Legasse’s Stadium Review

I like sports betting.  It doesn’t matter if I’m in a casino or if I’m at home.  You may have noticed the sportsbook.com ad to the right and the posts tagged with sports betting.  Needless to say, one of the perks of staying at the Palazzo was the easy access to Legasse Stadium, which is their sportsbook.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures.  I’ve been scolded for having my phone out at every sportsbook I’ve been to so I didn’t take a chance.  I found some pictures online to add some color.

You’ll notice that I have the layout last here.  Describing how the room is laid out was kind of a chore, so I put it at the end.  You’ll see.

Legasse Stadium is located in the lower level of the casino.  To get to it, you have to walk to the main entrance and take the escalator down and the walk back up a few stairs to the entrance.  There is a sportsbook outside, but it wasn’t open on any of the 4 days I went to Legasse.  It wasn’t a long walk to get to Legasse, but the location was away from the action of the casino and I didn’t like that.

I have a short attention span and I enjoy other forms of gambling while I’m watching a game.  Legasse has this covered in three different ways.

There’s a blackjack machine, like the one below, in one of the Reserved “VIP” areas.  There’s video poker in the rear overlooking the “stadium” section.  There’s also a small room to the side with two blackjack tables and a craps table.  It had the feel of a sketchy back room somewhere, but it wasn’t sketchy when playing.

Unfortunately I didn’t notice the video poker until my last day betting.  The side room wasn’t open during the week, but I did enjoy it before the Saturday night.  I even won $50 playing blackjack for one shoe.  I didn’t play the blackjack machine, but my friends that did lost every time.

In Running Sports Betting
I thought this would be the most amazing thing to hit sports betting but it was not even close.  I only tried it once and was bored pretty easily.  I bought into a tablet to place bets during the Thursday night game, which was the Colts and Jaguars.  Since I was testing it out I made a small deposit of $100.  I thought I could bet on every play in every way.  I was hoping for a slew of prop bets, but I was mistaken.  I could only bet on whether drives would result in 1st downs, TD’s or turnovers.

Odds changed on every play so it was nearly impossible to submit a bet – even if only paying attention to the tablet.  That was very frustrating.  After getting yelled at by my friends for not getting bets in I passed the tablet off to my friends and had them try.  They couldn’t get the bets in either.

After a while we got some help from a very attractive girl who was walking around the casino helping people with in run betting.  Of course, she seemed to be the only one that could get bets in.

After a night of frustration with the in running sports betting I cashed out up $1.67.  Thankfully the Colts covered and the wings were good so it wasn’t a fruitless afternoon.

Emeril Legasse is a famous chef, so I was looking forward to the food.  The menu selections looked pretty good in advance and the food didn’t disappoint.  I had buffalo wings on each of my 4 visits.  They were crisp and meaty and awesome.  I recommend them to anyone going.

I tried the Italian Sausage Arancini too.  These rice balls were good, but nothing too special.  Friends had the nachos and enjoyed them.  They spoke positively, but I was focused on the wings.

Usually sportsbooks have a place to grab a quick bite that isn’t so good so it was nice to have this kind of selection.

It was interesting that a friend of a friend of a friend from Las Vegas said that the locals have been saying that the food wasn’t too good.  We only snacked and everything seemed to be above average.

Here is a rough sketch of Legasse Stadium.  Details are below the picture.

Legasse stadium is not laid out like most sports books which are mostly chairs/race centers looking at a wall of TV’s.  Legasse has multiple sections for a variety of desires.  It doesn’t seems as if it was not created for the old man that sits and plays the ponies all day.  It feels as is Legasse Stadium was made to house lots of people that want to watch big games.

When you walk into Legasse Stadium you can go straight or left.  Straight ahead is the pit area with reserved couches against the right wall.  Also against the wall to the right are the restrooms and the gambling room.

The restrooms had the main game piped through the speakers.  TV’s would have been great here, but that’s besides the point.  The restrooms looked very clean which is a surprise when you have a room with dudes drinking.

The gambling room consists of an area with slot machines, 2 blackjack tables with 2 huge TV’s and a craps table with it’s own room.  There’s also a one person restroom back here if you need privacy.

The main sportsbook area that you see on the Legasse Stadium page on the Palazzo site is kind of a pit in the center of the room.  It’s lined with white couches arranged in tiers a la stadium seating.  The sportsbook is at the bottom of the pit with plenty of huge screens above.  There are dining tables to the sides of the stadium seating with three different entry points all around.

There is a bar and video poker machines located behind the stadium seating.  The bar was closed when I was there.  I’m assuming drinks aren’t free when you play video poker, but I didn’t sit and play so I don’t know for sure.

