Gazillionaire From Absinthe Has A Web Show

Gazillionaire From Absinthe At Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Gazillionaire from Absinthe has a web show. Did you know that? I just found out and I’m into it.

When I think of Vegas I’m more concerned with eating, drinking and gambling than seeing shows. I’m not someone who has the patience to sit through most Vegas shows but I loooooved Absinthe at Caesars Palace (you can see an old review with awful cell phone pics here).

Gazillionaire is the emcee of Absinthe and his raunchy sense of humor really sets the tone for a fun night. Here’s the trailer to his new web series which has the same humor that I remember from when I saw the show.

You’ll even catch cameos from Neil Patrick Harris and Penny Pibbets (from Absinthe) in the trailer. Enjoy and subscribe to see future episodes of the web show. Here’s a link to get up to 20% off a bunch of shows at Caesars hotels.

Average Ticket Price For A Vegas Show Is Over $80

Britney Spears Til The World Ends Las Vegas
Britney Spears

I’m not a show guy so it comes as a surprise to me that the average price for a Vegas show ticket is $82.86. It’s only a $2 increase from last year which isn’t bad at all. Call me crazy but I’d rather spend an hour or two doing any of the following with $80:

  1. Eat steak
  2. Drink beer, vodka or scotch
  3. Gamble at any game. Even roulette.

The past 3 shows I’ve seen have been comp’d by PR people but I’ll pay to see any of them again sometime in the near future. Absinthe, Vegas Nocturn (at Rose.Rabbit.Lie.) and Britney Spears were all different but fun experiences. Any of these shows would be worth me skipping steak, drinking or gambling. Britney Spears was exactly what I expected while the others were different and interesting enough for me to sit still for an hour.

NEVER pay full price for show tickets. Anyone that knows anything about Vegas doesn’t pay full price for show tickets. Here are some options for discounted show tickets in Vegas.

I guess the face value of my next show ticket will be $82+. Hopefully I’m not bored and wishing I was playing craps or even worse on the verge of falling asleep like when I saw Peepshow.

Shocker: Angel Porrino Is Up Next At PeepShow

Holly Madison is knocked up and leaving PeepShow. Before Coco takes over, Angel Porrino will hold down the fort.

Reality TV star and Las Vegas darling Holly Madison’s one-time assistant Angel Porrino, who also has graced the pages of Playboy, is about to step into her former boss’s high-heeled shoes as Bo Peep in “Peepshow” at Planet Hollywood. Angel, who starred with Holly in “Holly’s World,” starts Oct. 22 and will perform through Dec. 2.

Rapper and actor Ice-T’s curvy and buxom wife Coco, aka Nicole Austin, takes over as Bo Peep starting Dec. 3 and continues through March, when it’s likely that another guest star will be added.

Angel makes sense in this role as she was an understudy for Holly Madison for a while. She doesn’t have another platform to promote PeepShow besides being in Absinthe for a few minutes so don’t expect this to become a reoccurring role. If you’d like to speculate on Coco’s replacement take into account the following.

  • Find a girl with fake #SquareBoobs
  • Think of someone on just leaving a reality TV series
  • Check out 30-something ex-Playboy playmates in another field (Music, Acting, Etc.)

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Get $20 off Absinthe Tickets

Good Times at “Absinthe”

I’m not a show guy. At all. In fact, I’ve never been to a broadway show and I’ve only been to one Vegas show (Peepshow). I have little patience to sit still for an hour or so. That being said, I was offered the opportunity to see Absinthe at Caesars Palace this week and I decided to check it out. I have not heard a single negative review of the show and I wanted to see if that was accurate.

As I told Denver Gambler this morning, Absinthe was fun. I didn’t fall asleep. That may have been because I was able to tweet and take pictures during the show, but I’d rather say that the show was good. The show is outside in a heated tent, so there isn’t really a concern for temperature. It was so nice that I sat outside and had a drink before the show began.

Caesars Palace
Caesars Palace

Seating is general admission and since it is theater in the round you are never too far from the action. I sat towards the back of the venue and I was only about 8 rows back. Some people like having a guaranteed seat for a show, but this Thursday night was crowded and we still didn’t have a problem finding a seat. There are a few different levels so even short people should be able to see.

The show itself is a hybrid of circus acts like this dude stacking chairs to the roof…

Absinthe Chair Stacking
Absinthe Chair Stacking

…And. MC, The Gazillionaire making crude and funny jokes. The Gazillionaire was probably the highlight of the show for me. I’d rather laugh than be in awe of someone’s feats of strength.


