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Most Important Travel Accessory – 10 Foot Mobile Charger Cable

Extended iPhone Charger Cable

iPhone Cable

Today’s WWDC conference announcements have me pretty stoked on the future of my Apple devices. I think the new Apple desktop and mobile operating systems will change how we use our mobile devices. With that in mind I wanted to being awareness to my favorite mobile travel accessory that comes in very handy before and after going out for a day/night in Vegas.

I don’t travel without a super long charging cable for my iPhone and iPad. 

The cable I’m currently using is 10 feet long. Ten feet may be a bit excessive but it doesn’t take up much more space than the 6 footer I used with my old iPhone and it costs the same amount of money ($7). I’m online at all times and need easy access to my mobile chargers. The extended cables allow me to charge my iPhone and/or iPad while I’m using them.

Unfortunately many of the older hotel rooms in Vegas (think Downtown Vegas) still have outlets that aren’t comfortably accessible. I can always plug in a charger but the small wire that comes with the devices often isn’t long enough for me to charge and use my phone or tablet. Thankfully many upgraded hotel rooms are adding lamps with outlets or charging stations.

My second most valuable travel accessory would be a Mophie Juice Pack charger case pack for my iPhone but I use that every day. Having a charging case that allows me a 100% full charge on the go is amazing. Both products help keep me juiced and connected for just about an entire day on the Vegas Strip.

What are your most valued travel accessories?

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