The recently added VIP Lounge offers sports enthusiasts the ultimate opportunity to enjoy their favorite game in High Definition. Complete with comfy couches and sports memorabilia, the VIP area can accommodate up to 100 guests for an exclusive game day experience

The sports book opens on schedule after being closed for the slow sports betting period of the summer.  Now that football is back there will be demand for greater sports book capacity.

It’s nice to see that Bally’s was able to re-open the sports book.  It shows that there is a little stability in the economy.  I would be concerned if the sports book didn’t open again.  Alas, we can breath easier.  This is another sign that football season is getting closer!

Bally’s Las Vegas Closes Sportbook

This week Bally’s in Las Vegas closed their sportsbook for the Summer.

Deanna Pettit, a spokeswoman for Bally’s, confirmed the 285-seat sports book’s closure, but she said the move is temporary. The sports book is scheduled to reopen in September.

Pettit wouldn’t elaborate on reasons for the closing, but she said remodeling was not a factor. The sports book will occupy the same spot when it reopens in the fall. For now, the sports book at Paris Las Vegas will do double duty and serve customers of Bally’s. Harrah’s Entertainment owns both resorts.

I’ve never been to Bally’s, but evidently the Paris sportsbook and Bally’s sportsbook aren’t too far away.  Apparently, less than 10 jobs will be lost.  I think more money would be save on electricity than the payroll.

Bally’s in Atlantic City has made similar small closures to parts of the casino.  This is the first move like this that I’ve seen in Las Vegas.  It probably won’t be the last.  I guess every penny saved nowadays is a penny earned.