In the far left corner you can go outside and get some fresh air.  There are plenty of couches, tables and TV’s to enjoy yourself in the fresh air of the Las Vegas strip.  While exploring I sat outside looked at betting options drank a beer and smoked a cigar.  It was great weather outside and I loved it.

When you enter and go to the left you see a bar and more reserved seating and a long bar.  The bar is set against the back of the TV’s from the pit area of Legasse Stadium and lined with plenty of smaller TV’s of it’s own.  The bartender  who worked most nights was smoking hot.

I called in advance for reservations and sat in the reserved seating back in the back.  There are couches and modern chairs.  Everything was flanked with 20″ (or so) HDTV’s that featured any game you wanted.  For example; one night we had the Bruins game to the right, Jazz to the left and football game in front of us.  It was awesome and very comfortable.

Like most sportsbooks, Legasse Stadium gets busy when major games and football is on.  I recommend calling in advance to reserve a spot.  For busy times there may be a minimum depending where you sit, but if you eat and/or drink the numbers are easily met.  Drink tickets are given out similarly to a regular sportsbook.

Overall, I had a great time each visit to Legasse Stadium.  It was a great place to watch the games with a very different vibe than most sportsbooks.  I was super comfortable and the prices were fair.

I’m not sure how I would have felt if I was alone just watching a game and not eating or drinking with friends, but that wasn’t the case for this trip.  Legasse Stadium may not be for everyone, but I recommend giving it a try.

As an aside, I think this was the only bar to show any sports at the Palazzo and I didn’t like that.  I like being able to sit at a bar and watch a game while I play a little video poker.   Especially if I hit a cold streak gambling.

The Palazzo Suite Was Sweet

I stayed at the Palazzo on my last trip to Las Vegas.  This post is only for the room there will be plenty more reviews and info from my trip.

All of the rooms are suites and I had the basic “Palazzo Luxury” suite.  After reading the description of the suite I was stoked for the room.  Here are highlights of the specs:

  • 720 square feet
  • Sleeping area with king sized bed, Egyptian cotton sheets, 42″ HDTV
  • Sunken Living area with L-Shaped sectional sofa (pull out couch), 32″ HDTV, dining area (w/table), work desk w/fax, Strip view, dope ottoman/coffee table
  • Huge bathroom with 20″ TV, separate shower/bath, water closet, vanity, dual sinks, granite counter tops, marble floor

The size of the suite and the amenities are really what set the room apart from other rooms I’ve had in Las Vegas.  Yes there are nicer suites, but for a basic room this is the biggest I’ve seen and one of the nicest.

I’m using thumbnails for the room tour because there are a bunch of pictures and I want to keep this as a giant entry, not a “read more” post.  My digital camera died, so pictures are low-res.  Let’s take the tour!

Upon entry you immediately see how big the room/suite is and that the room is very long.

The bathroom has a grand double door entry that swing out to the main room (left above).

Upon entry to the bathroom you see the detailed marble floor double sinks and granite counter tops.  The bathroom was spotless and streakless – something I don’t always see.

One nice thing was that each day after cleaning the room my toiletries on the sinks were placed onto a new, clean wash cloth.  A nice bit of housekeeping.  (Not shown: a mirror above the sink and TV is in the upper right corner.)

The left side of the bathroom had the shower, tub and mirror.  Big soaking tub which I didn’t use and a decent sized all glass shower.  Nothing wrong with watching TV while showering, right?  I noticed one odd design element; the bath faucet was where you would rest your head to watch TV.  That seems awkward.

The right side of the bathroom had a vanity (not shown), water closet and TV.  The water closet was dark and the door shut automatically.  I didn’t like that the door closed me in.  When I’m alone in a giant bathroom I like to enjoy the space – not feel like I’m trapped in a closet.   The toilet was high and had a strong flush.  Another slight negative here is the phone in the water closet.  This may have been a “luxury” item in the 80’s, but their now unsanitary and kind of nasty.

You can see the 20″ TV in the far corner.  TV’s in a bathroom rule.  I definitely had all 3 TV’s on at the same time.  Is that a waste?

The bathroom was nicely designed, clean and spacious.  After passing the bathroom you hit the sleeping area which is highlighted by by a 42″ HDTV, the largest of the TV’s in the suite.

The Palazzo Luxury Suite had a king sized bed so there was plenty of room in the sleeping area.  The Bella suite features two queen sized beds in the same area to give you an idea of how much room I had.

I didn’t spend much time in the bed, but I slept great for a few hours every night.  The closet had a nice surprise inside – a couple of robes.  I used one as a snuggie while nursing a hangover one morning (Not to ever be shown).

At the end of the bed there was a bench to sit while getting dressed.  The velvet covering made things nice n comfy and was used a couple of times daily. Continue reading “The Palazzo Suite Was Sweet”

World Series Of Poker 2010 Plans

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) for 2010 will take place between May 27 and July 17 and once again will be held at the Rio All-Suite Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas.  There will be a few additions to the WSOP this year, including a low-limit buy-in tournament.

