Cosmopolitan Doesn’t Care About Money

While I’ve spoken about how much I enjoy the marketing of the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, they’ve glaringly avoided talking about gambling which has stuck me as strange.

This article shows that gaming makes up almost 75% of Sands worldwide business and while that number may be a little less in the US, it’s certainly not a number to throw away.

As I mentioned I like a lot of what the Cosmo is doing with their marketing, but their avoidance of gambling has had me puzzled.  Even though their target audience is younger than the average gambler (Vegas Gang #55) it’s surprising they would eschew this market 100% in the public.

I’ve seen nothing to the contrary but I’m sure this will change with time.

No Resort Fees at Cosmopolitan!

Cosmopolitan continues to not follow trends of other strip properties in awesome ways.  This time we see that they’re not going to have resort fees and don’t plan on it.

“I’ve been playing around in that (resort fee) arena for 15 years,” veteran hotelier and Cosmopolitan CEO John Unwin said in a recent interview. Though hotels often tack on resort fees to offset plummeting hotel rates, “we’re not doing that because people don’t like it,” Unwin said

I didn’t realize that resort fees have been around for 15 years.  I’ve never paid a resort fee until the past couple years in Las Vegas.  Regardless, this is a nice move by the Cosmo.  I wonder if they’re gonna hire a model to tell people this move…

Ca$h In Your Chips!

Check your pockets for leftover $25,000 chips!  Bellagio is recalling (by April 22, 2011) and discontinuing all use of $25,000 chips as many were taken during a robbery a few weeks ago.

This makes sense and outside of wanting to mess around with the photo editor on my mac there really wasn’t much point to posting this.  Happy New Year!

Gambling on the Strip

I’m just off of a long weekend on the strip in Las Vegas.  We stayed at Planet Hollywood and the hotel, itself, was more of the same.  I love the hotel, but everything inside the room leaves something to be desired.  You can see the highs and lows on Vegas Chatter.

I gamble differently when I’m alone then when I’m with friends.  When I’m alone I mostly play video poker and slots, but when I’m with friends I’ll be a little more social with my gambling and play much more blackjack and table games.  This group of friends strictly played blackjack so when we were together, which was most of the time, I played blacjkack.

I played anywhere from $10 minimums to $25 minimums.  Unfortunately I never won enough in a row to get my progressive bets over $75.  That’s where the real money is won!

We played at Planet Hollywood both in and out of the Pleasure Pit and I won both ways.  We also played some double deck blackjack in the Heart Bar at Planet Hollywood.  This was also considered the Pleasure Pit so we only got paid 6:5 for blackjack, not that I saw many blackjacks this weekend.  We also played at Aira, Caesars Palace and Hard Rock.

I was a winner everywhere except Aria where their CSM dealt me almost the same hand every time.

10+ > low card > 10+

Even though the odds say don’t I’d rather play 6:5 single, double or shoe games than CSM because I get some kind of rhythm for the cards.  By calculation each Grey Goose and soda at Aria cost me $100, but they were 3 good drinks!  Once again no blackjack games under $25 were shoe Aria. This ensures that I will not be staying at Aria or any other CityCenter properties.  It also gives me no real reason to return to Aria to gamble.

The night before we had one of the greatest runs of blackjack at the Hard Rock where we played until they kicked us out at 5:30am.  We all won.  The size depended on how much we bet.  The smallest winner walked away with $150 and the biggest walked away with over $1,000 in profits.  I played small and drank heavy.  Since I don’t frequent the Hard Rock I wasn’t worried about accumulating any points for comps so I only won only a portion of that I could have. I also made a death defying recovery from my last bet to plus $200-300!

One of my friends didn’t speak for the last hour we played at Hard Rock.  We later realized he wasn’t just in a zone, but he was way to drunk.  At least I’m smart enough to cut my Grey Goose with club soda.

I’m leaving the horrible tales of the worst payouts ever at the Pussy Cat Dolls Lounge at Caesars Palace for my friends over at Vegas Chatter.  I walked away even, but I was the only one.  At least there were PLENTY of good looking girls.

