Bellagio Conservatory Christmas Display

The Bellagio Conservatory Christmas display is probably their best display of the year. The Bellagio Conservatory always looks nice but they take things up a notch for Christmas.

I visited last weekend and it was so crowded that it almost impossible to move. You can see my mediocre pictures on Instagram and Twitter. Here are some pretty pictures direct from a professional photographer.

The Whole Shebang

Bellagio Conservatory Christmas Display

Polar Bears, Sponsored by soda

Bellagio Conservatory Christmas Display

Life Sized Bellagio Snow Globe

Bellagio Conservatory Christmas Display

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Bellagio Conservatory Christmas Display

The Tiesto Fountain Show At Bellagio Looks Good

Tiesto Fountain Show At Bellagio Las Vegas
Tiesto Fountain Show At Bellagio

I’m not a Tiesto fan nor do I dislike him. He’s one of the most famous DJ’s in the world and whatever. I just prefer a different kind of house music.

Regardless of how I feel about the music the team that puts together the shows for the Fountain at Bellagio did a really good job choreographing the water to the music.

The Tiesto Fountain Show At Bellagio looks good and doesn’t seem out-of-place visually. Sonically is another story. Check it out. The second song starts around 1:50 and that’s really where the cool is.

Photo: Vimeo

Go Pro Video Of The SlotZilla Zipline On Fremont Street

SlotZilla looks awesome!

The zipline that shoots out of a two-story slot machine in Downtown Vegas may look hokey and clog traffic on Fremont Street but the design takes me back to a time when I found Vegas. It will always hold a special place in my heart because of that. That said I’ll never ride it. Ever.

Heights and I don’t get along. In fact, I’m such a wuss about heights that I couldn’t make it through this entire point of view video of the zipline ride. If you’re not height adverse and looking for a random fun thing to do in Vegas, check this out! What I saw looks cool.