The Palazzo Suite Was Sweet

I stayed at the Palazzo on my last trip to Las Vegas.  This post is only for the room there will be plenty more reviews and info from my trip.

All of the rooms are suites and I had the basic “Palazzo Luxury” suite.  After reading the description of the suite I was stoked for the room.  Here are highlights of the specs:

  • 720 square feet
  • Sleeping area with king sized bed, Egyptian cotton sheets, 42″ HDTV
  • Sunken Living area with L-Shaped sectional sofa (pull out couch), 32″ HDTV, dining area (w/table), work desk w/fax, Strip view, dope ottoman/coffee table
  • Huge bathroom with 20″ TV, separate shower/bath, water closet, vanity, dual sinks, granite counter tops, marble floor

The size of the suite and the amenities are really what set the room apart from other rooms I’ve had in Las Vegas.  Yes there are nicer suites, but for a basic room this is the biggest I’ve seen and one of the nicest.

I’m using thumbnails for the room tour because there are a bunch of pictures and I want to keep this as a giant entry, not a “read more” post.  My digital camera died, so pictures are low-res.  Let’s take the tour!

Upon entry you immediately see how big the room/suite is and that the room is very long.

The bathroom has a grand double door entry that swing out to the main room (left above).

Upon entry to the bathroom you see the detailed marble floor double sinks and granite counter tops.  The bathroom was spotless and streakless – something I don’t always see.

One nice thing was that each day after cleaning the room my toiletries on the sinks were placed onto a new, clean wash cloth.  A nice bit of housekeeping.  (Not shown: a mirror above the sink and TV is in the upper right corner.)

The left side of the bathroom had the shower, tub and mirror.  Big soaking tub which I didn’t use and a decent sized all glass shower.  Nothing wrong with watching TV while showering, right?  I noticed one odd design element; the bath faucet was where you would rest your head to watch TV.  That seems awkward.

The right side of the bathroom had a vanity (not shown), water closet and TV.  The water closet was dark and the door shut automatically.  I didn’t like that the door closed me in.  When I’m alone in a giant bathroom I like to enjoy the space – not feel like I’m trapped in a closet.   The toilet was high and had a strong flush.  Another slight negative here is the phone in the water closet.  This may have been a “luxury” item in the 80’s, but their now unsanitary and kind of nasty.

You can see the 20″ TV in the far corner.  TV’s in a bathroom rule.  I definitely had all 3 TV’s on at the same time.  Is that a waste?

The bathroom was nicely designed, clean and spacious.  After passing the bathroom you hit the sleeping area which is highlighted by by a 42″ HDTV, the largest of the TV’s in the suite.

The Palazzo Luxury Suite had a king sized bed so there was plenty of room in the sleeping area.  The Bella suite features two queen sized beds in the same area to give you an idea of how much room I had.

I didn’t spend much time in the bed, but I slept great for a few hours every night.  The closet had a nice surprise inside – a couple of robes.  I used one as a snuggie while nursing a hangover one morning (Not to ever be shown).

At the end of the bed there was a bench to sit while getting dressed.  The velvet covering made things nice n comfy and was used a couple of times daily.

After the sleeping area were stairs to the living area.  This was my favorite part of the room and where I spent most of my time.

I’ll admit, I tripped going up and down the stairs once each way.  Maybe it was the drinks, maybe is was recovering from the drinks or maybe it was the marble.  Just a note of danger.

There was a ledge separating the sleeping and living areas and this was home to the thermostat and remote that controlled the sheers and curtains.  I had way too much fun opening and closing the sheers and curtains because I’m easily amused.  Here’s a look out the window from the ledge.  The room wasn’t as dark as it looks in this picture.  Blame the iPhone.

The couch in the living area was easily my favorite part of the room and I spent plenty of time lounging around.  The center of the “L” was great for a quick power nap, while the other end of the couch…

…was perfect for sitting with my feet up on the ottoman/coffee table and having a drink…

…and watching a little TV.

Views don’t sit high on my priority when it comes to a hotel room, but the strip views I had were pretty nice.  I was right across from Treasure Island.  Amazing that I didn’t make a stop there.

Another place I didn’t make it too was the Fashion Show mall.  It was across the street to the right of Treasure Island.  To the right of the mall you’ll notice Trump Towers, the stalled Echelon project and Circus Circus.  I’m surprised that the echelon website is still up.

There are a few more pictures of the suite (and the rest of my trip) on my flickr page if you haven’t had enough.

Overall, I absolutely loved my suite at the Palazzo.  The decor was nice and somewhat modern.  The suite was huge and comfortable.  The room was clean with only one minor nick.  A button was missing from the upholstery on the couch.  Not a big deal.

There were a couple other issues with the room.  First, when I arrived the toilet was running.  A call to the front desk had that fixed when I went back to the room to change.  Second was that housekeeping didn’t show up one day.  I didn’t bother calling to have the room cleaned as I was in a rush to get out for dinner.

Upon return home I saw this entry on Vegas Tripping from contributor Blackjacker1979 who ran into a few issues with his room.  One bad review doesn’t change my opinion of the hotel but I thought this was worth sharing as it provides a nice counterpoint to my experience.

There was probably as much room in the sleeping area as most of the rooms I stay in.  The addition of the living area was worth the few extra dollars I would spend on the suite as opposed to the normal sized rooms on the strip.

I would return to Palazzo again.  As you’ll see shortly, I enjoyed the dining and casino in addition to the suite.  I don’t think I need a room this big for myself, so I’d probably stay here when sharing the room.  The extra room would be great for multiple people, but it’s not necessary for a single guy.

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Las Vegas Writer, Marketer, Consultant. I love Vegas and everything about it. When in Vegas do 3 things: eat, drink & gamble.

Author: Marc

Las Vegas Writer, Marketer, Consultant. I love Vegas and everything about it. When in Vegas do 3 things: eat, drink & gamble.

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