…Another first at the WSOP this year, the first 5 weekends of the series will feature $1,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em tournaments with two starting flights.  May 29-30, June 5-6, June 12-13, June 19-20 and June 26-27 will offer No-Limit Hold’em players from the weekend warrior to the most advanced player the opportunity to compete in some of the largest fields of the year for huge prize pools and a gold bracelet.  A sixth event on July 1-2, will also offer the same event at the same buy-in level, just days before the Main Event commences.

Visit WSOP’s site for full information

Things Are Normal With PeepShow

A little more digging shows that Peepshow is just going into a “dark” phase for the winter, which is normal.  America’s Got Talent will also be going dark for the winter.

Sorry for any alarms that may have been set off earlier this week.  Not getting all of the info will do that.  Back to normal.

Props to @PHVegas – “Peepshow will be back in March”

Holly and Aubrey

Notes From Las Vegas

I usually keep notes on my trips while I’m on the trip, but this time was different.  This trip was a little more regimented than most of my trips and I was with more people then I usually travel with.  I had to dig down into my memory to recall what I did and I think I got everything.

Here are my notes (in chronological order) and what I’ll write up (in no order).  Enjoy

Write up
Palazzo Hotel Room
Palazzo Coffee/food – Coffee Bean, Lavazzo, Illy
Palazzo Room Service – Breakfast, lunch
Legasse Stadium
Palazzo Food – Grand Lux
Palazzo – General – Shoppes, Venetian
Gambling – @ Palazzo – VP, Slots, BJ, 3 CP
Wynn – SW
Encore – XS
Encore/Wynn – Vibe/gambling/fun/BJ Switch (evidently I’m the only person that lost, ever)
Carne Vino
Casa Di Amore
Palms & Bellagio- Missed PH, HR
Gold Coast – Last Visit
Overall thoughts/wrap up
Flight out
1st class
On time
Easy check in
Gamble – BJ
Thurs night football
Fuzzy, but think I remember
Iced coffee
2 cups of coffee
Penny slots
8/5 JOB
Penny slots
Grand Lux
Lavazzo – muffin/latte
Casa Di Amore
Encore BJ til 5:30
No hangover
Illy muffin/latte
9/5 JOB – $ loss
8/5 JOB
Penny Slots
Room Service
Nap on couch
Legasse Stadium
Carne Vino
Palms – BJ
Gold Coast – Walk Through
Belaggio – 4CP
VP – 8/5 JOB
Wake up
Football bets
Penny Slots
BJ – PCD Pit
Augustus Cafe
Room Service
8/5 JOB – Big Win

PeepShow Closing!

I’ve just been given a heads up from Best of Vegas that Peepshow will be closing for the next two months.  I don’t have news on if the show is cancelled forever or if anything will be replacing the show at Planet Hollywood.

What will Holly Madison and Aubrey O’Day do?  Who’s pictures will I have to post here?  I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

Aubrey O'Day

Slot Machines Slow The Bleed

Sex And The City Slot Machine
Sex And The City Slot Machine

New slot machines look to slow the bleed of your money and I’m ok with that.  IGT recently released their “Sex and the City” slot machines which include more small bonuses that look to prolong game play  as opposed to big jackpots that may provoke you to leave after getting a big win.

I have a love/hate relationship with low limits slots.  I hate knowing that I’m playing only to lose money.  The lower the denomination on a slot machine the lower the payout percentage.  I love the lights and noises that come along with these games.  I’m easily attracted to the shiny objects.

After having a bad time with penny slots earlier this year I learned how to have fun with them again.  I usually only play early in the morning while I drink coffee and ramp up the day.  I need at least one cup of coffee before I can gamble socially.  I will also play penny slots with friends that enjoy them the same way.  It’s fun to hoot and holler over winning $1.12.

These games aren’t about winning to me.  They’re about having fun.

Hard Rock Opens All Suite Tower In Las Vegas

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas opens their the HRH all suite tower this week.  It’s the second tower the Hard Rock has opened this year.  Along with the new rooms comes a new spa and new club.

Hard Rock executives have said they will target a more high-end, luxury-seeking guest with the new suites. The HRH Tower will offer a separate entrance and guest check-in area. Rates for the suites will begin at $119 but are as high as $649 on New Year’s Eve.

Also opening this week at the resort are the 25,000-square-foot Reliquary Spa and the Vanity nightclub.

I used to love the Hard Rock back in the day, but the last time I was their I didn’t really enjoy myself and I’ve been told that the “douche bag level” is only increasing so I stayed away.

The increased room capacity along with the stagnant increased casino size for douche bags will likely keep me away for any time in the foreseeable future.