Steve Wynn Still Doesn’t Like Barack Obama

Steve Wynn seems to care only about one thing – his business.  There’s nothing wrong with that and there’s nothing wrong with the recent quarterly financial results at Wynn.  Every quarter Steve Wynn takes a few minutes of his conference call to discuss what politics are helping or hurting his business.  For the past few quarters he’s railed on President Barack ObamaThis quarter was no different.

The man who played a major role in revitalizing Las Vegas is bashing President Barack Obama as “the greatest wet blanket to business, progress and job creation in my lifetime.”

Speaking to investors on a Monday conference call, casino developer Steve Wynn – calling himself a “Democratic businessman” – went on an extended rant against Obama and his policies.

His customers and the companies he works with “are frightened of this administration,” he said, “and it makes you slow down and not invest your money. Everybody complains about how much money is on the side in America.”

“Until we change the tempo and the conversation from Washington, it’s not going to change,” added Wynn, according to a transcript of the call’s question-and-answer session.

Steve Wynn owns the company and is allowed to use his quarterly earnings reports as a soapbox, so I don’t see anything wrong here as much as I feel his constant complaints to be boring, repetitive and obnoxious.  Extreme talk like this (good or bad) just makes me tune out Steve Wynn.  Frankly, the only reason I’m passing this info on is because I know others find it interesting.

If you’re interested to hear the Wynn conference call you can get it here.

Vegas Strip Sportsbooks Destroyed You

I like to bet on sports, but I tend to stay away from the Vegas Strip when it comes to sports gaming since I live down the street from Red Rock Casino.  Also, if it decides to work, I can use my netbook to bet online legally.

At the end of May and into the beginning of June I had one of my worst strings of sports gaming.  In fact, it was so bad I stopped betting after a week into June.  I figured time would do me some good to stay away and I was right.  Thankfully, I’m back to normal now peppering my losses with wins.

Looking at the gaming numbers from May, it seems as if I’m not the only person who did poorly with sports.  In fact, while casinos on the Vegas strip improved almost 30% in overall gaming income in May they destroyed sports bettors!

Casinos on the Las Vegas Strip chalked up a 28.9 percent jump in winnings in May, the biggest increase since February 2010.

The gain was led by baccarat, up 129.7 percent, and by the sports books, which saw a 511.7 percent jump.

The casinos improved by 500% in May (year over year) which means bettors lost 5 times as much this May as they did last year!  That’s a shocking number to look at but the only thing this says to me is that the smart bettors aren’t doing much sports gaming on the strip, which wouldn’t be much of a surprise to me.  The strip is mostly tourists who mostly bet with their heart and not their head.

Flamingo Finally Gets To Laura Croft

Flamingo’s Go Pool took a break from featuring the Holly’s World cast last week, but has gone back to the well once again. This past weekend Laura Croft made her Flamingo Go Pool Party appearance. Whew…we were worried she wouldn’t make the cut.  Word on the street is that she might be the nicest of the Holly’s World cast, but I haven’t met her yet and will wait for the time where she and I can talk music.

In the meantime we’ll have to enjoy her in silence and her in a bikini, unlike Holly Madison.  If you want more Laura Croft, you can see the rest of her pics from the day at Contact Music.

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Holly's World
Holly's World

BOOM! There Goes The Largest Billboard In Vegas

I could swear I wrote or read about the Harmon in Las Vegas being structurally unsound last year, but maybe that was just rumor and my mind playing tricks on me.  Well, now multiple reports have been published about the Harmon’s instability and the fact that it may come down in event of an earthquake.

The unfinished Harmon hotel tower at CityCenter on the Las Vegas Strip would likely collapse in a strong earthquake, a structural engineer told casino operator MGM Resorts International on Monday.

The report sent to the casino company by Weidlinger Associates of Marina del Rey, Calif., says it would take at least one year to figure out what kind of repairs would be required to save the tower.

“In a code-level earthquake, using either the permitted or current code specified loads, it is likely that critical structural members in the tower will fail and become incapable of supporting gravity loads, leading to a partial or complete collapse of the tower,” said Chukwuma G. Ekwueme, an associated principal of Weidlinger.

