Most Overrated Sportsbooks In Las Vegas (2012)

Yesterday I shared my list of favorite sportsbooks to watch and bet on games in Las Vegas. Frankly, most sportsbooks are fine as long as there is a game on and room to sit but those are my favorites.

Today, I’ll discuss the two most overrated sportsbooks in Las Vegas that many seem to like, I just don’t prefer them. Hence, these two sportsbooks are overrated to me.

  1. LVH (Formerly Las Vegas Hilton) – The LVH sportsbook is legendary. So much so that’s it’s put on a pedestal by sports geeks like me. When I finally made it to LVH it was for a Saturday during the college football season. The LVH sportsbook is huge and there is a lot of seating (both desk and lounge chairs) and TV’s. There is even a little room that has been upgraded with couches to watch games. Further, LVH will open their theater for big games. So, why is the LVH sportsbook overrated? Because it’s a filthy, outdated sportsbook with a poor location. It’s a place any sports geek should visit once to see and determine for themselves. It was just too gnarly for me to ever return.
  2. M Resorts – M Resorts is home to the first Cantor Gaming sportsbook in Las Vegas. When walking around the 5 year old casino, you get a feeling that the place is still new. Unfortunately when you enter the sportsbook if feels old. Technology has come a long way and you can see it here. There’s nothing wrong with the M Resorts sportsbook, but it’s not the be all and end all that many make it out to be. Besides the older looking TV’s, the seating is similar Cantor Gaming work stations that are seen in all their sportsbooks just old. There is a VIP area with couches, but unless you bet over $10,000 per game don’t expect special treatment.

Neither the LVH or M Resorts sportsbooks are bad. They just aren’t as great as many will say. LVH is dirty and M doesn’t cater to most gamblers. M is a beautiful casino and even though the sportsbook is just ok it’s about 15 minutes away from the Vegas strip and worth the trip if you have time. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for LVH, but it’s worth experiencing once in your life.

Next week, I’ll come back with some underrated sportsbooks in Las Vegas. They aren’t places I frequent, but places I’ve been and have treated me well.

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Las Vegas Writer, Marketer, Consultant. I love Vegas and everything about it. When in Vegas do 3 things: eat, drink & gamble.

Author: Marc

Las Vegas Writer, Marketer, Consultant. I love Vegas and everything about it. When in Vegas do 3 things: eat, drink & gamble.