The History Of PeepShow Leading Ladies

Coco Austin - Peepshow At Planet Hollywood Las Vegas
Coco Austin – Peepshow

Coco begins her stint in the lead role of Bo Peep at Peepshow on Monday at Planet Hollywood. Rather than looking at her role I figured that it would be more interesting to look back at the history of the leading ladies of Peepshow. It will also give the new big images on the site a workout. We’ll look at the most recent stars of the show and go back to the beginning of the show.

Angel Porrino – Angel was Holly Madison’s assistant who rose to “stardom” and followed in Holly’s footsteps to star in “Absinthe” and just filled in for Holly and before Coco.

angel porrino bo peep

Holly Madison – Holly became famous for appearing in Playboy and then as being Hugh Hefner‘s girlfriend and then on The Girls Next Door. She may not have been the most famous Bo Peep but she left as the most famous.

holly madison

Aubrey O’Day – Aubrey was part of pop/R&B group Danity Kane that blossomed from Puff Daddy‘s (I think that was his name then) Making The Band on MTV. I watched that show and own the first Danity Kane album because I had a little crush on Aubrey. Aubrey was relatively important in the history of the show as she was younger and appealed to a younger audience than the women before her.

Aubrey O'Day Peepshow

Mel B. – Mel B. is easily the most famous PeepShow lead. Mel B. was part of the Spice Girls and then was on various TV shows. She is one of the older leads, but very fit. I still get incoming searches looking for “Mel B. Nude”. That must mean something.

Mel B Peepshow

Kelly Monaco – Kelly Monaco was the first woman in the lead role of PeepShow. To be frank I’m not sure why she was chosen but she was on TV and didn’t seem afraid to show some flesh as she also appeared in Playboy and also appeared as Carmen Electra‘s body double.

Kelly Monaco

Coco – Now we go back to the future of PeepShow. This picture is more of how you’ll see Coco. Coco is known mostly for having a big butt and being in Playboy. She’s been married to Ice-T since 2001 and they have a show on E! called Ice Loves Coco.  She’ll be an interesting change for PeepShow and appeals to housewives as much as younger guys and girls.

Coco Austin

Photo: Angel Porrino: Whats-On
Photo: Holly Madison: News Gab
Photo: Aubrey O’Day: Hollywood Rag
Photo: Mel B: Super Photo Space
Photo: Kelly Monaco: Super Photo Space
Photo: Coco: Tumblr

Yippee! Another Year For Holly Madison

Holly Madison is said to have signed a multi-million dollar contract extension with Peepshow at Planet Hollywood. Yippee. Daily Fiasco put it best.

We suppose that means an Aubrey O’Day return engagement is out of the question now. We were really looking forward to that show being a rotating cast of divas with questionable judgment, then they go and settle on one star and lock her up for another year. So disappointing, Peepshow.

While I agree with Dialy Fiasco. Yippee. Another year for Holly Madison being famous.

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Peepshow Stage
Peepshow Stage

Things Are Normal With PeepShow

A little more digging shows that Peepshow is just going into a “dark” phase for the winter, which is normal.  America’s Got Talent will also be going dark for the winter.

Sorry for any alarms that may have been set off earlier this week.  Not getting all of the info will do that.  Back to normal.

Props to @PHVegas – “Peepshow will be back in March”

Holly and Aubrey

PeepShow Closing!

I’ve just been given a heads up from Best of Vegas that Peepshow will be closing for the next two months.  I don’t have news on if the show is cancelled forever or if anything will be replacing the show at Planet Hollywood.

What will Holly Madison and Aubrey O’Day do?  Who’s pictures will I have to post here?  I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

Aubrey O'Day

Aubrey O’Day Likes To Party All The Time

Aubrey O’Day likes to party all the time and I have proof for you.  In between appearances in “Peep Show” at Planet Hollywood O’Day decided to cover Eddie Murphy’s “Party All The Time.”

The song is catching on fast, and there are reports that Aubrey is in talks with Lil Wayne’s label Young Money.

“I’m such a fan of 80’s music, and this song has always been in my head,” Aubrey exclusively told us, “and with my reputation in the media, I figured everyone would get it when I say that I just wanna party all the time!”

I thought this was a joke, but it’s true.  I also thought the original was a joke, but it was serious.  I love Eddie Murphy and I think I now love Aubrey O’Day.  Thank you.  It will be interesting to see if O’Day can turn this into a new record deal.

Here’s the Eddie Murphy original.  Which is better?  I vote for the girl, even if I can’t see here. 🙂

Aubrey O’Day Next In Line For PeepShow?

Aubrey O’Day was introduced to the world as a member of all girl pop group Danity Kane.  She’s more recently known for appearing nude in Playboy.  Now it seems as though she may be next in line to join Peep Show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Holly Madison recently hit headlines by scoring a seductive topless role in the hit Las Vegas “Peep Show” and it sounds as though one-time “Playboy” pin-up Aubrey O’Day wants to be follow in her footsteps.

According to an inside source, the axed “Danity Kane” diva is being primed to take over the role of “Peep Diva” (previously played by Mel B.) and if it all goes through she will most likely start performing in the Fall.

I’m clearly fascinated by the rotation of cast members for “Peep Show.”  I don’t cover much about shows in Las Vegas, but the rotating cast of women on this show has me captivated.  Enjoy a nice and clean photo of Aubrey.  This was more difficult to find than one would think.