OK, nothing new here.  So the Harmon is no longer going to be a huge billboard because it’s probably less expensive to tear it down than to fix.  So what will go in its place?  There’s nothing that really makes sense to go there at the moment.  Maybe a park until the economy gets better?  A park will probably stop people from walking into the Cosmopolitan and shouldn’t slow down foot traffic into Crystals since that’s almost non-existent anyway.

This whole scenario reminds me about Brad Pitt walking into Al Pacino‘s office at The Bank in Oceans 13 warning him about a potential earthquake.  In fact, that movie is probably on TV somewhere right now.  I’d rather be watching that than most things.

Oceans 13
Oceans 13

Other Losers from The NFL & NBA Lockouts

With the NBA and NFL both in lockouts, a unique sports autumn is upon us.  Yes, I know that it looks like the NFL will resolve its labor situation sooner rather than later, but let’s not count our chickens before they hatch.  Sure the lockouts affect players, owners, arenas, and fans, but what about companies who rely on these sports to make money?  Things like sports bars, beer companies, television networks, and retailers all rely on these sports to keep their business up.  What else could possibly be hurting?  Sportsbooks.

It has been reported that Nevada’s sportsbooks bring in an estimated $33-38 million annually on NFL wagers.  The second best wagers is some combination of pro and college basketball.  With pro basketball and football both in lockout, casinos have to be sweating bullets.  Furthermore, some casinos are already taking bets on Super Bowl winners and NBA Finals champions.  If these games don’t happen, these are bets they will have to return.  While sports books won’t go away, if there isn’t NFL and NBA this fall, I could see some consolidation among sister properties, like Ballys and Paris in years passed.  I just don’t see a huge market for hockey wagers.

Another group that could be hurting is the professional sports gambler.  If my math is correct there are 1,230 NBA games per season and 256 NFL games.  That is a lot of missed income opportunities.  Furthermore, if these gamblers’ expertise doesn’t extend to college or hockey, they are looking at a lot of missed income.  The sports books will continue to make money, even if it’s on a lesser scale, but these guys would be in a world of hurt.  So for the sake of the sports books, the professional and casual sports gambler, and especially my sanity, I hope cooler heads prevail and these issues get resolved.

Who Is Amber Rose?

Pool parties and nightlife in Vegas are awesome. In fact, celebrity in Vegas is awesome. The people called celebrities in Las Vegas are legends in their own minds, as well as the promoters. Yes, it makes me chuckle. I’ve always randomly popped a good looking girl from a Las Vegas appearance on here because who doesn’t like a good looking girl? The more I look at Vegas news the more I see less and less famous celebrities and it makes me smile.

After two weeks of Holly’s World guests (Holly, Angel) at the Go Pool at Flamingo I was thinking we might see Laura Croft but that wasn’t the case. Anyway, I couldn’t figure out who was less famous at the Vegas pools this week and it was a battle. The was a woman from Real Housewives and Amber Rose, who is “famous” because she used to date Kanye West. She also has creepy eyes. The eyes have it an Amber Rose at Tao Beach is the winner of Vegas Non-Famous Non-Celebrity of the week – or something like that. I think Amber Rose is a model, but all I could find on her appearance is that she used to date Kanye.

Kanye West College Dropout
Kanye West College Dropout

Oscar Goodman Leaving Las Vegas…Kinda

Las Vegas’ mayor, Oscar Goodman, may be the most famous mayor in the United States.  He’s been in the public eye ever since I noticed Las Vegas.  Today is his last day in office.  He may still remain as the face of Vegas since his wife is taking his seat.  I never followed his politics much, so I don’t know if this is a happy or sad day but it’s definitely a day many will remember.  Here’s a blurb from Fox 5 in Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS (FOX 5) – With a bottle of gin and a cigar on the table, Oscar Goodman told FOX5 it’s been an incredible 12 years as mayor of Las Vegas.

He gained fame as a mob attorney for some of the most notorious men in the business.

“I was beginning not to like myself in the sense that I went down to the office each morning to see what money I could make, what I could charge,” said Goodman. “And that wasn’t me.” 

