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Main Street Station: Top 10 Crapper In Country!

I still haven’t been to Main Street Station in downtown Las Vegas (that will change soon), but evidently it has one of the top 10 public restrooms in America. How bout that?!

Main Street Station was one of 10 finalists in America’s Best Public Restroom contest, run since 2002 by Cincinnati-based Cintas Corp. Had it won, the bathroom would have been the first in Las Vegas to pick up the award, although others — including restrooms at Mix and Zeffirino at the Venetian — have been past nominees.

Las Vegas does have some of my favorite public restrooms. The Gold Coast has a huge room with many stalls which will give you privacy. It also has a single, non-handicapped, restroom for those times where you need to be alone. I don’t really care much about decor, but having a TV is a bonus and the mens room at the Red Rock Casino sportsbook has that.

This very special proclamation only makes me want to visit Main Street Station more.


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