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Oceans 11 Goes To Australia

This blog is mostly focused on casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas with a sprinkle of information about casinos in between those cities. I even cover some gaming news as it relates to those two cities because that’s what most people doing in casinos. Every now and again my interest is peaked by something that happens outside of this geographic area. Last week The Crown Casino in Australia was robbed. Actually they weren’t just robbed…they were robbed in an epic manner – in an Oceans 11 way – for $32 million dollars.

The Herald Sun understands remote access to the venue’s security system was given to an unauthorised person.

Images relayed from cameras were then used to spy on a top-level gaming area where the high roller was playing.

Signals were given to him on how he should bet based on the advice of someone viewing the camera feeds. Sources said the total stolen was $32 million.

I read the headlines that this was an “Ocean’s 11” style robbery and just thought it was internet hyperbole but after reading this specific article and watching the attached video about the robbery I believe that Ocean’s 11 is a perfect comparison. What puzzles me about this is how the thief was allowed to leave the country with the money if he was caught and told to leave.

This person was definitely a thief and I’m curious to hear his or her side of the story. For their sake I hope the stolen money wasn’t deposited in a bank in Cyprus although that would make this story more perfect for a movie.

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