After fighting some sharp criticism, Goodman won the election in 1999 and hasn’t looked back.

Las Vegas has seen the revitalization of its downtown area, a new mob museum and soon, a new city hall.

In upcoming months, Goodman will have his choice of projects, including offers for a reality show, documentary, judge show and book.

His last action as mayor will be tomorrow, when he swear wife Carolyn Goodman into office.

Goodman will be gone, but not forgotten.  His charisma leads me to believe he will continue to expand his popularity with the TV shows and books mentioned above.

Moving forward, I’ll pay more attention to Carolyn Goodman since I’m now a resident of Las Vegas and the local politics matter a more to me now than they used to.

Leaving Las Vegas
Leaving Las Vegas

Holly Madison Doesn’t Wear A Swimsuit To The Pool?

Holly Madison At Flamingo Las Vegas Go Pool
Holly Madison

It’s summer time in Las Vegas and that means pool season.  I find pool season in Vegas to be when the biggest non-famous celebrities come out to party.  However, the past two weeks Flamingo has had the stars from Holly’s World hosting a party at their Go Pool. Last week was Angel Porrino, who decided to wear a bikini to fulfill her host duties.  This week it was Holly Madison hosting, but she went without a swimsuit of any kind.  Perhaps a bikini isn’t a prerequisite to host a pool party.  I’ll have to keep an eye on that.  In the meantime I have to wonder if Laura Croft will host next week as she’s the only regular woman from Holly’s World left to host a pool party.


I just saw that the DVD for the first two seasons is coming out next year.  You can pre-order by clicking the picture below.

Hollys World DVD
Hollys World

Cosmopolitan: Where $100 goes further than you think

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Are you in Las Vegas?
  • Do you want to kill a couple hours gambling with little risk?
  • Would you like free booze?
  • Do you still want the chance to win big?

If you answered yes to all four questions, then do I have the deal for you!  The Cosmopolitan is currently offering a promotion that if you lose $100 anywhere in the casino during the day, they will give you another $100 in Identity play (Identity is their players club).  At first this doesn’t sound spectacular until you understand how it works.

When you play with Identity play, you have to run through all the Identity play before it starts taking money away from your machine credits.  That’s a key piece.  So here’s how I played and what I recommend you do.  Drop $100 in a video poker machine (try to find 8/5 or better)(ED: Check vpFREE).  I was playing with people on a budget, so we played $.25 VP and max betting at $1.25.  I eventually lost my $100, but after about 90 minutes of steady play and plenty of comped drinks.  After I received my $100 in identity play, I went back to the video poker machines.  Since Identity play must run out before credits are used, every credit I won was money back from my $100 I lost.  After another 45 minutes or so, and several more comped drinks, I had run out of my identity play and was sitting with $85 in machine credit.

So that’s right.  I played video poker for over 2 hours, had plenty of free cocktails, and ended up only $15 down.  That’s not bad, especially when you consider that even with Identity play, you still have the chance to hit that one big hand… like my friend did.  He lost that first $100, but hit a straight flush on the Identity play.  Now that’s winning.  So what are you waiting for?  Head over to the Cosmo and take advantage of this while you can!

UPDATE: This is only available on machines – not table games. Just making sure we pass this on since it may not be obvious to all.

Hilton Out…Sahara In?

Colony Resorts (part of Colony Capital) announced yesterday that they’re ending their relationship with Hilton at the end of the year and that Las Vegas Hilton would be no longer and that a new brand partnership announcement would be announced before next year.  While looking for other brand partners for Colony Resorts, I can across this press release announcing a strategic partnership between SBE and Colony Capital from January.

sbe, a leading hospitality, real estate development and lifestyle company, today announced that an affiliate of Colony Capital, LLC, a private, international investment firm, has made a strategic investment in its enterprise. The partnership will focus on the national and international expansion of sbe’s award-winning hospitality platform.

I don’t really see the Sahara name moving over to the Hilton location, but it would be funny to see.  They may opt to bring the Station Casinos brand to the Hilton and make that more of a locals casino.  They may also opt to take a non-casino brand to Las Vegas similar to what they did with the Hilton brand.  I think something similar to the former idea is more logical, but we’ll see.