EDGe Vegas Gamble Dude, There Are Monkeys Everywhere At SLS Las Vegas

Dude, There Are Monkeys Everywhere At SLS Las Vegas

Blackjack Monkeys Everywhere

Blackjack Monkey

SLS Las Vegas has monkeys everywhere. I love monkeys. There are 5 different monkeys on each blackjack table and the dealers wear vests with monkeys on the back. There’s no way that someone who loves monkeys like me won’t go a little crazy after looking at them for a while.

Bad (fun) things can happen with the combination of too many moneys and too much scotch. A friend emailed a conversation that I’ll very likely have…because there’s a monkey everywhere you look.

Marc: “c’mon, (sitting on an Ace), hit me a MONKEEEE…BLACKJACK, FUCK YEAH MONKEY!” 
Pit Boss: “Sir, you can’t use that language here…”
Marc: “Dude, There are Monkeys everywhere, it’s ok” 

This will happen in a couple of months. Here’s another Blackjack Monkey.

Blackjack Monkey At SLS Las Vegas

Blackjack Monkey

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