The Gazillionaire is really what made Absinthe for me. I’ve seen swing acts at the circus before. I want something new and different and I didn’t ooh and ahh like the rest of the audience.

Swinging at Absinthe
Swinging at Absinthe

I thought that Angel Porrino would be a bigger part of the show, but she was only in one scene. In that one scene she barely looked at my direction and I didn’t get a good picture of her butt. The closing act was probably the coolest part of the show where two tight rope walkers balanced a guy on a chair above them.

Tight Wire Walk Absinthe
Tight Wire Walk Absinthe

I missed it, but at one point during the tight wire act someone in the front row got jacked by one of the poles (consider this your warning) and left bloodied. Ouch. On my way back into the casino I caught a glimpse of the ambulance. I didn’t look inside.

Aftermathe at Absinthe
Aftermathe at Absinthe

After the show I decided to drop a few bucks into a video poker machine instead of going home. For a change, I think I made the right decision.

Video Poker
Video Poker

Overall, I had a really good time at Absinthe which surprised me. I didn’t go in expecting much and I was pleasantly surprised. It was the perfect mix of circus stuff and funny stuff. The funny stuff was loud and off color, but I enjoy that. I’m pretty sure there is not a show in Vegas like this and that’s a bad thing as this may have ruined all other Vegas shows.

Check flickr if you want to see more grainy pictures from Absinthe.

Jersey Shore Parties Poolside In Vegas Part One

I had no idea about this, but Planet Hollywood has gotten into the pool party game. This week they was the first time I noticed they had something going on. They hosted a bikini contest with Sammi Sweeheart from Jersey Shore as their main celebrity judge. The Gazillionaire from Absinthe was also a guest judge, because why not cross promote Caesars Entertainment properties when marketing (that’s not meant to be cynical).

On an interesting Jersey Shore note, Sammi and Pauly D had more views on Vegas News than Snooki. I guess both guys and girls would rather see pictures of them than Snooki. For more pictures of Sammi, the Gazillionaire and the winner head to

Jersey Shore
Jersey Shore

Holly Madison Doesn’t Wear A Swimsuit To The Pool?

Holly Madison At Flamingo Las Vegas Go Pool
Holly Madison

It’s summer time in Las Vegas and that means pool season.  I find pool season in Vegas to be when the biggest non-famous celebrities come out to party.  However, the past two weeks Flamingo has had the stars from Holly’s World hosting a party at their Go Pool. Last week was Angel Porrino, who decided to wear a bikini to fulfill her host duties.  This week it was Holly Madison hosting, but she went without a swimsuit of any kind.  Perhaps a bikini isn’t a prerequisite to host a pool party.  I’ll have to keep an eye on that.  In the meantime I have to wonder if Laura Croft will host next week as she’s the only regular woman from Holly’s World left to host a pool party.


I just saw that the DVD for the first two seasons is coming out next year.  You can pre-order by clicking the picture below.

Hollys World DVD
Hollys World

“Absinthe” Star Angel Porrino Ain’t Ugly

I stayed at Flamingo for the first time last weekend and it was awesome.  The casino was much bigger than I thought and there were plenty of food and drink options.  I’ll get a review up shortly, but you can check some pictures on my flickr.

The weekend started with a short visit to Caesars Palace for an “Absinthe” tweetup (aka twitter hang).  Most of the cast showed up and put on a short performance.  I haven’t seen the show yet but reviews have been almost all really positive.  The show has one person that’s considered a “star” and that’s Angel Porrino.  The appeared at the tweetup and the next day she evidently was at Flamingo hosting a party at the Go Pool.

I was feeling a little hungover and took a walk outside in the afternoon and could not believe there was a line to get into the pool.  I’m not sure if it was because Angel was there or if that’s a Saturday afternoon hotspot.  All I know is that the walk didn’t get rid of my hangover.

Having seen Angel Porrino in person at least 3 times I have to say she’s very pretty.  I haven’t seen her perform in Peepshow or in Absinthe, so I’m not sure she has any talent.  I’m not sure that really matters.

Angel Porrino Heads To Absinthe at Caesars Palace

Angel Porrino may be better known as Holly Madison‘s former assistant on Holly’s World has segued from Peepshow understudy to actress and tap dancer at the new show at Caesars Palace, Absinthe.

I’m not much of a show guy, but Absinthe sounds interesting. Check this review on Vegas Chatter.  It sounds like a Las Vegas show similar to the band Gogol Bordello, which is also interesting.

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