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New Cosmopolitan Commercial Fun but Not Good

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas debuted a new commercial this weekend and while it’s fun and I understand the “just the right amount of wrong” message, this is not an advertisement that would make me remember the company that made it. It keeps continuity in the marketing of the property, but that doesn’t make me remember who made the ad.

My favorite TV commercial this year, the Darth Vader kid, at least had the product it was trying to sell in the ad. If they couldn’t remember the ad was for Volkswagon, at least they’d remember it was for a car. My friends will all say “Hey, let’s go to that place with the weird ad with the fun music.” But, most won’t remember who made it. What good is that?

I get it that I may not the demographic they are targeting, but I am still swayed by advertising and marketing and this is just another marketing piece that doesn’t move the needle (AKA wallet) for me and won’t move it for most people I know.

In the end this will be another piece of advertising I’ll skip over. For what it’s worth, I love the Cosmo for it’s restaurants and bars. Maybe they’ll try to sell those places in the future.

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