Casinos Gearing Up For Legal Internet Gambling

Over the past couple weeks I’ve seen a slew of American casino companies partnering with some form of online gambling companies.  While this is something that Caesars started a few years ago, it seems as if everyone wants to get into the party now.  In an effort to consolidate everything, I’ll just link to some articles.

  • Wynn Partners with Poker StarsForbes
  • Caesars Gets Approved for International Online Gaming Partnership – Las Vegas Sun
  • Station Casinos Partners with Full Tilt Poker Poker News Daily
  • General Look at Overall Online Gambling Push – Motley Fool

Generally, I usually believe “where there’s smoke there’s fire” and there is a lot of smoke right now.  The fire, of course, is legalized online gambling.  It’s hard to imagine that, in tough times, these large corporations are all partnering at once just to be safe in case there’s some kind of legalization some day.  While, I don’t think there’s anything right around the corner we can’t be far away from some form of major online gambling legalization.

Cosmopolitan Was Open 17 Days Last Year

Last year the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas was open for 17 days, so they had to report earnings.  17 days isn’t enough to suss out if things are good or bad with the property but there is some info available if you’re curious.

  • Las Vegas Sun has nothing bad to say.
  • The Rate Vegas blog, 2 Way Hard 3, pulled some of the more interesting bits of info.
  • Here’s the full 10-K if you’re really interested.

While these numbers are virtually meaningless Hunter from Rate Vegas has the most interesting info pulled, so if you want a nice brush stroke of the situation with the Cosmo just head there.

New Britney Spears!

My taste in almost everything (besides steak) is questionable.  Since day one I’ve been a fan of Britney Spears. Not all of her music has been awesome and fun, but she will always have some JAMS.  This past weekend she was in Vegas, with some last minute hype for her new CD Femme Fatale.  She did 2 announcedsurprise” shows at Rain at Palms this weekend.  She did this 8 years ago, also at Rain, for In The Zone.  It really was unannounced back then and I was there.  It was awesome.

Surprisingly the people of Las Vegas (both media and humans) didn’t seem to know she’s been lip syncing this whole time.  It’s Britney Spears, if you don’t know that you’re either dumb or ignorant or both.  It doesn’t matter because she has JAMS!

Anyway, Britney may not be the highest quality musician or artist but there is a place for her in this world and in my life.  She will always have a special place in my heart because of the amazing night she and I spent together 8 years ago at Rain in Las Vegas and that will always be one of my favorite memories of my trips to Vegas.  Click the album cover below if you want to buy Femme Fatale on CD or download on iTunes.

It’s Not the Size That Counts

I’ve been bothered (too much) by the use of the term “Slider” in Las Vegas. Everything on a small bun is called a slider in Vegas. It’s not correct, it’s obnoxious and possibly false advertising. I called on an old pal, The Rev who writes the blog Burger Conquest, to explain the difference between a slider and a mini burger.  Learn a little from The Rev.

MMMMMMMMMMMM HAMBURGERS! Everyone loves themselves a tasty burger. It’s a world wide sensation and while you may think the globalization of the hamburger is due to a particular chain of Golden Arches, know that they didn’t start the fire. In fact, the first burger chain of note opened in 1921, a full 19 years before McDonald’s started serving food in San Bernardino, CA. The year was 1921 and a small short order diner in Wichita, KS opened it’s doors and thus the revolution known as White Castle was born. It was the first of its kind here in our lovely country.

White Castle Cook Walter A. Anderson is credited with inventing the hamburger bun and the kitchen assembly line. He is the father to the modern fast food movement that has fully taken over the planet. He is also the man that made the word “slider” something every burger lover salivates like a Pavlovian dog upon it’s utterance. Walter and the White Castle staff took small balls of ground beef and smashed them on a grill covered in thinly sliced onions. The patties were flipped, onions in tact therefore cooking them into the beef itself. The bottoms of the bun were placed on top after a flip which created a steaming effect that softened the bun and drove the amazing flavors beneath into the squishy bread. Back then they came topped only with pickles while mustard and ketchup had to be added by the customer themselves. Thus was born the “slider”.

Nowadays, White Castle has moved onto frozen beef which require no flipping but any burger junkie will tell you, they still crave White Castle sliders. If you’re like me and from Michigan, they’re also known as “Belly Busters,” and although a slider could be considered a mini-burger, the opposite does not apply. Let’s be clear on this; A slider is a form of burger made from a thin patty that is flat griddle along with onions, whose steam helps to cook the burger. It’s served on a squishy white bun with or without cheese and pickles. Why do I tell you this?? Because nothing and I mean NOTHING gets my burger-goat when people improperly label a mini burger as a slider.