The only other tale of gambling is that I saw someone playing my special 9/5 3-play Jacks or Better video poker machine at Planet Hollywood.  Previous to this sighting the machine had ALWAYS returned at least even money.  After the old man touched it I couldn’t win.  This took any winnings I may have had in sports betting and blackjack.

Overall this was a negative trip, but I only needed one days worth of my bankroll for all four days.  I will call this a success!

Nevada Helps Legal Online Sports Betting Move Forward

If you read ECG regularly, you know I love sports betting.  I’m a sports geek and love it, so it’s fun to have a little action in the game.  This week there was a major decision that could help online sports betting become legal in the USA, but it all starts in Nevada.

The Nevada Gaming Commission recently came to a crucial decision that will make online sports gambling in the state legal in the near future. The Commission rendered its approval of a project developed by the Leroy Group. The “Leroy App”, as the program is being called, will permit Nevada residents to post sports wagers from their cellular phones.

This is a major point of action as it sets a precedent for legal online sports betting.  I don’t see anything happening quickly in other states, but this is the first step in that happening.

Thankfully, I’m in Nevada now and get bet on sports online legally with Station Sports Connection whenever I want.  I can also grab lunch and play video poker and make my bets at Red Rock Casino, which is right down the road.

Power Company Inc Will No Longer Hide Your Sins

If you’ve every been to the Crazy Horse Too in Las Vegas you may remember that the drinks you charged were not charged to the club, but to Power Company, Inc.  This was an amazing way to expense drinks (or whatever) without the shameful stamp of “strip club” on your report.  Well, Crazy Horse Too is being auctioned by the government, so you won’t be able to hide behind Power Company again.

Proceeds from the sale are supposed to go toward paying off the millions of dollars its convicted former owner, Rick Rizzolo, owes the government in back taxes and fines, as well as a $10 million legal settlement for a Kansas man, Kirk Henry, who was paralyzed in a fight over his bar tab at the club in 2001.

Crazy Horse Too has been closed for a while now, so something was going to happen with the property.  If you’ve ever wanted to own a strip club, here’s your chance!

Photo: Flickr: pony.rojo

The Dream Is Over REHAB: Party at the Hard Rock Canceled

Merry Christmas to all, unless you are part of the REHAB TV family.  The show about the party at the Hard Rock Hotel was recently canceled.

The truTV reality show “Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel” won’t be returning for a fourth season, attorneys have disclosed.

The disclosure was made last week in court papers by attorneys for the Las Vegas Hard Rock hotel-casino, which hosts Rehab day parties during the summer and was hit with a trademark lawsuit over the TV show in September by the owner of the international Hard Rock brand.

I’m all about faux reality with girls in bikinis.  I love how awful this show was and I’ll be sad to see it go.  Thankfully we have the internet and REHAB will forever live on!

Sighting: Angel Porrino

I was waiting for my friends in the valet area at Planet Hollywood when I saw Angel Porrino walking into the hotel with her son.  She was dressed down as it was 9:30am, but she was much prettier than I remember in Holly’s World.  I guess I can look forward to the new season of the show.  That’s my one quasi-celebrity sighting for this last “trip” to Vegas.

A Look At Cosmopolitan Wrap Around Suite

I haven’t been into some of the design touches that I’ve been teased with for the rooms at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, but this look at the wrap around suite is really nice.

I don’t even mind the lack of doors on the master bathroom as it’s behind the bed and there’s a door to the water closet.  The ability to look all the way out the windows is pretty cool.  Enjoy the tour.

M Life Getting Closer

MGM Resorts M Life Players Club
M Life

As the year ends, we look forward to what the new year has in store.  The long wait for MGM(RI)’s M Life will soon be over according to their tweets.

Our pal Mr. Pappagorgio from Vegas Chatter just had a problem with an MGM Players Club offer and I’ve run into problems every time I try to book an offer – especially a free offer.  The only offers that I’ve been able to secure are discounts.  I smell bait and switch here, but I can’t prove that.

While we’re at it, I’m making a New Years wish that M Life allows each property to book for the others.  This is one of the best features of Total Rewards.  Sometimes one hotel doesn’t have an offer available, but I can save time and money because they can book cross property.  MGM cannot.

The cynic inside says nothing will change, but I’m hoping.