EDGe Vegas Eat Lunch at Therapy On Fremont East Was Fantastic

Lunch at Therapy On Fremont East Was Fantastic

I’m just back from Lunch at Therapy on Fremont East and feel the need to share how good it was. This is one of the best lunches I’ve had in a while. This isn’t an in-depth review, rather just how the food hit me as I as eating it.

Appetizer – Fried Mac & Cheese Croquettes (served with red pepper aioli on a bacon tomato jam)

Mac & Cheese Croquettes will make you forget it's 108 in the share.

Mac & Cheese Croquettes will make you forget it’s 108 in the share.

Thought 1 yesterday – I need this and I need this now.

Thought 1 today – I’ll share this if you want but I’ll eat the whole order myself. You’ll share? Great. I can try more food.

Thought 2 today – After food arrives, these look pretty. YO! That red pepper aioli is what’s up!

Thought 3 today – I can eat a hundred more of these or I can eat no more because they were so good.

In conclusion, the Fried Mac & Cheese Croquettes were everything I imagined and more. DELICIOUS!

Main Course – Chicken Fried Chicken Sub (Scallion mayo slaw with truffle fries)

Chicken Fried Chicken is More Like Lunch & Dinner

Chicken Fried Chicken is More Like Lunch & Dinner

Thought 1 today – Waitress said it’s her favorite item on the menu. I was stoked.

Thought 2 today – First taste was okay. Not overwhelming, not underwhelming, just fine.

Final thought – Every bite tasted better than the bite before.

In conclusion, this was a legit fried chicken sandwich. The chicken breast was big yet juicy, crispy and delicious. I can’t wait to finish it for dinner.

The service at Therapy was very good, the food was excellent (friend said the burger was very good) and the prices were reasonable.

Therapy will become one of my regular places to get lunch when I’m in downtown Vegas.

Visit therapylv.com for menus, hours and more information.

Since choosing this place for lunch, I can’t get this old Therapy? song out of my head. You’ve probably never heard it before. Enjoy.

Therapy? – Screamager

The promotional video for Therapy?’s Screamager, found on their home DVD, Scopophobia. Buy it from their website, http://therapyquestionmark.co.uk, or http:…

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