EDGe Vegas Eat Prime At Bellagio, This Is How Steak Dinner Should Be

Prime At Bellagio, This Is How Steak Dinner Should Be

About a month ago I visited Prime Steakhouse at Bellagio. Dinner was so flawless that I almost forgot about it. Almost.

Prime sits on the Bellagio lake that looks out onto the Vegas Strip. We planned to sit outside on the patio so we could enjoy the Bellagio Fountain Show but it was a bit hot for that. The sun was setting on a 115 degree day and it didn’t seem like the right time to eat steak outdoors. Call me crazy but steak outside doesn’t sound awesome when it’s still 100 degrees outside. We opted to sit inside and ended up with a seat near the window so we could kinda see the show.

Since this was a birthday celebration dinner started with a couple of drinks. Macallan 12 with 4 cubes (of ice) was how I began the night. As usual the ice was nearly melted when the drink arrived and totally gone when I finally got around to taking a sip.

Macallan 12 At Prime At Bellagio Las Vegas

Macallan 12

Each section at Prime has 3 distinct waiters. SW Steakhouse at Wynn has a similar staffing model and it’s wonderful. You’re always speaking with someone who knows their section of the menu, be it a drink, food or otherwise.

There’s always a waiter checking in to see if you need something. THIS is how dinner at a $100+ per person meal should be served. Thankfully the service wasn’t the only great part of dinner.

Bone-In Filet Mignon At Prime At Bellagio Las Vegas

Bone-In Filet Mignon

I’m usually a New York Strip guy but recently have found myself enjoying a filet mignon my last few times out. When I saw that there was bone-in filet mignon on the menu, I had to have it. If there’s one complaint about the filet cut of steak is that it’s not flavorful. It makes sense since there isn’t much fat to keep the flavor in. The bone acted as a flavor saver (TWSS).

The bone-in filet mignon at Prime was outstanding!

As you can see I was so excited looking at the steak that I couldn’t wait to take a picture before digging in. The steak was so juicy and flavorful that I almost couldn’t believe that it was a filet. The steak was so gentle to the touch that I barely had to put pressure on the knife to cut it.

I know I had company at dinner but I have no idea what they were eating or saying while this beauty was in front of me.

Happy Birthday Dessert At Prime At Bellagio Las Vegas

Happy Birthday!

When making the reservation at Prime on Open Table I mentioned that we were celebrating a friend’s birthday. The good restaurants read the additional comments from Open Table and make note.

Some restaurants will simply greet the guest with a “happy birthday” when checking in, some will have the waiter mention the birthday at dessert time to encourage an order and others will just bring you a complimentary treat when you order some espresso after dinner because the night was just getting started.

My mom often says “It’s the thought that counts”. It’s true, this $10 dessert wasn’t something we needed or wanted but the gesture was very nice. This chocolate cake and ice cream (maybe pistachio, I had a couple of drinks) was a great cap to a great night.

It had been a few years since I was at Prime Steakhouse at Bellagio and it won’t be that long before I return.

Every waiter was attentive and had their own personality. Most importantly the food was great. Everything at Prime was well above average. Dinner and drinks was about $125 per person and worth every penny.

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