Cosmopolitan TV Commercial: “Just The Right Amount of Wrong”

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas continued their wonderful lead in marketing as they prepare to open in December.  Last night they premiered a 60 second commercial spot during the MAD MEN Season finale last night.  The tag line for the commercial is “Just The Right Amount of Wrong.”

I love a lot of the pre-opening marketing the Cosmopolitan has been doing and I think this fits right in line with everything.  They aren’t just selling a hotel and casino here.  They are selling a lifestyle.

This ad plays very well to that with some stark imagery and quirkiness set to a cool music bed.

The placement of the ad during the season finale of MAD MEN is great as that’s a show all the cool kids watch (as evidence by me not watching).

As the tone and lifestyle are set I’m sure there will be more straight forward marketing about the wrap around balconies, pools, restaurants, etc.  For now the Cosmopolitan continues to brand themselves very uniquely with an independent stamp on everything.