Baseball Futures: American League

Spring Training is here and it’s time for baseball!  This is one of my favorite times of the year.  Since I’m so stoked I think it’s time to look forward to the season with MLB futures odds.  We’ll look at the futures from by winning divisions and then to win the world series.  As always, check for exact odds as they change all the time.

I don’t like to make many futures bets, in part, because I don’t like to have my money tied up for almost an entire year.  That being said I decided to make one baseball futures play this year and that’s all.

I didn’t see anything intriguing in the AL this year because I don’t see anyone challenging the Boston Red Sox for the league.  The only team I think may be a viable long shot are the Chicago White Sox since they should have be able to bomb and have a good short playoff rotation (if they make it), but they’ve gone from 15-1 in the winter to 10-1 this week.  About half the value was lost in that time.  That kept me away.

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Baltimore Orioles +2500
Boston Red Sox +175
Chicago White Sox +1000
Cleveland Indians +12500
Detroit Tigers +1000
Kansas City Royals +20000
Los Angeles Angels +1000
Minnesota Twins +800
New York Yankees +275
Oakland Athletics +2000
Seattle Mariners +4000
Tampa Bay Rays +1000
Texas Rangers +800
Toronto Blue Jays +2500