A mini burger is just that, a smaller version of a burger. They can be cooked any way you want, served with any toppings and at the end of the day are exactly what the name entails. While by no means do I condemn a mini-burger, in fact, I love all burgers, but a slider is a very unique and special preparation. Imagine if you asked for a Dachshund and you were brought a Pomeranian.Sure they are both small dogs but the latter is not the former. (Note – I do not endorse eating canine.)

For more on Michigan sliders, read this.

Fore more on Jersey sliders, read this.


I Thought I Received this Grazie Offer Because I was a Member

Last week I received what looks to be a strange offer from Club Grazie offering me 5,000 points if I stay at the hotel and sign up to be a member.  I can’t figure out what this offer is.  I’m on the Venetian and Palazzo mailing list because I signed up for Grazie a couple years ago, so why the offer to sign up again?

This kind of offer also proves that Las Vegas Sands didn’t cut comps as everyone (including me) has reported.  Rather, they are refocusing their “normal” members on gaining points a la Total Rewards.   Caesars has been running point promotions forever in Atlantic City and while I haven’t seen this in Las Vegas, this seems to be very similar.

It’s interesting that the folks at Vegas Tripping received a similar offer, but weren’t asked to sign up but were just presented with the 5,000 points.  Besides having poor presentation about the comps these awkwardly worded offers are poor reflections on a hotel that tries to present itself as a high end property.

It seems as if Las Vegas Sands is trying to combat the bad press from the no comps talk.  While that makes sense it’s just plain sloppy.

Undercover Boss goes to Las Vegas

Last night the CBS show “Undercover Boss” took a trip to MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  I’ve never seen the show before, but it seems as if it’s about the bosses trying to blend with their employees to see what’s good and bad about the operation of the business.  Here’s how CBS described Scott Sibella (President & COO of MGM Grand) stint on the show:

Scott Sibella, President and COO of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, goes undercover within the walls of the second-largest hotel in the world and faces a group of rowdy gamblers who are quick to point out his shortcomings as a dealer.

I watch a lot of bad TV and this was pretty high on the list of what’s bad about TV.  Not only did nobody look fooled the entire show looked fake and this ended up looking like an hour long commercial for MGM Grand, which also came with additional plugs throughout the week.  All of that in exchange for Sibella gifting a few employees with some gifts that the company can use as tax write offs.

I’m not sure what the dollar value on all of this is, but it has to be very high.  That should prove to be nice for MGM Resorts Internationals quarterly earnings report, but what effect will it have on bookings at MGM Grand and their actual business?  I’m curious to learn this.

I can’t embed the show, so if you’d like to watch it head over to  Also, I’ll never watch this show again.

The Madness Begins!

March Madness is upon us.  It’s time to get those brackets filled and bets ready!  The matchups were just announced and the only thing I recall is Utah State being my top fav for a first round upset (over Crazy Eyes, Frank Martin and Kansas State). Here’s a quick tease of everything.

Click here to view full size

I’ll have more when I look at the lines and matchups more in depth.  Follow me on twitter for specific picks.  If you don’t have the March Madness on Demand App, get it here.  If you need a March Madness bracket, go here.  Here are some sportsbooks: Sportsbook and Bookmaker.

BREAKING: Sahara Closing in May

Sahara Las Vegas At Night

News just broke that the rumors were true – the Sahara is closing.  Here are some of the specifics from the LA Times.

Closure of the 59-year-old Sahara hotel-casino on the recession-battered Strip is a psychological blow to Las Vegas. Sam Nazarian, the Los Angeles nightclub impresario who owns the property, has no specific plans for the Rat Pack-era hotel’s future.

Chief Executive Sam Nazarian, the Los Angeles nightclub impresario who purchased the Moroccan-themed casino in 2007 and vowed to restore its hipness, said in a statement that running the property was “no longer economically viable.”

While the statement said Nazarian’s company was mulling options for the 59-year-old resort, “including a complete renovation and repositioning,” it gave no details or timeframe for such plans.

Of course, I can’t say I’m surprised by this. I’ll get some thoughts together about this later, but I wanted to get the info out while it’s still relatively fresh.

OMG! Hotel Check-In, Diamond Member!

This Diamond Member check in video was sent to me by Maria R last night via twitter.  This sounds like about half of the people I encounter checking in who pull the “Don’t you know who I am?” card on people.

Personally, I just want a room and the quickest way to get to the Diamond Lounge so I can snack and drank it up.

Real World Las Vegas Starts Tonight!

Real World Las Vegas (Take 2) starts tonight on MTV.  I’m sure I’m more stoked than anyone else.  Instead of previewing the new cast I want to make sure everyone has their own copy of the original Real World Las Vegas on DVD because it’s a must have!  Click the image below if you need.  Tweet me with thoughts on the new cast!

Real World Las Vegas