My CES 2011 Predictions Are Coming True

My CES predictions for casinos from 2011 are all coming true!

  1. Tablets
  2. 3D Slot Machines
  3. Walking GPS 

First, tablets of all sizes are being used in casinos across the Las Vegas strip and beyond. Even Laughlin, NV is using tablets for drink orders. Last year Flamingo installed interactive touch screens in the casino that allow you to view maps, your Total Rewards account and more. You’ll even see tablets when you check in to Cosmopolitan.

While true 3D slot machines with glasses haven’t hit the casinos yet, the game makers are stretching technology as far as they can to give a 3D feel. Wether it’s moving seats or a 3D type screen layover things are getting closer to 3D.

At CES this year, Google introduced Google Walking Maps which I thought would come to fruition later than sooner (as walking GPS). Thanks to Android phones, they’re coming much sooner. While there is still a way to go with the GPS technology, take a look at the quick video Google made for exploring Vegas casinos. (Update: As Hunter from Rate Vegas points out, “GPS has nothing to do with indoor location tech” although the technology may be similar.)

I didn’t make CES this year and it doesn’t seem as if I missed much. I guess we’ll find out next year. For now I can revel in having spot on predictions at CES last year.